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Bed Lifts, Slideouts, Camper Jacks, Toolboxes, Camper Tie Downs


Leading the RV industry since 1971, Happijac produces superior and upgradeable Happy Jack Camper Jacks, space-efficient room slides, and the only Happijac Camper Tie Downs effectively controlling camper movement in all directions. Your RV needs are balanced out with our RV solutions and backed by solid, sound engineering. Our diverse team of professionals constantly conducts research and product testing to develop the best RV Electric Bed Lift System and slide-outs to Happijac Tie Downs and toolboxes. In confirming our status as the number 1 company for specialized RV solutions, our customer feedback and engagement process are critical. After all, we are building these products for you.

Happijac is a proud part of the Lippert family of brands. Serving wide segments of various industries such as the RV, Marine, Towing, Truck accessories, Utility trailers, Commercial vehicles, Hospitality, Building products, Rail, Fitness, and Insurance - Lippert’s powerful technology and one-of-a-kind solutions are second to none. As is with the Happy Jack Bed Lift, Lippert brands combine strategic manufacturing capabilities and winning team culture to deliver unrivaled customer service, award-winning innovation, and premium products.

We are future thinkers at Happijac, and we deploy intelligent precision every day by partnering with creators and innovators to leverage RV technology that focuses on human-centered experiences.


The Happijac Bed Lift literally treads where regular slides fear to go. They have easy operation, provide maximum utilization of living space and have solid power and support. Set-up options can be applied as a bunk bed or as a sofa. To get started on owning a Happy Jack Bed, you should conduct an online search for “Happijac Power Bed Lift For Sale”.

Our Happijac Camper Jacks focus on safety first, and then optimum performance next. The Happy Jack Camper jack is strong and appealing, with easy installation, electric upgrade abilities, and a complete listing of installation and maintenance guides. If you already have Happijac brackets, our Happijac Motor Camper jacks will fit on your existing mount brackets. You can check out the Happijac 4200 and  Happijac 4500 to get started. And just like our name suggests, our Jacks keep you Happy all year round.

The Happy Jack Tie Down system puts leverage to work for you. Designed to combine frame strength and sound engineering principles, it can create an I-beam truss structure thus making your camper an integral part of the truck. It is reliable in providing unrivaled strength and security. Also, its Direct-to-Frame™ mount is strong and easy to use. While other tie-downs may "hold your camper down," only Happijac Tie Downs prevent camper movement in all directions (up-down, side-to-side, and front-to-back).

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Happijac Turnbuckles and Happy Jack Camper Beds aren’t the only Happijac products we are excited about retailing at RV Part Shop. Each day, we are inspired to explore new products and new opportunities with Happijac. Our unique partnership connects us to a future where sustainability and technology thrive in synergy. We are proud to be amalgamating the latest innovations in engineering and design, and placing them in context for our customers who set out to experience the world around us in an RV motorhome. Through Happijac, we are forging a path for those outdoor enthusiasts who seek to discover more, because we believe that a life well-explored is the ultimate kind of life to live.

Built to meet expectations and inspire adventure, Happijac Parts are about synthesizing our curiosities to formulate a more fulfilling future -  one where we help our consumers find their purpose, their next adventure, their lens for tomorrow.

Be happy today. Buy Happy Jack.



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