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RV Electrical Products

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  • Power Cords

    Things you should know about your RV Power Cords


    Many appliances and systems inside your RV runs in a 120-volt power such as your air conditioner, TV, microwave, refrigerator and other devices. This requires you to connect your RV to a power source or a Shore Power with the help of your power cords. These power cords is a very important part of your rig’s electrical system since it is the tool responsible in acquiring enough electrical power for your appliances to function in your RV, Travel Trailers, fifth Wheels, Truck Campers and Tent Trailers.


    Difference between 30 amps and 50 amps in an RV

    Most RV Power Cords are equipped with two different kinds of amperes plugs, the 30 amp plug and the 50 amp plug. Your 30 amp plug is usually shorter and has 3 prongs. This kind of plug is used for RVs that requires lower power consumption, usually ones with only one RV air conditioning rooftop unit.  



    On the other hand the 50 amp plug is typically longer, has 4 prongs and is used for RVs that requires higher power loads. Most of the time, campgrounds offers power connections for both amp plugs but there are instances where in they only offer one type of power source usually 30 amp and this might not match with your RV’s plug.


    Useful RV Power Cord Tools and Accessories


    RV and Campground Plug Adapters

    In cases where your RV amp plug does not match with the shore power receptacles, you can use Plug Adapters to be able to plug it in. There are 50 to 30 amp or 30 to 50 amp adapters but it is important to take note that even if you use a 30 to 50 amp plug adapter you would still get a 30 amp power from your Shore Power while if you use a 50 to 30 amp adapter, you limit your power cord capacity and only get 30 amp power from it. Dogbone adapter or molded adapters are easily available from any electrical or RV shops near you or from RV online shops.


    RV Extension Cords

    These are useful if your power source is a bit far or for replacing old or damage power cords. Be advised however that this is not your typical household extension cords, so do not even attempt to use them with your RV power cords. You can find some trusted brands like Voltec, AP Products and other trusted brands to provide you with quality cable.


    RV Cable Accessories

    These items help you keep your cables tidy, neatly kept and in-place. It includes bag, cable straps, handles, wire looms and lubricants. You can also add here you locking reels, cord locks and boxes or cable storage products.


    RV Power Connectors

    Foryour safety, there are available accessories such as blade, bullet, butt and cord or electrical connectors you can purchase. There are also covers, caps, quick connect and disconnect terminals you can easily find. And of course, damaged cables hatches and electrical hatches should be replaced as soon as possible.


    Polarity Tester and RV Surge Protectors

    These tools are very important to test if the power source where you will plug your cord in, is wired correctly to avoid major electrical issues on your rig and to ensure the safety of the people inside your RV.  

  • Surge Protection

    You try your best to protect your RV, from covers to surface protection, but the part of your RV that can be damaged the worst is the electrical system. So help prevent surges and other damages resulting from inconsistent power flows with the surge protectors and voltage regulators that you can find right here.

  • Switches and Receptacles

    Take back control of your power by being able to monitor what's using power, turning things on or off, choosing how much power to allocate and choose where you want the power to be accessible with the products found here. This is where you'll find indicator lights, electrical switches, light dimmers, light switch covers, electrical boxes and the covers to go with them.

  • Power Centers

    When it comes to your RV's power, you know you need the best of the best to get the most out of it. These power centers will provide proper power distribution within your RV and come with many different power ratings including 80 amp, 75 amp, 65 amp, 55 amp, 50 amp, 45 amp, 35 amp, 30 amp, 25 amp and 12 amp.

  • Solar

    Instead of purely relying on the power generated by your RV to power everything, take some of the stress off your electrical system with solar power. There's plenty of space on your RV's exterior to take advantage of, and we have solar power kits ranging from trickle chargers to full direct power systems. We also have all the controllers and accessories to make solar power work for you.

  • Generators

    Be ready for any power situation, whether it be a full outage or you just plan on running a few extra devices that would drain your RV`s power. Our selection of generators ranging from just enough power to more than you`ll need along with all the parts and accessories to deck it out the way you want, will have something for every demand and budget.

  • Transfer Switches

    Don't ever get left without power when you connect your back-up power with a transfer switch. We carry line generator switches, optional surge guard plus cables, auto-transfer switches, auto transfer relay systems and everything else you need to keep the power on.

  • 12-Volt

    Your RV’s 12-Volt Power


    Knowing the type of battery you have in your rig is very important. It gives you vital information such as how long can you keep your lights and appliances on, how often do you have to recharge or even how long you can stay away from town, do dry camping and a lot more. Technically there are four types of batteries you can use to power your RV but the most common and affordable battery being used by many owners is the 12-volt.


    Benefits of 12-volt power

    This battery is common because it is a lot cheaper, easier to find and replaced than other RV batteries. It is perfect for camper trailers and small travel trailers that do not really need large amounts of power to keep it running and for those travel trailers that have easy access to different power sources. It also works in almost all kinds or RV, motorhomes, R-pod trailers, cargo trailers and others. This kind of battery can be considered as one of the most time tested battery available for RVs’ and it is easier to find the right tools and accessory for it since most of those readily available in the market are compatible for this power voltage. With proper care and maintenance they usually last around 3 to 5 years depending on usage and the temperature it is constantly exposed in.


