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FJM Security

Security Locks and Hitch Mounted Safes


FJM Security is a division of the Frank J Martin Company which was founded in 1957 with a long history of offering security products. We are a Locks company and innovative leaders in security. We keep things closed. The operations at our Lynnwood, Washington 45,000 square foot warehouse, are testimony to this fact. Our experienced friendly staff support our distribution channels with same-day shipping, superior customer service, and unsurpassed end-user technical support. Some of our products include the KeyGuard Punch Button Lockbox, FJM Padlockable Cam Locks, FJM Cabinet Locks, Brass Padlocks, Key cabinets, FJM padlocks, Combi-Cam, Combi-Ratchet, Combi-Bolt, ShurLok, and the Hitchsafe. FJM Security is a member of the Architectural Woodhouse Institute, Locksmiths Association of America, Specialty Equipment Market Association, and the National RV Dealers Association.


GJM HitchSafe Online

The durable, all-metal HitchSafe converts your receiver into a vault with the hitch pins secured inside the Hitch Receiver via two sliding bars that can only be accessed through a 10,000 possible combination drawer. The HitchSafe is one of our Key Storage Products that secures keys, licenses, cash, and up to 2 credit cards. It is great for active lifestyles where items can be stored during outdoor activities with no need to hassle with carrying or losing keys/cards. The HitchSafe can also be utilized for sharing access with friends and family or in other special situations.

FJM Shurlock Lock Box

This was one of the first dial combination FJM Generic Lock Boxes on the market, with years of reliability and durability. The Shurlock key storage lock box is the professional’s choice, offering a superior key storage solution compared to other products on the market. The Shurlock offers a patented dual-function on one set of dials which allows only one combination to be used for the key compartment and another combination to be used for the shackle - and these combinations can be changed in seconds. 

FJM Combi-Bolt

Combi Bolt is an innovative new twist on the traditional sliding bolt. It provides convenient keyless security with 10,000 possible combinations so there is no need to bother with keys. The durable Combi-Bolt barrel bolt is constructed of solid metal and installs in minutes with the one-way screws included with the lock.

FJM Combi-Ratchet

This innovative Combi Ratchet lock provides keyless convenience with the option of master key access. The world’s only combination ratchet lock, our Ratchet lock offers flexibility and no more key management problems. 

FJM Combi-Cam

Combi-Cam is the original dial combination cam lock with years of quality and reliability. The Combi-Cam is a great solution in those environments where sharing and managing keys amongst several people spells trouble. With combinations that can be easily changed, the Combi-Cam is available in 4 cylinder lengths - ⅝”, ⅞”, 1 ⅛” and 1-⅜” making it a versatile lock for a variety of applications such as lockers, mailboxes, to replace RV compartment door locks, drawers, and cabinet doors. This product has paved the way for the FJM Combi-Cam Ultra with manager key override functionality. 


We supply resettable combination security devices and other quality hardware products in a manner that exceeds our customers' expectations for value, service, and innovation. This mission propels the work that we do for our clients at RV Part Shop. You can buy High-Security Padlocks such as Aluminum Padlocks, Computer Locks, Baggage Door Locks, Padlockable Cam Locks, Cam Locks, Cabinet Locks, Electronic Locks, and the award-winning Combi-Cam Ultra. 

So, whether it is sales, shipping, credit, accounting, or installing a KeyGuard Car Window Mount, we stand ready and willing to service the most important component of our organization and that is YOU, the customer.

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FJM Security Lock Products Online RV Part Shop Canada

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