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Engine Air and Oil Filters, Air Intakes


In the early 1960s, two motorcycle racers, Ken Johnson and Norm McDonald (K&N) developed a ground-breaking new idea for an air filter—one that could perform under the demands of dusty, dirty off-road environments. After experimenting with numerous types of Filter Cabin they discovered that an oiled cotton design allowed the filter to not only capture contaminants very efficiently but also allow it to be washed and reused. Ken Johnson and Norm McDonald, both avid dirt-track racers in Southern California, met for the first time in 1952. In 1957 they decided to go into business together and open a motorcycle shop in Loma Linda, California. In 1969, Ken & Norm began collaboration on the brand-new Kn Filter design—which later became the iconic K And N Air Filter™ for high flow. Thus, K And N Filter as a company was officially born with our first manufacturing building. 

K&N Filters supported its very first race support trailer in 1970 and continued to equip more clients like Jerry Mall at the SEMA show in 1972 and “King” Kenny Roberts for his iconic K&N-equipped Yamaha race bike in 1974.  With Mary Lou as K&N Automotive  Filters’ first employee in 1977, we introduced the first Wrench-Off KN Air Filter Oil eleven years later. The first K&N Cold Air Intake Systems were introduced in 1992 and Carl Judice reached 1,000,000 miles in his 1998 Chevy with one Kn Air Filter thirteen years later. We released our first washable cabin Engine Air Filter in 2014 and two years later K&N became the Official Car Airfilter of NHRA. Our K&N-built-and-operated Mustang race car won the American Iron Championship in 2017 with our Air Intake Mustang.


All K&N products undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they adhere to demanding quality standards. We stand behind our products with some of the most extensive warranties in the aftermarket. Our product lines include:

  • Air filters such as the K&N Universal Air Filter, and Replacement Air Filter.

  • Cold Air Intakes like our Air Intake Ram, K&N Cold Air Intake, and specialized K&N Intakes such as Air Filter For Scion also known as K&N Air Filter For Scion, Air Filter Sentra, Air Filter Toyota Highlander, Filter Mazda, Heavy Duty Filter for RVs, and the Replacement Filter For Dyson.

  • Oil filters, for instance, our K&N Panel Filters, Air Filter Oil, Air Compressor Filter, Automotive  Filters, and Changing Furnace Filter.

  • Home air filters like Aircare Humidifier Filters, Honeywell Air Purifier Filters, Honeywell Humidifier Filter, and Humidifier Filter Replacement.

  • Air filter cleaning like the 5 Gallons Filter Cleaners also known as the K&N 5 Gallons Filter Cleaners, K&N Air Filter Cleaner, and K&N Air Filter Cleaning Kit.

  • Gear & Apparel

  • Speed shop

  • Tuning

  • Cabin air filters

  • Power sports

  • Accessories

  • Exhaust kits

  • Motor oil. 


In addition to performance Air Filters, K&N® now manufactures a variety of other protection and performance products, including Cold Air Intake Systems, K&N Filter Oil solutions, fuel Panel Filters, cabin K&N Air Filters, and home Universal Air Filters. These products are all available at RV Part Shop with a reputation for exceptional quality and customer service that millions of end-users can trust. 

Thanks to loyal customers like you, we released a premium washable home air filter line in 2019, paving the way for the introduction of our 2021 Filtration for the Future which gives our iconic logo a facelift. Today, we are celebrating 53 years of performance filtration innovation, offering outstanding protection for everything from top-fuel dragsters to commuter vehicles, and RVs across the globe.

List Of Ken Johnson and Norm McDonald K&N Products For Online Sales

5 Gallons Filter Cleaners

Air Compressor Filter

Air Filter For Scion

Air Filter Oil

Air Filter Sentra

Air Filter Toyota Highlander

Air Filters

Air Intake Mustang

Air Intake Ram

Aircare Humidifier Filters

Automotive  Filters

Car Air Filter

Changing Furnace Filter

Cold Air Intake

Cold Air Intake Systems

Engine Air Filter

Filter Cabin

Filter Mazda

Heavy Duty Filter

Honeywell Air Purifier Filters

Honeywell Humidifier Filter

Humidifier Filter Replacement

K And N Air Filter

K And N Filter

K&N 5 Gallons Filter Cleaners

K&N Air Filter Cleaner

K&N Air Filter Cleaning Kit

K&N Air Filter For Scion

K&n Air Filter Oil

K&N Air Filters

K&N Automotive  Filters

K&N Cold Air Intake

K&N Cold Air Intake Systems

K&N Filter

K&N Filter Oil

K&N Filters

K&N Intake

K&N Panel Filters

K&N Universal Air Filter

Kn Air Filter

Kn Filter

Panel Filters

Replacement Air Filter

Replacement Filter For Dyson

Universal Air Filter

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