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Tow Bars and Base Plates, Tow Dollies, Fifth Wheel Hitches, Supplemental Braking Systems

About Demco Products

Demco Mfg has been putting customers first since 1950. We have been doing our best to provide you with the best. Formerly called Dethmers Manufacturing Company, it was founded by Robert Dethmers 71 years ago and is now 100% family-owned. Demco is led by third-generation family members who continue to provide the most reliable, safest, and performance-driven products for the RV and mobile home industry.

Fertilizer application equipment was one of Demco’s first products. Today, Demco leads with products in agriculture, Demco hitches And towing, and brake manufacturing; thus pursuing a dream to fulfill needs, provide solutions, and compete in our existing business ecosystem. 

With continued advancement in business technology and the consumer marketplace, Demco strives for excellence every day by measuring success through customer satisfaction and our commitment to suppliers, co-workers, and intelligent management. Our tradition of building quality products, employing talented, industrious people, and providing attentive service continues. Putting people first and providing the best to our clientele is a standard that will never fade at Demco Canada.

Over the years, Demco has acquired Maurer Manufacturing, Hijacker 5th Wheel Hitches, Circle R Manufacturing, and SMI Manufacturing, as parts of the Demco Family. Demco is located in Boyden, IA, and Spencer, IA (in Sioux county and Clay county respectively) in Iowa, USA; and we’ve got the best semi-trailers, RV towing and trailer components for you!

Popular Demco Products Online 

The Demco hitch and Demco RV hitches are very popular and high-sought after as Towing and Hitching elements for your RV. Our Fifth Wheel hitch accessories, Tow Dolly accessories, and Towed vehicle electricals also provide the essential support system required for towing your RV or Trailer motorhome.

Our Demco Fifth Wheel accessories complement the functions of the Demco Hijacker Autoslide 5th Wheel hitch, Fifth Wheel bracket kits, and our Cadillac 5th Wheel bumper kit For sale. You can use our Brake Actuator couplers to integrate with your RV with couplers, and other working parts enclosed in its metal housing for the mechanical force that activates your brakes. We’ve got a whole selection of Demco couplers and base plates to help you get the best of Demco Autoslide maintenance products.

RV Part Shop and Demco Products

We love Demco Shipping protocols because they help us get the best products into our consumer circle faster and better through a tried-and-tested efficiency system. Robert Dethmers was truly a pioneer whose innovative ideas helped to improve and enhance the quality of life in the American RV heartland. Through the Dethmers name,  RV Part Shop Canada has become synonymous with innovative, reliable products guaranteed to get the job done. With Demco Canada, we have keyed into a legacy that has propelled customer satisfaction at every step of the way. Demco Mfg is proud to be at the forefront of the manufacturing industry with a product line positively impacting a now "Global Marketplace"; and so are we at RV Part Shop.

Demco Canada is more than just parts. Even though it originally started as a blacksmith company, Demco Mfg is now a leading manufacturer of equipment for the RV trailer and truck industry. Demco Canada does things the right way - designing and building products like we are building them for ourselves because we are. We know what you’ll want tomorrow. We are constantly re-designing processes, products, and materials to keep up with a more demanding world. Demco’s state-of-the-art engineering facility houses new product development and prototyping, allowing for unmatched speed going from the drawing board - to the showroom. We don’t let up, because the world won’t slow down.

America loves Demco Mfg, and so should you because Nothing works better than a Demco!


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