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About Bak Industries

At BAK Industries, we have developed a line of Tonneau Covers that help keep your truck functional and beautiful. In March 2014, BAK Industries joined the Truck Hero, Inc. family of brands, a market-leading company known for its quality and breadth of product lines, engineering, and innovation. Pickup Truck Covers have come a long way. Bed Liners have evolved beyond their strictly-utility beginnings. However, no matter how you use your truck, whether it’s for a trip to the mall or to the lumberyard, the fact remains that above all else, the key feature of a pickup truck is the bed. That’s why it is so important to take care of the bed and protect it from wear and tear, and exposure to the elements with our Raptor Bed Liner, Spraying Bed Liner, Truck Bed Covers, Truck Bed Rack, Truck Bed Storage, Truck Bed Tool Box,  Truck Bed Boxes, and other Truck Bed Accessories.

There are many reasons why people choose Truxedo Tonneau Covers for their trucks. Those in harsh-weather areas may want to protect the bed from extreme conditions. Others might be looking for a way to protect their cargo. Or perhaps it’s for improved aerodynamics. Whatever the reason, what matters most is that you choose “Tonneau Covers Near Me” that can handle whatever you throw it at. If strength and durability are what you’re after, BAK Industries Tonneau Cover Canada is a natural choice. Tonneau covers from BAKFlip offer the best of both worlds, giving you the strength and security of a hardcover with the convenience and ease of access of a softcover.

Bak Industries’ Products Online

BAK Industries is a ‘Truck Hero’ company. Everyone uses their truck differently, hence there is no single right solution. This is why we offer the BakFlip, the Revolver rolling series, and the Rack Integrated Bakflip Mx4 Tonneau Cover Contractor Series. Each is designed for a different need, but they all share the hallmarks of BAK Industries products - durability, reliability, and quality. We produce:

  • Hard rolling covers: BAK Revolver X2 hard rolling cover comes in two options. You can choose between the Revolver X4 Premium Matte and the Revolver X2 hard rolling covers for your vehicle.

  • Hard folding covers: Its two options are the BAKFlip FiberMax and the Fiberglass Reinforced Panel Top Skin. The four retail varieties include - Premium white, Premier, Aluminium, and Composite hard folding covers. An example of this product is the Tonneau Cover Bakflip.

  • Bak Industries Truck Accessories and Parts such as the BAKBox 2 Fold-away Utility Storage Box with a unique fold-away design or our Tonneau Tool Boxes and Truck Box. They are highly recommended if you need a Truck With Box. We also produce replacement parts, CS Racks with optional upgrades, and Tie Downs alongside their hardware such as Truck Caps and Truck Toppers.

Bak Industries & RV Part Shop

BAK's promise to you remains forever. We are committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction. We have a proud history of hard work and so do our bed products. We stand tall this way because a premium truck bed or cover product can't be made of low-value materials. We produce American-made products that are built to last. You can use our bed-and cover-ratings lookup to learn about what you need to keep your bed in top-notch condition. 

“I’m gonna work,” says your Bakflip Tonneau Cover, because we are Bak Industries - and we design to fit your truck bedding needs. If you take pride in your vehicle appearance (and who doesn’t?), a tonneau cover is a sensible measure to protect your investment. Start this investment plan with RV Part Shop today.

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