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Did You Believe Any Of These RV Myths Before Hitting The Road?

Did You Believe Any Of These RV Myths Before Hitting The Road?

Myths are everywhere today. It’s like you can’t even walk down the street without hearing a myth about something you love. One topic people like to create myths about is RVs and RVing. Since RVing has received massive attention recently and many people are taking up the habit it has allowed for some myths to come up about the lifestyle which is untrue. In this article, we are going to debunk 8 of the most common myths surrounding the RV culture. You can check your knowledge with this list and see how many myths you believed before hitting the road!

Myth #1: Maintaining an RV is Costly and a Pain

This myth is very untrue. While yes, there are going to occasionally be repairs that need to be conducted on your RV but that is the same for any vehicle. If you pay attention to your RV and give it good quality products you will not be always repairing it. Typically like any other vehicle the most common thing you will be doing that is considered maintenance is oil changes. A good thing to do to combat this myth is to keep an eye on things like converters and generators in your RV along with consulting guides on maintenance. You will come to see this is merely a myth!

Myth #2: RV Living is not Pet Friendly

This is simply a big lie. RV living can be an extremely pet-friendly experience. Not only are RV’s capable of housing your furry friends but many campsites are accommodating pets as well. The biggest thing you will want to make sure of is the place you are staying in is pet friendly along with accounting for other needs. Some things to make sure you have been litter pads (if necessary), a way for them to eat and drink water, appropriate seating/crating for when driving and more. If you take the necessary precautions RVing with your furry friend can be a breeze. 

Myth #3: Why get an RV if you can’t live in it year-round?

RV living is something you can maintain year-round. These vehicles are not only usable in the summer months but winter months as well. RVing allows you to experience the wonderful outdoors all year and there are many things unique to the winter season RVers get to appreciate. Being able to use your RV in the winter months all comes down to winterizing your RV. Buying a stable RV, and adding insulation, heaters, and other comfort items will allow you to live in your RV for the whole year. 

Myth #4: RVs don’t Work with Families

This myth is false. You can absolutely make an RV work with your family. It is all about the size and things you and your family require. You might just need a bigger RV or to adjust the space within. But both RV camping and living can be done with families. It does not have to be a solo outing and the family is sure to love RVing. Every family needs something different and that’s all you have to adjust for when buying and maintaining an RV

Myth #5: Old, Used Parts are Just as Good as New Parts

While everyone loves the opportunity to get a good deal sometimes it doesn’t yield the best results. Shopping for used parts requires you to be much more critical in your shopping to make sure they work and are safe. Used parts run the risk of being inoperable, not up to code or just a general safety hazard. Also, older parts are more likely to break sooner thus requiring further replacements and repairs. Sometimes it is okay to buy your parts used while for others you are going to want to stick with new ones.

Myth #6: You Can Park Anywhere 

This myth can get people into some legal trouble. While boondocking is a large thing in the RV community it must be done in specific ways. You can’t just pull up anywhere and park your RV, that can be illegal. You always want to be up to date with legislation regarding where you can park and make sure you always book a spot in a campground. Otherwise, you might land in a boat of trouble. 

Myth #7: You Need A Special License To Drive an RV

This myth is one of the more reasonable ones. While RVs are larger than your standard car you don’t need a commercial license to drive one. In most cases, you can drive an RV with just your standard driver’s license. As long as you are comfortable driving the vehicle the law allows you to. We recommend getting comfortable with the maneuvers and controls before heading out on any large excursions!

Myth #8: You Can Only RV In the Middle of Nowhere

This one is totally untrue. RVing has become much more popular in recent times and there are many places you can go RVing now. Many cities have RV camps within them even popular places like Nevada and Miami. So, fret not, if you are a city lover there are so many places you can explore with your RV. The world is waiting for you to explore it so start planning your next outing today!

Were You Tricked?

Did any of these myths catch you off guard? When you were first starting did you fall prey to any of them? Well, if you did rest assured that they are nothing more than just myths. Better yet if you are just looking into getting into RVing you can better prepare yourself and make your experience even more enjoyable. RVing is what you make of it so why not set yourself up for the best time?

Just remember to travel safely and always make someone aware of your plans before leaving. 

Safe Travels!

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