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Interior Maintenance

RV Interior Maintenance & Remodeling Supplies

There are 260 Interior Maintenance Products in this category


  • RV Starter Kits

    RV Starter Kits

    Making an easy and simple repair in the RV is made possible with RV Starter Kits. These are great for you as a first-time RV enthusiast, or even a pro. Since no one wants to do messy repair, everything has already been set in place in the starter kits. Setting up is not a boring task because it can be done in a breeze

    RV Starter Kits have everything that is needed from the deluxe to even just the basic. It can be in the form of an instructional DVD, sewer kit, and freshwater kit. You can set up your RV system without spending more time looking for all the pieces needed.

    Below are a few of the RV Starter Kits products you must include in your list.

    RV Starter Kit-Standard

    One of the basic kits you need to include is the RV Starter Kit-Standard. This has an electrical adapter, an in hose clamp, a sewer hose adapter, a sewer hose, water hose, single roll C/P Tissue, and latex gloves. These are completely packaged in a color box.

    RV Starter Kit-Deluxe

    The same materials in the standard starter kit can be found such as the water hose, hose clamp, sewer hose, Aqua Kem Dry One Water regulator, single roll C/P Tissue, latex gloves. It is now just up to you to choose this one or the former standard option.

    EZ Coupler Starter Kit

    Find this starter kit amazing because of its 10’ EZ Coupler sewer hose rotating fittings, 2 rolls of toilet paper, Bayonet sewer kitting that fits six types of sewers, 4 toilet treatment of RV Trine, and drop-ins. There is also a Bubble level, an electrical adapter of 30/15A, RV dump gloves, 25-inch drinking water hose, 1 coupon book, and 1 water regulator.

    RV Orientation DVD

    When you want to fully understand all major RV systems, the RV Orientation DVD is the way to go. This consists of a 54-minute DVD that best explains all RV accessories and RV systems needed. RVing is just definitely made so easy on your part provided that you have this.

    Pop-up Starter Kit

    With this containing a grey water seal, the more that you will like this starter kit. This is specifically designed for those pop-up campers. What more, this includes a forty-five-degree hose elbow with water pressure regulator, gripper, electrical adapter, and ten-inch drinking water hose. 

    Other Products                                                                            

    The lists are endless when it comes to the RV starter kits that you need to buy. These mainly include the following: Starter Kit Box, Standard Starter Kit, Starter Kit Bucket 1 P/L, Economy RV Starter Kit, Deluxe/Premium RV Starter Kit, Starter Kit Lv 5 20’ Hose, Pop-Up Starter Kit, Deluxe Starter Kit in Bucket, RV Starter Kit, and more.

    The Manufacturers

    As per the RV starter kit types that you will purchase, always consider the ones manufactured by AP Products, Valterra, and Camco. They always have been dedicated to providing quality products that meet your standards.

    So, choose one from any of these RV starter kits that you would want to ever use for your RV system!

  • Fasteners


    Whether you will make a few repairs or will rebuild the interior of your RV, you need the highest quality fasteners. These will be useful when keeping your work in place. Browse a huge selection of screws and fasteners to find the right shape and size for your project.

    Just remember that the exterior and interior of your RV are made from a wide range of materials. These can include the metal, plastic, and fiberglass. So, buy adhesives that are designed to be compatible with surfaces.

    Make your own repairs a lot easier with the availability of fasteners from the site.


    From the JR Products is the Metal C-Clip Style Door Holder with a metal socket. What this door holder does is to keep the doors in place. This is made of sturdy zinc-plated steel material that can withstand durable use. The metal c-clip socket it features can work well with metal and plastic wells. This also includes mounting screws. You may as well choose the 3” Metal C-Clip DH Plastic.


    Mount your solar panel to your RV with the use of L-brackets. And, use an aluminum step drill bit to securely and safely attach the bolt to one side of the solar module.

    Purchase the Multipurpose 90Deg Anglebrkt 4-pack from the JR Products. This is small in its size for the purpose of easy concealment. What it features is the center gusset adding extra stability and strength.

    Like it more as it is constructed with high-quality steel material. It is never affected and is not expected to break just because of the sudden temperature changes. It is indeed a good replacement for the plastic brackets in RV applications. It highlights eight 6x1/2 inch pan head screws and four brackets.

    License Plate Fasteners

    Attach your RV’s license plate using license plate fastener. Find this as a durable solution as it is also resistant to corrosion. It will also ensure your license plate to stay attached.

    Quickly do the job of installing it with a simple screwdriver. It is even more rustproof that can be used to replace worn or lost fasteners. Better shop the Prime Products’ License Plate Fasteners that can hold your customized license plates securely.


    Proper rivets for recreational vehicles are essential to achieve an authentic restoration. These do not only provide a classic RV look but also fasten sheets of metal together. That is why you need to include in your shopping lists the following: Plastic Rivets White, 100Pk 1/8”x ¼” Rivets, Plastic Rivets Almond, 100Pk 1/8”x ½” Rivets, and many more.


    Having all the essential devices and appliances is essential when traveling on the road. When you will install a mechanism or device in your RV, you will normally come across the screws. You can find these in different ranges that best suit the needs of customers.

    Install the expensive things inside the RV properly. Make it sure that the threads of screws will not loosen up. Buy the Hex Washer Head Self-Drilling 8-18x ½, Hex Washer Head Self-Drilling 8-18x 3/4, Screw Cover Brown, Screw Covers White, Screw Covers Chrome, and many more.


    RV snaps are classified as the spring loaded pins. These will allow you to retract and extend your RV wheel landing legs. Do the job of engaging and disengaging the heavy-duty steel pin just by the use of one hand.

    Buy JR Products HD Snap Installation Tool Kit. Do not just confuse it with the throw- away style that is found in most kits. Trust that this can last for a lifetime. This already has its professional installation of the snap attachments.

