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Refrigerators, Awnings, Air Conditioners, Toilets and Sanitation


Dometic is a global company with a long history of creating market-leading products for outdoor, home, and professional use. We offer smart and reliable products with aspirational designs that allow you to create beautiful moments in your RV trailer home. Like cooking a delicious meal while being cooled with a Dometic RV air conditioner;  dining in good company with the convenience provided by the Dometic RV toilet, or sharing a quiet drink with a cherished friend under the stars lighted by our Dometic awning. Dometic Canada’s job is to make the living spaces inside and around your RV come alive in more ways than one.

Baltzar von Platen and Carl Munters are two young Swedish engineering students with a crazy idea that birthed what we call “Dometic Fridge” today. They are convinced the best way to create a cooling effect is to use heat through a designed Dometic cooler cabinet. Their cabinet turns out to be the world’s the first Dometic refrigerator, and one of the most important inventions of the century with a granted patent. After traveling through various manufacturing ownerships such as Arctic, Electrolux, etc. By the end of the 1960s, Electrolux gave its leisure appliances division a name: Dometic. Today, Dometic Vancouver is a global lifestyle brand and North America’s very own RV sweetheart. 

Dometic is a global market leader in branded solutions for Mobile Living in the areas of Food & Beverage, Climate, Power & Control, and Other Applications. Over the last 50 years, Dometic has acquired the following companies - Siegas Metallwarenfabrik in Germany, Duo-Therm Corporation for the Dometic Air Conditioner, Origoverken in Sweden for RV cookers & ovens, A&E Systems for Dometic Awning Canada, Seitz in Germany for RV windows, Sealand, TME, TUS in Germany, Polar Bay, Oyster in Spain, Eskimo Ice & Icebonics, SMEV in Italy, WAECO in Germany, DG Line Group in Russia, Livos Technologies, Prostor for Dometic Awning parts Canada, Atwood Mobile Products, IPV in Germany, OceanAir in the UK, SeaStar Solutions, Kampa in the UK, Twin Eagles, Valterra Products, Enerdrive in Australia, Front Runner Vehicle Outfitters in South Africa and Zamp Solar.

These brands have helped us create award-winning home products and solutions with exceptional designs of the 21st century.


Spending quality time at home with family and friends is one of life’s great pleasures. From the significance to every day – you should be able to create the ideal environment to celebrate life at home because lifelong memories are made in these moments.

RV cooling and the Dometic RV Fridge remain our biggest achievements to date. We have revitalized the way mobile living is constructed and we are proud of this feat. Our products for Dometic RV fridge Canada include Dometic cfx3 - the world's first powered cooler combining an ice-making compartment, the Dometic 12v fridge, and other petite refrigeration models for Dometic fridge Canada. Dometic Toilet Portable and Dometic 310 toilet are some of the Dometic Toilet products that help you entertain in style without compromising functionality or convenience.

With nearly 40,000 global resellers and repair shops, you can find Dometic Parts Canada and Dometic fridge parts at RV Part Shop. 


At RV Part Shop, we’ve taken a pledge to innovative products that have earned awards for their design and functionality. Dometic believes that technology should never get in the way of human experiences and this is why Dometic products enjoy the unique blend of standing out, yet feeling like a natural part of your RV Motorhome.

With Dometic’s sustainability first mantra, we minimize environmental footprint. We, too,  love the outdoors. As pioneers in the mobile living arena, Dometic is committed to driving sustainability in the RV industry because sustainability for us is sustainability for all. We want nature to be a resource for everyone to enjoy and explore. Forever. 


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