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Established in 1946, Manchester Tank & Equipment offers a complete line of storage tanks used in moving propane, chemicals, compressed air, and other industrial substances. Currently, strengthened through Nancy Chamblee’s leadership, our Company leads the tank manufacturing industry with steel and aluminum low-pressure DOT cylinders and ASME pressure vessels designs. We operate with the California Transparency in Supply Chain and have our offices headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee, USA. 

Starting with 7 employees and 200 tanks per week, today our Company has grown to hire over 10,000 employees and produced over a million tanks. We are proud of our 75-year journey because it demonstrates our vision of finding a better way to make our people and customers happy. All of our 30 product brands are used in commercial, residential, and industrial markets. The most common usage for our consumer segment includes Manchester Propane Tank,  RV Propane Tanks, Camper Gas Tank, Manchester Cylinders, and tanks for forklifts, fire suppression systems, air compressors, chemical storage, and cooling systems. A premier manufacturer of pressure vessels for the containment of propane, compressed air, and chemicals.

We are committed to a long-standing tradition of continuous improvement. Our company thrives on the principles of safety, environmental sustainability, accountability, excellence, trust, teamwork, communication, and leadership. Our management team keeps these core values at the forefront of our business strategy and instills this is the leadership course and path that our business follows. Doing the right thing in all situations is integral to the core philosophy of Manchester Tank.


When seeking Propane Tanks For Sale, you should know that Manchester Propane tanks include varieties such as Manchester 11 Lb Propane Tank, Manchester 100 Lb Propane Tank, Manchester 30 Lb Propane Tank, Manchester 40 Lb Propane Tank, Manchester 5lb Propane Tank, Manchester Horizontal Propane Tank, and the Manchester Propane Tank 20 Lb. To help you find the best Manchester RV Propane Tanks by geographical location, you can use search terms like “11lb Propane Tank Canada”, “40 Lb Propane Tank Canada”, “500 Gallon Propane Tank For Sale Alberta”, “Propane Tanks For Sale Edmonton'', “1000 Gallon Propane Tank For Sale Alberta”, “1000 Gallon Propane Tank For Sale Canada”, “Propane Tanks For Sale Canada” or “10 Gallon Propane Tanks For Sale”. Other products with the same quality like the Manchester Propane Tanks For Sale are the Manchester Lp Tank, Manchester Tank 6813, Manchester Camper Gas Tank, and the 10 lb Propane Tank Mount. 

Each Manchester Tank product is precision-engineered, constructed with durable, quality materials, and is rigorously tested to ensure industry safety standards. For logistics and transportation safety tanks, you can trust Manchester Tank to get the job done because tanks are what we do best.


At RV Part Shop, we honor our relationship with Manchester Tank. Our product retail services remain dedicated to Manchester Tank’s long tradition of excellence and consumer satisfaction. We bring this value to customers every day, by supporting them in their search for continuously improved products that keep their RVs in perfect condition. We do not take this job lightly. While looking forward to a promising future, we take great pride in what we have accomplished in our segmented consumer market. 

For everything from propane tanks to compressor tanks for RVs and special transportation purposes,  Manchester Tank is the first name in tanks. It is our defining market value. Also in line with our culture of continuous improvement, Manchester Tank’s vision is to create value by meeting and exceeding customer expectations, steadily improving safety, quality, and cost, and being the best company to work for. 

We appreciate our loyal customers and welcome the development of new relationships as we continue building for the future.


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