    Now, you have learned more about the fasteners, accessories, and many more items

  • Drawer Repair

    Storage Solutions and Drawer Repair for Your RV

    Traveling by RV can be one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have. Pack up your motorhome with all of the appliances and stuff you cannot live without (all that can fit, of course) and just go to wherever you fancy. But obviously, there will come a time when your RV will break down. Sometimes it’s time to do drawer repair, sometimes it’s more complicated like an engine or electrical failure.

    But RV repairs and other inconveniences have become an unavoidable part of life on the road. Don’t let that get you down and spoil your fun. To make it easier for you, pack away the indispensable tools you will need so you can get some peace of mind, knowing that you can solve almost any problem that comes your way while traveling. And speaking of packing, you will need a lot of storage for the essentials as well as the fun stuff.

    First of all, you should really get an RV closet organizer. It’s almost a must-have on all RV trips. You will definitely need it when traveling with several people, be it family members or friends. Even if you’re going solo, you will really appreciate the extra pockets and shelves of the organizer.

    If you’re traveling with a trailer instead of riding a motorhome, you will be spending a lot of hours in your tow vehicle. Expect a lot of clutter to accumulate in your truck just as much as your actual trailer. Get some over-the-seat caddies (or backseat organizers) to help keep a lot of stuff organized and within reach. We’re not just talking about beverage bottles and food wrappers; if you’re traveling with children, they might just bring along their entire collection of toys and games to save them from boredom during a typical road trip.

    Another important place in your RV you should take a look at is the kitchen. Everyone can use a little more storage in the kitchen. Those pots, pans, and utensils can take up a lot of valuable space, and we’re not even talking about saving some room for the actual food you need to bring along.

    If you have some fruit, why not just hang them in a fruit hammock or net? It saves drawer space in your cupboards and looks pretty cool. For your knives, why not use a couple of magnetic knife strips? They are a great and cool way to organize your knives and keep them from mixing around with the spoons and forks. Stop keeping them in drawers and put them within easy reach, especially when you’re cooking.

    Speaking of drawers, sometimes it will happen that you’re going to have to take care of some drawer repair tasks. If you’ve been traveling for quite some time, the drawer slides of your RV will eventually bend or break down, especially when a lot of heavy items are stored inside them. Don’t fret, though – it’s easy to find an online RV parts shop where you can get the parts and components you need to fix them up.

    Drawer Glide & Hanger Kit – You will need this kit to mount and fit new drawers for your RV.

    Drawer Roller Pads – For use with monorail drawer slide, comes with six heavy-duty roller pads.




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Interior Maintenance

RV Interior Maintenance & Remodelling Supplies

If your RV is a little weather-beaten and worn on the inside, then there may be a need to do something about it. The site provides RV interior maintenance and remodeling supplies that can have your RV home back on the road. As long as you have the expertise and experience to handle all product types for RV interior, you will get back to creating a personal feel and look for your RV.

Transform your RV into a...

RV Interior Maintenance & Remodelling Supplies

If your RV is a little weather-beaten and worn on the inside, then there may be a need to do something about it. The site provides RV interior maintenance and remodeling supplies that can have your RV home back on the road. As long as you have the expertise and experience to handle all product types for RV interior, you will get back to creating a personal feel and look for your RV.

Transform your RV into a personalized and beautiful home away from your home. Below are among the RV interior maintenance and remodeling supplies you need to purchase.

Anti-Slip Material

Anti-slip material is a must-have for your RV’s interior. After you use it on your RV’s dashboard, you enjoy its endless benefits. Just choose one that is extremely flexible and is easily cut to the needed size or shape. And place it above the surfaces or even on the floor that keeps the appliances intact. That’s when mobility is a lot easier on the inside of the RV.

Choose whether you want Slip-Stop Slate Blue 12’ Roll Each, Motion-Proof Putty, Clear Bumpers, Slip-Stop Cream 12’ Roll, and Motion-Proof Clear Gel.

Drawer Hardware

When you have that squeaky cabinet door inside the RV, it pays off to consider having drawer hardware available at the site. Customers have so far testified about the drawer hardware products we have. At relatively great and low prices, you’ll be mesmerized by the lists such as the Drawer Repair Kit, Drawer Slide Sockets Small C-Shaped, Universal Drawer Slide Kit, and a whole lot more.


Hang things up using hooks from our category of products. It does bring its advantages of allowing you to hang things inside your RV. There are so many alternative hooks to find that include the following: Utility Hooks, Cup Hooks, Super Hook White 1Pk, All Purpose Hooks, and Super Mug Hooks.


Buying Rosettes is something that you will never regret. Have them in sizes that are a bit larger. They serve their purpose of fastening ceiling panels to the rafters. Among those you can choose from are as follow: Plastic Rosettes White, Rosette Washers White, Rosette Washers Clear, and Plastic Rosettes Clear.

Starter Kits

Have all your starter kits that are a must-have. This is especially before you head out on a fun and exciting RV adventure. These are ideal for you as an RV owner. Traveling in a recreational vehicle requires having a starter kit. This will not disturb the peace you want spending time in the outdoors.

Sticky Pads

Get your RV ready for the winter travel. You will need sticky pads from the site that can hold a tank. These are usually attached using pre-installed and double-sided adhesive. Choose from the available no-slip dots and soft dots from the Miller Studio.


From the Miller Studio are the mounting tapes that you need to also keep in your tool kit. You’ll really appreciate how these can seem so beneficial on your part. This is true when it comes to tasks that demand the use of tapes.


For a simple stick and peel application, consider Velcro from among the products we offer. No hardware or tools required. Just this one you can easily replace and remove. This comes in two choices: Sticky Back Strips and Hold Down Tabs.



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