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RV Maintenance

RV Maintenance 

There are 11064 RV Maintenance Products in this category


  • Electrical

    Things to Know About your RV Electrical System


                One of the best perks of being a camper and having an RV nowadays is the comfort of being able to use your appliances and other types of devices with the help of your trailers electrical system. Getting yourself familiar with the basics of this system helps a lot for regular tune-ups or if you might need some quick fixes on the road and no one is available to help. Here are the basic parts of your Electrical System.


    RV Power Cords

    This is the part that you use to recharge and transfer power in and out of your trailer. It comes with two types of plug the 30 amp plug which has three prongs and usually have shorter cords and a 50 amp plug with four prongs and a longer cord. You might notice sometimes that some RV parks do not have 50 amp plug with them so it will be handy if you have a 50 to 30 amp power cord adapter with you which is available from JR Products, Voltec and other brands.


    RV Switches and Receptacles

    These include your light and appliances switches, charger outlets, cables and receptacles where your appliance and other devices are connected to access electricity. Make sure that these things are tightly attached from where it should be and no wire or screws are exposed or loose or there are no cracks or damage that might cause issues not just to your RV but most importantly to your safety. You can also use different tools to easily save electricity such as toggle switches from Wirthco and illuminated lamp from Diamond Group.


    RV Surge Protection

    These products provide protection and avoid damage for your electrical system. You can find items such as surge guards light, voltage regulators, voltage defender, remote display, power monitors and other safety hardware from Technology Research, Progressive Ind and more.


    RV Power Centers

    RV power center helps distribute electricity to you trailer and converts electricity to different amps or voltage for efficient electric energy consumption. Before doing anything else on it, always turn your electric power off first. You would know if there is something wrong with your power center if there are fuses and wires that are broken, burned or overheated.  


    RV Batteries and Generators

    These are the sources of your RV power. They keep your trailer running during your trips or when there are outages. Most RV batteries usually comes in 12-volt but you can use converters to change the current up to 120-volt for your other  appliances .There are also many accessories you can find to help keep the life of your batteries and generators longer such as cleaners, protectors, safety boxes and more.


    Other RV Electrical Parts

    Many environment friendly RV trailers now use Solar Panels to convert solar power to electric energy. Your electrical system also includes your lightings, transfer switches and other types of lights used inside the recreational vehicle.


              Though it is tempting to do things your way sometimes, there are also things that you have to consult with professionals. If you notice that your fuse, wire and other parts of your electrical system and wirings are compromised, always think about safety first and have it fixed as soon as possible.


  • Heating and Cooling

    Tired of enduring the sweltering heat all summer and then freezing as soon as the temperature begins to drop? Our heating and cooling options will have you enjoying your RV any season after you check out our air conditioners, vents, screens, furnaces, fireplaces, accessories and all the parts you'll need to keep your system running for years to come.

  • Roof Maintenance & Repair

    When it comes to your RV's roof, it's important to make sure that you're using all the right components, which are all right here. We have sealants, lap sealants, repair kits, rubber roofs, rubber roof activators, adhesives, roof cleaners, roof coatings, roof primers, protectants, roof rollers, roof tapes and roof TPO membranes.

  • Skylights

    Increase the light and make the interior of your motohome or travel trailer more spacious or replace your existing skylight dome to prevent expensive leaks, mold and damage to your RV's roof and interior. We have all of the popular sizes in square, rectangular and neo-angle skylights to fit your RV in various colors and heights.
  • Hardware

    Here's all the thingamagiggies and whatchamacallits that hold your RV together and provide the convenience and functionality to enjoy a worry-free trip.

  • Cleaning Supplies

    Find the cleaning products and tools here that you need to keep your RV, motorhome or travel trailer looking and smelling great. Remember that a wll-maintained RV retains its resale value, so look for cleaners, polishes, and waxes as well as brushes, mops, poles and squeegees.
  • Pests Mold and Odors

    RV Pests Mold and Odors


    RV Dehumidifiers

    Someone loves to go on adventure on the road or mountains will spend the major time within your RV and acts as your send home away from home and a place where perform the primary activities like bathing, cooking and cleaning which can accumulate of water vapors being undertaken in a small restricted atmosphere that generates a lot of discomfort and affect all the furnish within the RV. Allergies can be one of the main reason when having excess humidity lead to difficulty in breathing which is such a bad experience and RV dehumidifier can avoid it and an essential choice and more comfortable when having a runaway vacation on the road. One of the best dehumidifier is homelabs 400 to prevent the presence of excess moisture in the air with complete touch panel controller function making the greatest performer in the industry.


    RV Mold Removal Treatments

    Mold can be a big problem in the fall and wintertime because moisture from rain and snow in the air can give a toxic fungus in a nice damp environment and finding a growing anywhere from cabinets and drawers in the walls and ceiling in RV, cleaning mold right away can save your RV from expensive damage. Some types like black mold are also dangerous because of spore-borne toxic secondary metabolite produced by organisms of the fungus and using a strong chemical is the best solution remedies that will help get rid of any unwanted fungus on RV. The camco 41024 pro-strength awning cleaner is safe that removes stains and dirt that cleans effectively and this RV product brand is greatly use in many materials.


