RV Part Shop Has You Covered

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RV Part Shop Has You Covered

No matter how you roll, RV Part Shop has you covered … literally! RV Part Shop has a HUGE selection of quality RV covers in all shapes and sizes for all kinds of rigs, trailers, and accessories. Let’s take a look at some of our special offerings and why keeping your RV covered is so important.

RV Covers

Your motorhome or trailer is a BIG investment that you want to last for years to come. Whether you choose to protect your entire RV or just the roof, a water-resistant cover will safeguard your roof and sidewalls from deterioration, rotting and delamination from sun, snow, rain and wind. They also reduce the need for washing and prevent black streaking on the sides of the RV. RV covers are designed to allow any trapped moisture to escape, which is why is especially important to ensure a proper fit. 

How to Measure Your RV for a Cover

Measuring your motorhome or travel trailer for a properly fitting cover isn’t as easy as finding the length and the height of your rig. You will need to take into account your bumpers, spare tire, ladders, rooftop accessories and more.

Premium RV cover manufacturer ADCO has released some helpful videos on How to Measure your Class A or Class C for an ADCO RV Cover and How to Measure Your Trailer or 5th Wheel for an ADCO Cover.

Returning or exchanging an RV cover because you bought the wrong size isn’t as easy as exchanging a piece of clothing, so be sure to measure and order accordingly! Need help? Give us a call at 1-877-607-4446 or drop our Customer Service department a message

R-Pod/Teardrop Trailer Covers

The unique shape and construction of R-Pod, Fibreglass and Teardrop trailers demand a specific fitted cover specially designed for your vehicle. RV Part Shop has a great selection to choose from in soft, water-resistant fabric to guard against premature fading, leakage and other sun and water damage.

Horse Trailer Covers / Gooseneck Trailer Covers

While not an RV or traditional travel trainer, your horse trailer or gooseneck trailer is a big investment and you want to protect that investment. RV Part Shop has a full line of covers for all gooseneck and horse trailer types to significantly reduce premature ageing of your trailer and maintain its resale value. Horse trailer and gooseneck trailer covers also reduce the need for washing, waxing and roof treatments and protect against harmful UV rays, moisture and ice that can cause unwanted cracking and fading on your trailer.

Tent/Folding Trailer Covers

Folding trailers, pop-up trailers, and tent trailers are especially susceptible to expensive roof leaks, moisture damage and “visits” from unwelcome critters. The best prevention is a well-fitting, high-quality RV tent trailer cover to protect your trailer from the wind, rain, sun and snow. 

Truck Camper Covers

Whether they are on or off your vehicle, truck campers are fully exposed to the elements. A truck camper cover can protect roof seals and moulding from premature failure caused by damage from snow, rain and sun. A proper cover will help maintain the integrity of your roof and body while also keeping the finish on your camper shiny and new for years to come.

Air Conditioner Covers

If you choose not to cover your entire rig, an RV air conditioner cover is an affordable and effective option that could save you from costly repairs. Covering the rooftop air conditioner unit on your motorhome or trailer will protect it against moisture, airborne contaminants and UV rays to help prolong the life of your air conditioner shroud. RV Part Shop has RV air conditioner covers to fit all brands and sizes, including Dometic, Coleman-Mach and Carrier. These are all constructed with heavy-duty jersey-backed vinyl for durability.

Windshield Covers

RV and van windshield covers have a few different functions, with the most obvious being privacy. Keeping your windshield securely covered keeps your living area closed off from prying eyes and possible intruders. Windshield covers also protect you and your rig from the heat of the sun - and also protect your interior from fading and harmful UV rays. RV Part Shop has windshield covers to fit most popular full-size vans and class B and C RVs.

LP Tank Covers

Designed to cover unsightly propane tanks, regulators and brackets, an LP Tank cover also protects against premature rusting and corrosion of tanks and mounts. LP Tank covers are available in multiple colours and styles and in both hard polypropylene or soft vinyl to fit all LP tank sizes and configurations.

RV Part Shop Has Got You Covered!

As we navigate through COVID-19, RV Part Shop is doing our very best to help our customers through these tough times by staying open 24/7 and employing best practices in our warehouses, shipping locations and offices. We are committed to getting you what you need for repairs, maintenance, renovations and more with our fast, free shipping option to your home or directly to your RV site. Our website is regularly updated with any delays or updates to our standard shipping times. Need help navigating our massive selection of items? Contact us today!

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