RV/Travel Trailer Roof Covers

Maintain and protect the investment in your motorhome or travel trailer with a premium RV cover from RV Part Shop. Protect your entire RV or just the roof. These water-resistant covers will protect your roof and sidewalls from deterioration, rotting and delamination from sun, snow, rain and wind that can result in costly repairs. These covers are designed to protect, while allowing any trapped moisture to escape during dry periods. They also reduce the need for washing (always a big job), prevent black streaking on the sides of the RV, provide a portable storage solution that you can carry with you and preserve your resale value. We even have covers to fit your truck camper, horse trailer or gooseneck trailer as well. Plus, choose from a great selection of accessory covers to protect your RV gear, like air conditioners, propane tanks, windshields (keeps the RV interior cooler also), fifth wheel hitches and bicycles. RV Part Shop proudly offers covers from the best RV cover manufacturers, Adco Products, Classic Accessories and Camco. Choose from multiple fabric types and price points to fit your needs and budget. Check out our blog for more detail on RV cover types, how to select a cover for your application, fabric materials, and how to measure your RV for a cover.


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  • RV Covers

    Protect the substantial investment you have in your RV, as well as it`s resale value. Covering your RV when it`s not in use can greatly lengthen the life of the unit. There`s nothing more catastrophic or expensive than water leaks and an RV cover can protect against premature failure of roofing membrane, and roof, window, seam and door sealants and seals by preventing drying, cracking and ice damage. A cover will also guard against fading and oxidization of the finish on your RV sidewalls. Finally, covers protect metallic fixtures and trim on your motorhome and travel trailer from rust , pitting and corrosion. We have full covers from Adco, Classic Accessories and Camco in sizes to fit all makes and lengths, and you`ll find roof-only RV covers here as well.

  • Tent/Folding Trailer...

    Folding trailers and tent trailers are especially susceptible to expensive roof leaks and damage. Get a cover to protect roof seals and molding from premature failure caused by damage from snow rain and sun. Maintain the resale value with a cover as well. We have cover sizes to fit all makes and lengths of tent and folding trailers.

  • Truck Camper Covers

    Truck campers are fully exposed to the elements when they`re off the vehicle on camper jacks or sawhorses. A truck camper cover can protect roof seals and molding from premature failure caused by damage from snow rain and sun. That helps maintain the integrity of your roof and body. Covers also keep the finish on your camper shiny and new for years to come. Maintain the resale value of your truck camper with a cover from RV Part Shop as well. We have to fit all makes and lengths of slide-in truck campers.

  • R-Pod/Teardrop Covers

    Protect your R-Pod, Teardrop or Fiberglas trailer with these fitted covers specially designed for your vehicle. Soft, water resistant fabric guards against premature fading, leakage and other sun and water damage.

  • Horse Trailer Covers

    If your horse is embarrassed to ride in your trailer, maybe it`s time to protect your investment from the elements with a horse trailer or gooseneck trailer cover. We carry a full line of covers for enclosed gooseneck and all horse trailer types. Significantly reduce premature aging of your trailer and maintain its resale value. Covers also reduce the need for washing, waxing and roof treatments and protect against harmful UV rays, moisture and ice that can cause unwanted cracking and fading on your trailer.

  • Gooseneck Trailer Covers

    Protect the finish and components of your gooseneck trailer from the elements with a trailer cover from RV Part Shop. Sizes to fit most gooseneck or gooseneck horse trailers.
  • Tire Covers

    Because RVs don`t travel daily in most cases, RV tire failures are usually the result of water or sun damage, especially to the sidewalls. Prevent cracking and blowouts with tire covers from RV Part Shop. Tires left to the elements can be extremely unsafe, so increase your tire life for safety and savings. We have protective covers that can be used on spare tires, as well as tire guards that are designed to be used to cover tires in-use while the vehicle is in a stationary position We have sizes and styles to fit all tires and applications.

  • Air Conditioner Covers

    Air conditioner parts and repairs are expensive. If you don`t have one of our full or roof-only RV covers, protect the rooftop air conditioner on our motorhome or trailer. We have covers to fit all brands and sizes of RV Air Conditioning Units, including Dometic, Coleman-Mach and Carrier. These are all constructed with Heavy-duty jersey-backed vinyl for durability and to protect against moisture,< airborne contaminates and UV rays to lengthen the life of your air conditioner shroud. They even help to reduce draft on cold days.

  • LP Tank Covers

    Out of sight, out of mind. Beautify your RV by covering those unsightly propane tanks, regulators and brackets. An LP Tank cover also protects against premature rusting and corrosion of tanks and mounts. Our covers are available in muliple colors and styles and you can get both hard polypropolene or soft vinyl. We have sizes to fit all LP tank sizes and configurations.

  • Windshield Covers

    RV and van windshield covers protect your privacy and possession by prohibiting people from looking through the windshield into your lifing area. You`ll stay cool too by preventing sunlight from heating up the interior of your vehicle. We have windshield covers to fit most popular full-size vans and class B and C RVs.

  • Car and Truck Covers

    Cuddle your car, truck or SUV in our soft protective covers. These covers will protect your vehicle from damage caused by rain, snow, sun, sand, salt and other airborne contaminates. Keeps your paint chrome and glass finishes unscratched, un-faded and looking like new.

  • Other Covers

    You`ll find motorcycle covers, Bicycle and Bike Rack covers, Fifth Wheel Hitch Covers, Weight Distribution Hitch Totes, Exhaust Vent Covers, Wiper Covers, and Mirror Covers here in multiple styles, colors and fabrics. We also offer 5th Wheel Skirts for extra storage ares, Tow Car Windshield covers to protect your car`s windshield while towing and Toy Hauler Door Screens to turn your RV`s garage into a patio room without the bugs.

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