8 Reasons to Bring a Pocket Knife to Your Camping Trip

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8 Reasons to Bring a Pocket Knife to Your Camping Trip

Camping is an outdoor recreational activity that entails spending a night or a couple of days and nights in a protective shelter outdoors. If you want to get away from the urban lifestyle and at least enjoy a natural environment for some time, camping is probably a great vacation option for you.

It’s said that recreational camping commenced decades ago and now it's among the top most common outdoor activities worldwide amongst the general populace. Furthermore, it’s believed that camping will help you improve your sleep, boost your memory, and enhance your interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships with friends and loved ones. Daytime outdoor camping is also said to boost your vitamin D levels thanks to abundant sunlight.

To enjoy your camping, you must familiarize yourself with the best camping seasons of the year depending on your location. Additionally, when going camping, you must prepare adequately by arming yourself with the basics such as:

  • Packing appropriate clothing, especially for unpredictable weather;

  • Carrying plenty of supplies of water and food items rich in calories; 

  • Creating shelter that's resistant to excess sunlight, snow, rain; and the like.  

Further, you’ll need to bring with you handy tools to make camping a much more pleasurable and hassle-free experience – this includes a pocketknife or two. In this guide, there’s an in-depth look at reasons to invest in an EDC knife and other brands like it to better prepare for your next camping trip. 

1. A Pocket Knife Comes In Handy When Doing Open Flame Cooking 

Open flame refers to an open fire usually set outside during camping. And in most cases, you can use it for cooking.

Furthermore, as a camper, cooking food during your camping trip is essential for survival. Therefore, carrying a tool like reliable pocket knives to your camping destination will ease your entire process of cooking. 

A pocket knife is essential for your camping trip because it helps prepare food when cooking over an open flame. For instance, you can use it to cut meat into smaller bite-sized chunks, making it easier for you to chew without any difficulties. You can also use your pocket knife to prepare vegetables and other food ingredients, such as tomatoes and onions.

Similarly, a pocket knife is handy for starting a fire, especially if your camping sites are situated in remote areas and there are no lighters or matches on site. There're numerous ways you can create a fire without using matches and many of these alternatives include friction. 

You can also utilize the pocket knife to make tools like a stick, fire plow, or bow drill, which can cause friction when used with other pieces of wood to produce fire. 

With a pocket knife, you can chop firewood and split them into small pieces, and use them to build a magnificent open flame for cooking your meals. Another reason you should carry a pocket knife is that it can serve as an alternative to conventional at-home cooking tools such as roasting forks and the like. 

2. A Pocket Knife Is Small Yet A Versatile Tool

Although a pocket knife is small, it has many functions, which make it a very versatile product. You can use your pocket knife as a corkscrew, bottle, can opener, saw, hammer, or screwdriver to tighten loose screws. In addition, it can function as a spoon, fork, and knife. Thus, the pocket knife can serve you in different scenarios during camping.

For example, you don't have to worry if your camping tent starts leaking. Instead, you should use your pocket knife to establish temporary patches. This will save you cash because you won't have to break into your bank for repair expenses. A pocket knife can also help you to build your shelter as well by assisting you in slicing vines and cutting branches that can be used as a shelter base once they’re put together.  

3. Pocket Knives Are Helpful For Self-defense

When attacked and you want to exercise self-defense, a pocket knife usually comes to your aid. Hence, when going on your camping trip, consider carrying a pocket knife because it boosts your defense mechanism. This knife should be versatile and have a fixed blade for you to use comfortably during a bad scenario.

With a pocket knife, you can confidently fight some wild animals. For instance, you must be quick and violent if a lion attacks you because it won't spare you. Use your pocket knife to stab it in the neck, mouth, or eye instead of leaving it to prey on you. 

This knife will also help you when dealing with thieves and criminals. But if you find yourself in such a scenario, you must take utmost caution, especially when using a pocket knife for self-defense. Also, you can opt to join training sessions to learn more about how to use a pocket knife for self-defense.

4. Pocket Knives Are Useful When Hunting And Food Gathering

As a camper, there's no doubt you love hunting and food gathering. But this might not be your primary reason for camping. So, what happens if you forget to carry some food or have an insufficient food supply? Hunting and food gathering will become your main option for sourcing food for sustenance. A pocket knife will assist you in cutting edible plants as well as digging edible roots for emergency survival. 

While hunting, the animal you might have managed to shoot might still be alive; but with a sharp pocket knife, you are likely to end the animal's misery by finishing it. On the other hand, with a good pocket knife, you can make do-it-yourself (DIY) tools such as a spear for spearing fish and hunting animals. 

Using a pocket knife, you can build primitive snares and traps for capturing animals. And once you've trapped the small to medium-sized prey, this knife comes in handy in skinning the animal, cutting it into small pieces, and cooking it for a meal.

5. Pocket Knives Are Helpful For Administering First Aid

A pocket knife can be helpful when you need to administer first-aid. In case of an accident, it’ll help you to cut entangled branches and vines and remove broken glasses and thorns. Ideally, carrying a pocket knife is good because you're never sure what can transpire in the wilderness. And sometimes, you can never avoid thinking of the worst. 

For example, what happens if you get injured while hiking or break your ankle? You'll need a pocket knife to prepare medicine, cut the gauze, or make a splint. This will speed up the process of fast-aid before proper medical care is administered.

6. Pocket Knives Can Aid In Asking For Help During Camping Emergencies

Emergencies are usually unavoidable during camping and you must be ready to ask for help when they happen. 

With a pocket knife, you can easily build up a fire using dry tinder and small wood kindling for your smoke fire signal to be seen from a distance by a rescue team. Use the pocket knife to find green foliage and dry wood to ensure you've got sufficient fuel to feed your smoke fire for calling the rescuer's attention.

7. Pocket Knives Are Portable

You can easily maneuver with pocket knives because they're easy to carry and lightweight. This means you can't quickly leave them behind or forget them. You can store them in your backpack, keychain, or pocket as part of your camping readiness toolkit

If you fear you might lose your pocketknife, ensure you use the case or sheath that comes with it. You can also carry it on your body because numerous pocket knives usually feature a clip, which might be attached to your pants or belts for easy accessibility.

8. Pocket Knives Are Reliable And Durable

As a camper, there's no doubt that a pocket knife can become your close friend in several scenarios. Manufacturers and knife sellers have dedicated much effort and time to perfecting their craft – the ever so trusty pocketknife that you can bring with you on your camping adventures. Pocket knives are made out of strong materials that can resist stress, wear and tear, and others. 

By looking at the size of a pocket knife, you might think it's fragile because of its compactness. Yet this isn't the case because you can use them confidently without worrying that they'll break off easily. Its durability is a reason behind why many campers invest in it and include it in their camping toolkit. 

Thus, when going on a camping trip, don't forget to carry a pocket knife with you in order for your trip to be stress- and hassle-free. 


After reading this post, hopefully, you’ve been enlightened on the importance of carrying a pocket knife the next time you go on a nature camping trip. This is because the pocket knife is a critical item for your day-to-day life, aside from just during camping vacations. Furthermore, its versatility makes it worth an investment, especially if you explore the outdoors regularly on your own or with loved ones. Go ahead and get yourself a pocket knife now.

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