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Eternabond is a division of Royal Adhesives and Sealants featuring micro sealant technology. We are the leading manufacturer of repair and Roof Tapes used to stop leaks. Made in the USA by Adco Global, Eternabond® is the only MicroSealant® in a tape form available that will stop virtually any leak or waterproof any surface in minutes. We specialize in roofing solutions for residential and commercial roofing professionals. We also have the where-with-all to fix leaks in your RV or mobile home. 

From the manufacturer to the tradesman to the homeowner, more and more people are trusting EternaBond® for Roof Repair and permanent repairs on non-pressurized leaks. Our MicroSealant® adhesive provides a permanent bond to virtually all surfaces. By following our easy 3 step instructions, you too will be amazed at the simplicity of installation and bonding strength of EternaBond® tapes. In 2012, we released our Primerless Safety Tape, into our family of products. This is one of our foremost Tape Primers. It is designed to make work areas safer by permanently marking edges, safety equipment, dangerous equipment parts, and hazardous areas.

A roof repair job can range anywhere from using a Leak Repair Tape to re-coating or replacing the entire roof. Nevertheless, in many cases, the same techniques used in more severe cases of roof damage are used to deal with smaller issues. Not only can this be expensive and time-consuming but thanks to a product like EternaBond®, it is entirely unnecessary. It is versatile, works on all roof types, and is easy to use... Clean, Stick and Apply Pressure - you're done!

RVs are meant to be mobile so why not have a repair option that can be mobile with you? This is why  EternaBond® tapes should travel with you to seal any leaks on your RV. To most RVers, nothing is more annoying than a pesky water leak, especially one that pops up in a place where there are no repair centers. In the old days, one would squirt on some silicone or, in pure desperation, cover the area with duct tape, but these on-the-spot repairs were very temporary. Thanks to Eternabond®, RV leak repairs are now permanent and hassle-free. Our Roof Sealants are ready to tackle the toughest roofing challenge by using MicroSealant® technology to ensure a permanent, leak-free solution that bonds to virtually any surface. Even if you spring a leak, there is no need to panic with an Eternabond Roof Sealing tape nearby. An Eternabond will fix almost anything. Bring some with you and you will never be disappointed.


The Eternabond advantage includes a solutions center that handles roof repairs, curb installations, and flashing on parapet repairs. Eternabond Repair Tapes and Roof Sealing Tapes relevant for repair projects are the Alumibond Tape, Alumibond 4"x25', Eternabond 2" x 50' Roof, Eternabond 4" X 50' Roof, Eternabond 6" X 50' Roof, and the Double Stick Tape. The EternaBond DS-1-50 DoubleStick liquid-tight sealant tape is 50 feet long and 1 inch wide. It features MicroSealant Technology and can be used for window installations and around seams.

Other offerings from our brand include Roof Installation Anatomy, EternaBond® on Slide Rooms, Sealing RV Floor Penetrations, and Vent Maintenance strategies. Our Aluminum Roof Repair services, Eternabond Surface Conditioner, Eternaprime Adhesive, Eternaprime Spray Primer, and Roof Coatings, are fabricated to make your repair processes a lot easier.


We know that mistakes happen. It's how you handle it after the fact that matters. Quick and easy; just what you need in cold weather for all leaks. 

EternaBond® is available at over 600 commercial distributors and retail stores coast to coast, but RV Part Shop is our best!

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Alumibond 4"x25'

Alumibond Tape

Aluminum Roof Repair

Double Stick Tape

Double Stick Tape

Eternabond 2" x 50' Roof

Eternabond 4" X 50' Roof

Eternabond 6" X 50' Roof

Eternabond Products

Eternabond Repair Tape

Eternabond Surface Conditioner

Eternaprime Adhesive

Eternaprime Spray Primer

Leak Repair Tape

Roof Coatings

Roof Repair

Roof Sealants

Roof Sealing

Roof Sealing Tapes

Roof Tapes

Tape Primers

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