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Towing Mirrors, Side Mirror, Rear View Mirror, Mirrors Parts, Automative Replacement Mirrors


CIPA USA is a privately owned company with a dual infrastructure that co-exists to provide products and solutions all over the US and Canada. There are currently two divisions that make up CIPA USA including an Aftermarket division and an Original Equipment division. With both divisions combined, we are able to offer products and solutions that are incomparable to other companies in the Automotive Mirrors industry. This commitment to quality is defined by a goal that was set to excel in designing, producing, and distributing quality mirrors and accessories for original equipment and aftermarket customers in various industries including automotive, recreational, and marine.

Our company is dedicated to the research & development, design, manufacture, and delivery of quality products for all industries we serve. We have stood behind our promise to provide products that meet or exceed customer expectations for over 30 years, and we are not letting up. We are dedicated to continual improvement in quality, in part through process control systems with acceptance criteria for zero defects. CIPA has a commitment to the customers she serves and continually looks for ways to reduce the costs of manufacturing while maintaining the highest level of quality.

Until 1985, CIPA USA was a subsidiary of CIPA-France, an innovative leader in mirror manufacturing for over 65 years. Established in 1926, CIPA-France has played a major role in the design evolution of Rearview Mirrors. CIPA USA's experience in the development and manufacture of CIPA Rear View Mirrors is derived from the European automobile industry. Clients in the European automobile industry include BMW, Mercedes, Renault, Volvo, and Volkswagen. In the United States market, CIPA Automotive Mirrors can be found on Chrysler, Ford, Honda, and Toyota vehicles, plus some of the finest motorcycles, boats, personal watercraft, ATV/UTV, and snowmobiles manufactured.

At the time of purchase from CIPA-France, our operations demonstrated annual sales of 500 thousand dollars. CIPA closed the books in 2012 with sales of 11 million dollars. Today, we manufacture our products in the United States, Mexico, and Asia.  A wide range of offshore factories with which to manufacture means we can tool products at a fraction of the cost, as compared to manufacturing strictly in the USA.


Excellence isn’t just our goal, it is our tradition. Our high-quality standards ensure we supply our customers with responsive customer service. We ship on time - every time and we pride ourselves on providing value in our long-term customer relationships. Our Mirror Hardware and Mirror Parts include Automotive, Powersports, Towing (like Towing Mirrors, specifically our Universal Towing Mirrors and Custom Tow Mirror), Marine products (e.g. marine mirror brackets), Lighting and Motorcycle mirrors. These products are labeled Replacement Mirrors, Adjustable Convex Mirrors, Hotspot Convex Mirrors, Convex Wedge Mirrors, Corner Wedge Mirrors, and Wide Angle Rear Window. Our favorite infusions for  CIPA Mirror Hardware and Mirror Replacement Hardware capacities comprise CIPA Towing Mirrors, CIPA Replacement Mirrors, CIPA Mirror Parts, and CIPA Universal Towing Mirrors.

We completed the ISO 9001 Certification in 2000, and are registered as an ISO 9001 compliant manufacturer. Our FMVSS 111 compliance on all mirrors shows our focus on customers and continuously-improving operational processes. Through CIPA products, we show customers what’s hip and cool, because if it’s hot and it’s new, then we’ve got it.


Custom and made-to-design is our specialty in the OE markets we serve. This is why we work with RV Part Shop. After establishing ourselves as the leading manufacturer of the RV industry, we diversified our capabilities and moved into the production of related products. We trust our processes and we believe in the retail systems that we help to fuel for our clients. We will stand the test of time.

List Of CIPA USA Products For Online Sales

Towing Mirrors

Automotive Mirrors

Replacement Mirrors

Mirror Parts

Rearview Mirrors

Universal Towing Mirrors

Mirror Hardware

Custom Tow Mirror

Mirror Replacement Hardware

Adjustable Convex Mirrors

Hotspot Convex Mirrors

Convex Wedge Mirrors

Corner Wedge Mirrors

Wide Angle Rear Window

CIPA Towing Mirrors

CIPA Automotive Mirrors

CIPA Replacement Mirrors

CIPA Mirror Parts

CIPA Rear View Mirrors

CIPA Universal Towing Mirrors

CIPA Mirror Hardware

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CIPA's commitment to quality is defined by a goal that was set to excel in designing, producing, and distributing quality mirrors and accessories for original equipment and aftermarket customers in various industries including automotive, recreational, and marine.



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