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Norcold is a 62-year old cooling giant founded in California, USA. Norcold Parts Canada produces and retails specialty Norcold Fridge products to the RV and Marine industries. The Norcold Refrigerator brand has blossomed from a low-scale, family-run company to an industry player with limitless potential. Norcold Parts are built on the uncompromising principles of constant innovation, superior quality, and excellent customer service. 

As the recreational industry prospered towards the end of the 20th century, so did Norcold Canada. To help us meet the demands of our supply chain consumers in the Midwest region, given our rapid growth in the 1960s, we moved to our current facility in Sidney Ohio; and we stand rock solid there.  Norcold Marine is the exclusive refrigeration expert of the 21st century and this is an award badge we have earned from all Norcold Coolers, Norcold Fridge Parts, and Norcold Marine Refrigerators in circulation.

Purchased by Thetford Corporation in 1997, Norcold’s growth and innovation continue today, most recently with the introduction of the Polar Series of RV refrigerators in 2018. We have made very sound business decisions, making us proud to be pacesetters in our consumer market. Norcold Fridge Parts Canada responds quickly to change and we constantly challenge the status quo. Norcold Rv Refrigerator Parts Canada is dynamic in the face of business competition that satisfies the need to produce higher quality products for our vendors’ supply.


Here is a glance at Norcold’s trusted product lines:

Our manufactured range of Norcold Rv Refrigerators includes the Norcold 12v Fridge,  Norcold N811 Replacement Fridge, Norcold Propane Fridge, Norcold Camper Refrigerator, and De 0061 Ac Dc Refrigerator Freezer. Asides from these, we’ve also created a number of complementary products and Norcold Rv Refrigerator models to enhance cooling functions for your RV motorhome. You should use the online search terms “ Norcold Rv Refrigerator For Sale” and “Fridge Parts Canada” to get started on finding the best refrigerator for you. 

The Na8lxr is our latest design in cooling technology, and it comes highly recommended by clients influencing our brand’s message all over the world. This Norcold Polar 8 Cubic Feet right-swing fridge is appreciated for its unique Norcold gas absorption technique and two-way product feature, making it ideal as a Norcold Rv Fridge.

The Norcold 3 Way Fridge, also referred to as the Norcold 3 Way Refrigerator, is an essential piece of “cool” art suited to your interior view, and compact enough for mobile living. It has storage capacity in various liters. While (and even after) the product is on warranty, our Norcold Refrigerator Parts are most recommended for servicing faulty or damaged segments of your Fridge. You can also leverage the intelligent use of other Norcold Rv Refrigerator Parts such as the Norcold N611 Parts when servicing your cooling units.


We work together with RV Part Shop to improve mobile living and cooling experiences for outdoor enthusiasts and road residencies all over North America. We are especially happy that our customers buy into our vision of trading responsibly hence we respect the choices that clients make to choose Norcold every day. 

RV Part Shop is honored to be at the forefront of innovation, quality, and customer-centric leadership with Norcold Canada. We only sell products packed with quality, safety, and value, as these are what lead professional dealers and consumers want when they choose Norcold as their preferred brand. 

Norcold is tirelessly developing new and exciting fridges so remember to check in often for new updates and great deals. Trust us to always keep things cold, safe, and healthy at Norcold.

Norcold Refrigerators. Uniquely Designed for the RV Experience and built to handle the demands and rigors of the road in motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth wheels, or campers. Norcold Fridges automatically switch to propane if electricity is unavailable or required for other appliances and they are conveniently serviced at RV dealerships nationwide. Norcold is owned by the Thetford Corporation, a leading supplier of RV toilets and sanitation products.

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