    RV Mouse Repellants

    If you trying to keep the rats and mice out of the RV or trying to get rid of them once they have invaded it’s pretty much the same process in keeping them out because these rats and mice are intelligent critters not easily fooled which is why it is so hard to get rid of them once they have invaded. One of the best to use is DX610 electronic pest repeller product in RV because when store it the rodent repeller uses high frequency sound output to keep the mice and rats away and sound creates a constant uncomfortable environment and works on the rodents’ nervous system. This mouse and rat repeller are effective with auto-changing sound levels and patterns that prevent the rats and mice from nesting which is what they do when RV is stored and best way to keep mice and rats out of the RV.


    RV Odor Absorbers

    People spend a lot of time of the road on RV on road trips and odor can be an issue making trips with kids are laughing and embracing which is going to spend much time in the RV that wanting it to be a clean pleasant place to be. But with every drink spills and meals on the go and keeping the traffic life odor free can be difficult. Living on the road for a long distance tour in the RV and the problem becomes even more challenging and the first impression matters even more but using the innofresh auto odor absorbers are natural activated charcoal miracle workers will keep the RV fresh and odor free without resorting to weird fragrances hanging thing inside the RV making the journey long an easier and enjoyable trip.

  • Lighting

    Inside or outside, RV Part Shop has all the lighting fixtures, lamps and accessories to brighten up your RVing day.

  • Slideout Parts

    Slideout won't slide? Check here for replacement motors,gears and other parts that can help you regain access to all that extra space that a slideout room provides.

  • Winterizing

    RV Winterizing


    RV Blow Out Plugs

    The quick disconnecting brass plug connects to RV's city water inlet allows to completely blow out the water lines before winterizing to prevent dilution of antifreeze on how to prevent it on water connection. The interior and exterior including any kitchen faucets might have on the inside and outside, showers and any other water fixture may have in the RV. The quick-connect brass plug connects to the RV's inlet will completely remove water from the water lines and keep antifreeze from diluting when winterize is simply open all faucets and drains to apply air pressure all the way to the plug. These blow-out plug clears water from RV's water lines and eliminate the dilution of antifreeze during winterization with the quick-connect style has a simple installation by inserting the plug into the city water inlet that will open all drains and faucets and attach and activate oil-less air compressor until all lines are clear with durable brass construction.


    RV By-Pass Kits

    Many reasons to drain an RV water heater and a routine maintenance should be performed more often because winterizing the RV should have to troubleshoot and taking the RV out of a winterized state, it is a simple task to perform and does not take very long. Emptied the water heater to consider flushing before refill back, the used RV antifreeze in water system over the winter must flush out the tank prior to refilling it. It is a simple installation of the by-pass kit allows to save antifreeze by by-passing the water heater when winterizing on RV with ease but be careful when the water in the water heater is under pressure that may be extremely hot so let the water cool to a safe temperature before draining the RV water heater. There are many types of by-pass kit that will found like crimp-resistant nylon reinforced hose and sturdy, brass valves for non-restrictive flow with 6 to 10-gallon tank and heavy duty lead free brass valve with brass check valve and some have adjustable wrench are installed for easy access.


    RV Diverter Valves

    Spending time on rustic place where a camp meeting is held is part of the RV experience is one reason why most RVs are self-contained and the chances are good that the fresh and gray water tanks aboard the RV hold gallons. The tanks can empty and fill quickly and few things more frustrating than having to pass on a shower because of fluid-capacity restraints and many environmental conscious RV owners has a water conservation are very important them. Helping the department is the high-quality water diverter that redirects wasted cold water back into the freshwater tank. Waiting for hot water to reach the showerhead does the device save water that keep the blast of cold water from hitting the body when the mixer valve for the showerhead is first turned on. These diverter valves are the best option when it comes to winterization because it utilizes heat-activated technology integrated into a color-changing return pipe that visually signals the user when the water is warm.

  • Doors

    The more you use your RV, the more wear and tear there is on your doors which can lead to problems pretty quickly. So if you're door seems like it's on its last legs, come check out the doors in this section. We carry many shapes and sizes of door as well as the essentials to go with them like latches and locks.

  • Glues and Adhesives

    Don't let yourself get stuck using the wrong adhesives. When you need something to stay exactly where you want it, it's time check out our high quality adhesives such as Sikaflex, Cold Weld Bond, Blue Thread Locker, contact cement, high temperature thread sealant, blue silicone, weather strip adhesive, general purpose epoxy, spray adhesive, high temperature spray adhesive and Sticky Stuff.

  • RV Repair Kits

    When something breaks on your RV, it's not always necessary to head to a shop, a lot of repairs are easy enough to do in your driveway. The repair kits in this section cover two of the most common issues which would be leaking fuel tanks, and fabric rips, both which can be tackled by even those not so mechanically inclined.