    Getting the most out of your 12-volt power

    Your 12-volt power system is usually responsible for keeping your lights, slide outs, awnings, furnace and other devices that runs in a 12 voltage going. There are a lot of products that you can find form RV shops, RV supplies store or online shops to get use it efficiently. You can find items such as pop-up camper lift by Carefree or battery extension cords from Prime Products for your multiple battery set up. You can also choose from different brands of lights for your stop, tail, turn light colors and replacements. There are many RV appliances you can find such as 12-volt hair dryers, USB charges, fans down to the smallest Maxi Blade Fuse from Cooper Bussmann. Using your 12-volt power with other appliances that runs in different voltage is also possible with the use of power converter which is normally available but might have to purchase separately for older RV trailers.  


    Maintaining your RV Power Source

    If your RV is not plugged in any type of power source, you rely on your batteries for power so it is very important to keep it in its best shape in order for you extend its life and get the most of it. Depending on the type of 12 volt battery you have, there are some basic things that you have to remember.


    • Monitor and calculate your amps usage in order to know how much battery power you need and how long can you use them in every charge.
    • It is advisable not to drain your battery and charge them when it’s down to its 30 to 50% capacity.
    • Always charge them even if you are not using your RV especially during winter and monitor its water level regularly.
    • Disconnect your battery when not in use to avoid it from draining.   
  • Batteries

    If it wasn't for the batteries powering everything in your RV, your trip would be a whole lot different, so take care of your batteries with the accessories found here. We carry battery chargers, battery boxes, battery trays, battery straps, battery cleaners, battery protectors, battery isolators, battery watering systems, battery terminals, battery disconnects, battery switches, battery relays and starter cable wires to make sure you turn over every time you to fire your vehicle up.

  • Battery Boxes

  • Flashlights/Worklights

    There's plenty of situations where a little bit of extra light can really go a long way. So be ready for these situations with the flashlights and worklights found here such as wind-up flashlights, rectangular LEDs, lantern hangers and plenty of batteries to keep them all running.

  • Tools

    You never know when you might have to take something apart to figure out what's wrong, or put something together that didn't come with a screwdriver. Be prepared for these situations and others with our variety of screw drivers, interchangeable bits, crimping tools, screws, nut setters, torque wrenches, cable fasteners and more.

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Things to Know About your RV Electrical System


            One of the best perks of being a camper and having an RV nowadays is the comfort of being able to use your appliances and other types of devices with the help of your trailers electrical system. Getting yourself familiar with the basics of this system helps a lot for regular tune-ups or if you might need some quick fixes on the road and no one is av...

Things to Know About your RV Electrical System


            One of the best perks of being a camper and having an RV nowadays is the comfort of being able to use your appliances and other types of devices with the help of your trailers electrical system. Getting yourself familiar with the basics of this system helps a lot for regular tune-ups or if you might need some quick fixes on the road and no one is available to help. Here are the basic parts of your Electrical System.


RV Power Cords

This is the part that you use to recharge and transfer power in and out of your trailer. It comes with two types of plug the 30 amp plug which has three prongs and usually have shorter cords and a 50 amp plug with four prongs and a longer cord. You might notice sometimes that some RV parks do not have 50 amp plug with them so it will be handy if you have a 50 to 30 amp power cord adapter with you which is available from JR Products, Voltec and other brands.


RV Switches and Receptacles

These include your light and appliances switches, charger outlets, cables and receptacles where your appliance and other devices are connected to access electricity. Make sure that these things are tightly attached from where it should be and no wire or screws are exposed or loose or there are no cracks or damage that might cause issues not just to your RV but most importantly to your safety. You can also use different tools to easily save electricity such as toggle switches from Wirthco and illuminated lamp from Diamond Group.


RV Surge Protection

These products provide protection and avoid damage for your electrical system. You can find items such as surge guards light, voltage regulators, voltage defender, remote display, power monitors and other safety hardware from Technology Research, Progressive Ind and more.


RV Power Centers

RV power center helps distribute electricity to you trailer and converts electricity to different amps or voltage for efficient electric energy consumption. Before doing anything else on it, always turn your electric power off first. You would know if there is something wrong with your power center if there are fuses and wires that are broken, burned or overheated.  


RV Batteries and Generators

These are the sources of your RV power. They keep your trailer running during your trips or when there are outages. Most RV batteries usually comes in 12-volt but you can use converters to change the current up to 120-volt for your other  appliances .There are also many accessories you can find to help keep the life of your batteries and generators longer such as cleaners, protectors, safety boxes and more.


Other RV Electrical Parts

Many environment friendly RV trailers now use Solar Panels to convert solar power to electric energy. Your electrical system also includes your lightings, transfer switches and other types of lights used inside the recreational vehicle.


          Though it is tempting to do things your way sometimes, there are also things that you have to consult with professionals. If you notice that your fuse, wire and other parts of your electrical system and wirings are compromised, always think about safety first and have it fixed as soon as possible.




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