How To Insulate RV Windows For Summer And Winter

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How To Insulate RV Windows For Summer And Winter

Recreational vehicles offer a great deal of sightseeing, spending time with family, and doing all the adventures you want. In fact, motorhomes are a blessing for travel enthusiasts because you have all the essential facilities of home packed inside. But, one issue that can be encountered is its tendency to get very hot in summer or biting cold in winters. Therefore, most RVing experts suggest that while you buy an RV, explore a little about its insulating features. If you already have one, no worries. Still have plenty of ways you can properly insulate your RV both in Summer and winter.

Remember that the significant culprit of poor RV insulation is windows, particularly single-pane windows. These one-pane RV window glasses provide insufficient insulation, and their only advantage is that they keep the RV cost low and the vehicle a bit lightweight.

Once you have wisely chosen your window insulation products and techniques, you are good to go anywhere in any season.

This article talks about several options for insulating RV windows for summer and winter but before that, let's talk about some benefits of RV window insulation.

Benefits of RV Window Insulation

  • Proper window insulation will help regulate RV internal temperature and make it comfortable for living.
  • The healing and cooling system will have less burden on them; resultantly, their lifespan will improve. You won't have to spend a lot on costly repairs and replacements.
  • Your RV fuel consumption will be low because you won't rely much on your RV heating and cooling machines.
  • Sun rays can damage the finishing of your RV interior. With effective window insulation, you can save any wear and tear this way.

1. Use Double Pan Windows

Single-pane windows are the leading cause of poor insulation in an RV. If you are OK with a slightly expensive option to improve the insulation, you can replace your single pane windows with a double pan window. Double pan windows or dual-panel windows have an additional layer of glass. These types of windows also have insulation gas within the two-panel that helps regulate the temperature very well. Besides improving the insulation, it will add a beautiful look to your vehicle and act as a barrier for the noise to come in. Also, these are only apparently expensive in the sense that you save a lot on energy consumption if you have a double pan window.

If you don't have a budget to upgrade to a double pane window or it's not a suitable option for your RV type, you can also think of using plexiglass custom-cut pieces to get a double pane window effect to some extent. Many RVers say that this method can make a lot of improvement in insulation. The disadvantage, in this case, is the material has less clarity than the actual glass. Therefore, it may act as a hindrance in your sightseeing, and also you won't be able to open the windows anymore.

2. Reflective Treatments for RV Window Insulation

Suppose you can't go for RV window replacement for better insulation; many RVer's prefer using silver bubble-like reflective sheets for insulation. This sheet is usually known as Reflectix and is a cost-effective option. The sheets are fixed inside or outside the RV windows and can help you, particularly in summer. You can also use this material on your fifth-wheel trailer windows yourself. It's good to purchase these sheets in bulk quantities in the form of big-sized rolls.

You can easily cut and make customized sheets for each of your windows. However, this material demands perfection in installation for better performance. For example, make sure you have an air pocket on each side, and the wrap doesn't touch the window glass. However, it will turn the RV's internal dark. It may not be suitable in winter when you want the sunlight to come in. That's the reason many RVers put it in the night and take it off the reflective sheet in the day.

3. RV Windows Tinting for RV Insulation

Window tinting is the application of thin polyester film inside the window of your RV when open outward. These films come in a variety of colors and are highly useful in blocking UV rays. Most people prefer this method because these window films can prevent a good percentage of hazardous UV rays that cause skin cancers and wrinkles. These tints can control the temperature, protect the interior, and are a great option to maintain your privacy.

The window tinting is of various types:

  • Dyed Window Film
  • Ceramic Window Film
  • Specialty Films
  • Photochromic Films
  • Metalized Window Film
  • Carbon Window Film

The cost of RV windows tinting depends on the type of window film and the type and number of windows you want to tint in your RV.

4. Specialized Window Covers for Better RV Insulation

Using RV Window covers also serves as excellent protection against the weather. Many good brands have introduced insulated covers, such as Camco SunShield Reflective Window Covers. These branded RV windows covers can effectively assist you in controlling the temperature inside and protecting your motorhome interior from UV rays. It comes with hooks and loops and is very easy to install. The company-made covers are better than the curtains. The reflective surface can sufficiently control the temperature while you have parked the RV in warm weather. You can find quality insulating covers for RV door windows and RV sliding windows.

5. Shrink Wrap for Window Insulation

Shrink wraps are an inexpensive method of RV window insulation to some extent. Though it cannot compete with the other window insulation methods mentioned above, it still prevents moisture and seals air leaks. You need to cut the plastic cover in the appropriate size and fix it as tightly as possible for this method. As the plastic is clear, it can provide brightness and an outside view.

6. RV Window Caulking and Weather Stripping for Insulation

Gaps and holes in camper windows or your fifth wheel windows or vents can cause the cold air to escape or let the undesired air come inside your RV. You certainly need to ensure that these gaps and holes are properly sealed. You can use high-quality RV caulks to fill these holes in your vehicle tightly. Another option is to see if your RV weatherstripping is in good shape or needs a replacement for better insulation. You can check AP Products RV windows and parts to find any RV part as AP Products remained successful since1992 in providing the RV Industry with quality replacement parts such as Camper window replacement or RV window frames.

7. Use RV Shade/ Camper Blinds for Better RV Window Insulation

There are numerous options to block heat and insulate your RV windows through RV shades & RV Blinds. For example, you can explore blinds for trailers, roller shades, solar or day shades, aluminum shades, cellular shades, and pleated shades. Each one has its level of advantage in terms of window insulation.

8. Buy Energy-Efficient Windows for Better RV Insulation

Another option is to buy the best RV windows that are energy-efficient to replace the older ones. By best, we mean those made particularly for insulation and saving energy. When you buy RV windows of this kind, they may seem costly, but the level of comfort they offer is flawless. These windows prevent the conditioned escape from your motorhome and reduce the heat, thus leading to a reduction in energy consumption and soundproofing. BRD Supply RV Windows and other RV products can make a difference.

9. RV Window Awnings for Insulation

Awning-style RV windows are a great way to protect from UV rays. Awning windows with sliding panes prevent sun rays from entering the vehicle and reduces energy costs directly. These awnings are more effective on summer days when scorching heat can make the car hot. Carefree RV windows shade, awnings, and other accessories are reliable options for this type of window insulation method.


Camper motorhome windows with tempered glass need proper insulation to stay cool with fresh air in summer and warmer in winter. The first and the best option is to go for energy-efficient or double panel windows. However, there are several other options for camper window insulation that can help. For the most authentic and cost-effective choices, keep looking for RV windows accessories online RV windows sale.

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