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Americana Trailer Wheels and Trailer Tires

About Americana Products

Americana Tires & Wheels is a Kenda group company with trusted products that have been relied on by the towable trailer, utility, RV, marine, and agricultural industries. We use the best minds and materials on the planet to design and manufacture some of the finest Trailer Wheels And Tires around. After 50 years in the industry, we know a thing or two about designing Trailer Tires And Rims that perform well and are durable for your heavy load. Our confidence comes from the knowledge that each of our products has been developed, tested, and manufactured by our worldwide family of companies.

As part of the Kenda family, we have the advantage of our own manufacturing facilities making our Americana Tires Online products. We can assure you that Americana Wheel Assemblies adhere to strict quality assurance standards and are tested regularly. Our highly experienced team of engineers located in Canton, OH carefully design Americana Aluminum Wheels to meet the many needs of the RV, marine, utility, and towable trailer industry here in North America. Both our Loadstar® and Karrier® brands are known throughout the industry for their quality and durability in Boat Trailer Tires And Rims too.

Americana Products Online

No matter where the road takes you, Aluminum Trailer Wheel and Tire have Trailer Wheels, Trailer Spare Tires, and assemblies to get you there. We are the engineers, chemists, manufacturers, and assemblers of world-class tires And wheels. We produce tires such as the 12 Inch Trailer Tires, 13 Inch Trailer Tires, 13 Trailer Tires, and 4 Bolt Trailer Tires. We also offer a wide range of rims in sizes and styles that fit most RVs and towable trailers such as the 6 Bolt Trailer Rims, 15 Inch Trailer Rims, specialized Boat Trailer Rims, and accessorized Trailer Rims. 

Eye-catching, lightweight and durable, our collection of aluminum wheels are designed for the long haul, especially if you want wheels that withstand really heavy loads. The most loved Americana Steel Wheels and aluminum wheels include 14 Trailer Wheels, 6 Lug Trailer Wheels, 15 Trailer Wheels, 5 Lug Trailer Wheels, Americana Aluminum Camper Wheels, and the Boat Trailer Wheels. We also have Trailer Jacks With Wheels, Trailer Hubs, and Trailer Wheel Hubs. To find any of these products, just search for RV Wheels Online. 

Our expert technicians use high-speed mounting and inflation equipment to make Americana tires and expertly combine them with your choice of styles/colors of steel and aluminum wheels for  Americana Trailer Wheels or the Swivel Wheel Trailer. There can be 12-15 rubber compounds in each tire, hence we have chemists continually focused on research and development to make sure each tire performs exactly to the specifications set by the engineering team. This is what sets Americana Tire & Wheel apart from others. With multiple warehouse facilities across the United States and a staff of friendly, dedicated customer service representatives, Americana Tires and Wheels takes pride in fulfilling and shipping all of your orders on a timely basis.

The Americana Partnership

When you choose Kenda Americana Tire and Wheel, you get more than just high-grade tires, wheels, and assemblies. You get the assurance of knowing your product was created by over 12,000 experts who used the best materials on the planet. That’s the power of the Kenda family of companies, and that’s why we’ve partnered with Americana at RV Part Shop.

You don’t have to order our tires and wheels separately. Let us do the work for you to decrease your installation time. You pick the tires and wheels at RV Part Shop and our expert technicians will assemble them for you. With Americana Tire and Wheel, we will get you there and that’s The Kenda Advantage.

List Of Americana Products For Online Sales

12 Inch Trailer Tires
13 Inch Trailer Tires
13 Trailer Tires
14 Trailer Wheels
15 Inch Trailer Rims
15 Trailer Wheels
4 Bolt Trailer Tires
5 Lug Trailer Wheels
6 Bolt Trailer Rims
6 Lug Trailer Wheels
Aluminum Trailer Wheels
Americana Aluminum Camper Wheels
Americana Aluminum Wheels
Americana Steel Wheels
Americana Tires & Wheels
Americana Tires Online
Americana Trailer Wheel
Americana Wheel Assemblies
Boat Trailer Rims
Boat Trailer Tires And Rims
Boat Trailer Wheels
RV Wheels Online
Swivel Wheel Trailer
Trailer Hubs
Trailer Jacks With Wheels
Trailer Rims
Trailer Spare Tire
Trailer Tires And Rims
Trailer Wheel Hubs
Trailer Wheels
Trailer Wheels And Tires

Americana Products Online RV Part Shop Canada

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