  • Windows

    Enjoy all the sights on your adventure through the window options we have here for your RV. Cover it up, fix it up or dress it up with our selection of products sure to have you seeing clearly. Here you'll find window covers, window insulation, windshield curtains and shade repair kits.

  • Wiper Blades

    Keep a clear view of the road in even the worst of weather with any of our wiper blades designed for your truck or RV. We carry sizes including 20", 22", 24", 26", 28", 32", and even the massive heavy duty 39" wiper blades for the most serious applications.

  • Automotive Filters

    Keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently. Change your filters when required. RV Part Shop carries air, fuel and water filters from quality manufacturers to fit most common motorhome and truck engines.
  • Fuel Accessories

    Browse our selection of funnels and fuel filters for use with your motorhome, generator or other gas or diesel-powered appliance in your RV.
  • Fasteners

    If you need something fastened securely to your RV, then you need the right hardware for the job. Here you have square head screws, flat head screws, hex head screws, pan head screws and self-tapping screws available in multiple configurations. We also carry plastic rivets for when a screw just won't do.

  • Engine Computers

    Whether you want to monitor your engine and vehicle performance, or tweak engine settings for better performance or fuel economy, we have the engine computers to do the job.

  • Engine Treatments

    Here's our selection of Fuel and Oil treatments to keep your engine running well for years to come.

  • Lubricants

    Here's a selection of lubricants of various types that are useful around your RV , motorhome or travel trailer

  • Maintenance and Repair

    Before you head out on your next adventure only to realize the roof is still leaking, the paint is chipping and you're still missing that bolt, check out our maintenance and repair section. Here you'll find roof repair products, scan gauges, replacement hardware, fuel funnels, spray paint, primer, tape, repair kits, and plumbing hardware so you can fix up your pride and joy.

  • Tools

    You never know when you might have to take something apart to figure out what's wrong, or put something together that didn't come with a screwdriver. Be prepared for these situations and others with our variety of screw drivers, interchangeable bits, crimping tools, screws, nut setters, torque wrenches, cable fasteners and more.

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RV Maintenance

RV Maintenance Must Haves


As a camper and an RV owner, you know that keeping your vehicle in good shape is very important. Making sure that all the parts of your RV, down to the smallest pieces are working properly, will keep you from worrying about having major issues in the future. There are also days when you feel like doing something new and you just want to upgrade that part of your RV that needs a makeover. But with s...

RV Maintenance Must Haves


As a camper and an RV owner, you know that keeping your vehicle in good shape is very important. Making sure that all the parts of your RV, down to the smallest pieces are working properly, will keep you from worrying about having major issues in the future. There are also days when you feel like doing something new and you just want to upgrade that part of your RV that needs a makeover. But with so many parts and pieces, it is sometimes hard to find the right RV accessory or look for that piece you really need.


How often do you have to regularly check your RV?


You need to take note that each part of your Recreational Vehicle needs to be maintained but not all of them requires checking all at the same time. There are parts that need to be checked weekly, monthly, quarterly, based on mileage and some of them just needs an annual tune-up. These schedules are often included in the owner’s manual and vary depending on the type of trailer you have.


Keeping a log book of your maintenance activities is also a good habit. It will help you track your schedule and the parts of your vehicle that possibly needs repair or replacement. It can also be a good guide or proof for insurance claims or if you decide to sell your RV in the future.


Tools and Accessories for RV maintenance


There are so many items and parts you have to check in keeping your RV in good shape. Whether you have a motorhome, a truck folding trailer, fifth wheels, a truck camper or a travel trailer, always check your manuals for the correct maintenance schedule and proper care reminders.


Here are some tips for you.


  1. One of the must have item that you will need regularly are cleaning supplies to keep pest, mold and odor away. There are so many brands to choose from such as Accumetric, Bio-Kleen, Valtera, Protect All, Thetford and many more. 
  2. Just like your car, your RV also need its fuel, oil, filters, coolant, air and water system cleaned, placed and drained if needed to avoid major failures most especially during your trips.  
  3. Monitoring your engine regularly with the use of engine computer from Diable or Linear Logic and using reliable engine treatment products such as from CRC Marykate, Valvoline or Star Brite will help you get the job done.
  4. Always keep your RV repair kits handy and stuff them with fasteners, glue and adhesives, lubricants, and other basic tools and hardware with you for parts that need quick fixes.
  5.  Check the windows, doors, slide out parts, wiper blades and other moving parts of your RV including the roof’s seals and seams. You can get quality parts, accessories and other items for this from manufactures like AP products, Hardware Express and others. 
  6. Your batteries, breaks and generator should also be checked constantly especially during the winter.
  7. Tire pressure and wheel lug nuts as well as the electrical connection of your tow vehicle to your RV are also very important so do not forget check and test them before you drive.


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