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Flojet is a xylem brand. Xylem is a leading water technology company committed to "solving water" by creating innovative and smart technology solutions to meet the world's RV Toilet And Waste System and energy needs. ​In a world of ever-growing challenges, Flojet delivers innovative water technology solutions throughout the cycle of water.

In the world of RVs, Flojet sets the standard. We are a leading supplier of small pumps, Trailer Water Pumps, motors, and dispensing Pressure Pumps for a variety of industries. Whether you're downsizing, thrill-seeking, or simply wandering, the RV lifestyle comes with the freedom to go wherever your spirit takes you. Every moment spent outdoors is an adventure, which is why you need RV water pumps and waste management solutions that have been engineered to keep you safe and comfortable in any environment. Our trusted brand continues to set the standard for reliable, innovative water management. 

There's a reason the world's leading RV manufacturers depend on us for Water Booster Systems. Whether you're cruising across the country or rolling down the road, every trip is an adventure, and Flojet can help you enjoy your time outdoors. As the world's most trusted manufacturer of boat pumps and RV Pumps, we are constantly designing new and better ways to enhance your favorite recreational pastime – making sure water is moved efficiently. Generation after generation of outdoor enthusiasts has counted on the reliability of Flojet products. This represents our commitment to providing the most powerful and longest-lasting pumps in the world. We don't compromise on quality, and neither should you.

We care for water by ensuring our solutions move, measure, analyze and treat water, thus going beyond your regular expectations in water management. Together, Let’s solve water with the Best Rv Water Pump in America.


Our technological strength across the life cycle of water is second-to-none. From collection and distribution to reuse and return to nature, our highly efficient water technologies, industrial Booster Pumps, and application solutions not only use less energy and reduce life-cycle costs but also promote sustainability. Our water solutions for your RV include:

  • Water pressure systems that provide all the convenience of your "at home" water supply e.g. the Flojet G55 which serves over 4 billion drinks throughout the world every year. Other products include our Water Pressure Pump, Water Pressurizer, Water System Pressure Tank, Constant Pressure Well Pump, High-Pressure Pump, and Water Pressure Tanks like the  Water Worker Pressure Tank or Well Pump Pressure Tank. We also produce Pump Pressure products like the Pressure Washer Pump and Pressure Booster Pump.

  • Sink and shower drain pumps with simple yet robust design and powerful flow rates e.g. the Flojet Triplex series combining high pressure with high reliability. Other products include Shurflo Water Pump, Hydrostatic Pump, Hot Water Booster Pump, Heavy Duty Deck Wash Pump, Camper Water Pump, and 12v Rv Water Pump.

  • The RV Macerator Waste Pump (also known as RV Macerator Pump) can handle both the black and gray water from holding tanks. Our Flojet Strainer Cover Replacement and Quiet Quad Water System are also complementary products that support your RV water management systems.


Water challenges are escalating around the globe, placing people and communities, our environment, and our very future at risk. By 2025, 1.8 billion people will be living in countries or regions with absolute water scarcity. We are a Fortune 1000 global water technology provider with one mission: to help our customers solve water through the power of technology and expertise. RV Part Shop supports our goals with retail craftsmanship that puts our products in front of you, all of the time. 

List Of Flojet Products For Online Sales

12v Rv Water Pump

Best Rv Water Pump

Booster Pump

Camper Water Pump

Constant Pressure Well Pump

Flojet Strainer Cover Replacement

Heavy Duty Deck Wash Pump

High-Pressure Pump

Hot Water Booster Pump

Hydrostatic Pump

Pressure Booster Pump

Pressure Pumps

Pressure Washer Pump

Pump Pressure

Quiet Quad Water System

RV Macerator Pump

RV Macerator Waste Pump

RV Pump

RV Toilet And Waste System

RV Water Pump

Shurflo Water Pump

Trailer Water Pump

Water Booster System

Water Pressure Pump

Water Pressure Tank

Water Pressurizer

Water System Pressure Tank

Water Worker Pressure Tank

Well Pump Pressure Tank

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