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Furrion was established in 2004 when the founding partners met as engineers on a mega yacht crew. Today, Furrion Canada has become the leading supplier of luxury products to the marine, recreational vehicle, specialty vehicle, hotel, residential, and adjacent specialty industries, with over 150% year-over-year growth for the past eight years. Since entering the RV market in 2007, Furrion RV has dominated over half of the market share for its product categories and honed the understanding of luxury service, travel, and technology for mobile living. This success has led to collaborations with Fortune 500 companies in developing bespoke technology for special requirements and launched global investment in Furrion’s unique engineering capabilities. In this way, we have expanded our ecosystem to collaborate with businesses in realizing the full vision of a Furrion lifestyle.

Over the last 10 years, we have redefined luxury mobility, empowered people to venture further, and are now the largest supplier of consumer electronics, appliances, and energy equipment for the specialty vehicle industry. We have sophisticated solutions for everyday explorers because we amalgamated technical expertise and modern aesthetics. At Furrion we believe our consumers should have a truly mobile experience, connecting technology and products in their primary residence. Thus, our company has expanded its world-class innovation and design principles to a full product suite for vehicles, homes, yachts, and the outdoors. 


Just like Furrion Backup Camera Canada, we connect you to a future where sustainability and modern luxury thrive in synergy. We bring together the latest innovations in engineering and design and place them in context with how we set out to experience the world around us. While leading the sector as a pioneer in elevating on-the-road experiences and compact living, we birthed the following products::

  • Furrion Backup Camera - Because having a Furrion Camera for safety is an important aspect of RV life, a Furrion RV Backup Camera will never let you down. A regular Furrion RV Camera or Furrion Observation Camera should be a part of your security system.

  • Furrion RV Stereo - We understand that life without the soothing calm of the organized sound, is no life at all.

  • Furrion TV - Since nobody wants to be lonely, we recognize that great company with television is good for your soul.

  • Furrion Oven and Furrion RV Stove: Are award-winning specialty products designed for the love of cooking. 


At the RV Part Shop, Furrion keeps us inspired to explore life with our consumers. We are championing the cause to build more premium products for outdoor BBQ, entertainment, refrigeration, solar energy, portable batteries and more, to empower customers to venture further. For example, when installed in your RV motorhome by Furrion Vision S Canada, the Furrion Vision S 7 Canada or Furrion Vision S rear camera offers a 120° viewing angle featuring night vision, motion detection, and auto wake functions for extra security when your vehicle is stationary. No other company takes your security as seriously as Furrion does, and this is why we are positioned at the forefront of outdoor lifestyle and exploration technology. 

Furrion’s global team of engineers, designers, and technologists all share a passion for modern exploration and painstakingly translate this into all the inventions we currently retail at the RV Part Shop. We sell products that prize craftsmanship, versatility, and beautiful design, from high-end luxury appliances to simple, seamless interfaces; because future precision and good energy are Furrion’s goals. Since 2010, Furrion has advanced the goals of our customers by co-creating the future of electric mobility, off-grid ecosystems, compact living, luxury hotels, yachting, and more. 

We believe in future thinking and so should you.

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Furrion Backup Camera
Furrion RV Stereo
Furrion Backup Camera Canada
Furrion Camera
Furrion RV Backup Camera
Furrion TV
Furrion Canada
Furrion Vision S
Furrion RV
Furrion Oven
Furrion RV Camera
Furrion Observation Camera
Furrion RV Stove
Furrion Vision S Canada
Furrion Vision S 7 Canada



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