Comfy RV Outdoor Cooking Plus Recipe

Posted on 11/22/2015 by RV Cooking and Camp Cuisine 2399
Comfy RV Outdoor Cooking Plus Recipe
There’s nothing like cooking on an open fire, but it has its drawbacks. You can’t do it if you’re in a hurry for one thing. What if you just want to grill up a quick meal? Who’s got time to wait for the coals when you’re raring to go on that hike? Then again, most gas grillers just don’t impart that lovely smoky flavour that we associate with a barbeque. But now the Camco Gas Griller seems to be ticking all the boxes when it comes to comfy outdoor cooking.

Sure, it’s a gas grill, but it has a special little feature that means you get the grilled flavour you’re craving. A cast iron smoker plate catches the drips from the grill, preventing them from causing flare-ups from the lava rocks. The sizzling oils give you that delicious smoked flavour you’d expect from an open fire – yum!

You’re going to love the compact design of the griller, it’s a real go-anywhere gadget, and if you want to go the whole hog, you can get a handy fold-away Grill Table with Seats.

Get comfy

Get your family settled, but make sure you keep that ultra-comfy recliner for yourself. Who would have thought camping chairs could be this comforttable? Or is a cushioned rocking chair your style? Spoil yourself - the chef has to get some extra benefits!

Now it’s time to cook up a storm! Here’s our tasty chicken recipe – it’s quick, it’s easy and you can add your own special touches and make it all your own.

Chicken on the run

You will need:

· Chicken breast fillets.

· Enough bacon to wrap them in

· Crushed garlic or garlic powder

· Some sprigs of rosemary

· Salt and pepper

Here’s what you’ll do:

Spread your chosen seasonings onto your chicken breasts. Now wrap them up in bacon to keep everything in place and to keep the chicken moist and juicy. Secure the bacon using toothpicks – don’t forget to take them out when the meat is ready!

Cook your chicken on medium heat, turning it often. When it’s ready, serve it up with rice or potatoes and a few grilled vegetables drizzled with olive oil – delicious! Cook enough to leave you with some leftovers for lunch.

Play around

Try varying your recipe to suit your tastes. How about replacing the herbs with some hot chilli? Or keep the herbs and use some of your favourite BBQ sauce. This simple recipe is so easy to adapt.

The idea of keeping BBQ food from drying out on the grill using bacon strips isn’t a new one. Try it on meets that you’d like to keep as succulent as possible. For example, the liver tends to get really dry on the grill, but a bacon wrap keeps it tender and adds to the flavour. Would you like to add a surprise to that package? Slit the liver with a sharp knife and stuff a glace cherry into its heart. It sounds crazy, but it really works!

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