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RV Steps, Hinges, Step Accessories


Elkhart Tool & Die, Inc. was established in 1932 as a tooling manufacturer for industrial equipment and automotive industries. When the earliest recreational vehicles started being produced, there was an immediate need for an entry step to help RV’ers into their campers. Elkhart Tool & Die was there, and we’ve been making High-Quality RV Steps and  RV Stairs since. This has led us to be considered one of the oldest RV suppliers/manufacturers in the industry. We also specialize in continuous hinges and can cater to a lot of your special metal fabrication needs. 


Elkhart Tool RV Steps

Elkhart Tool has been manufacturing the highest quality steps in the RV industry for over 60 years! We are proud of the reputation we have built and continue to listen to our customers to improve our product line in meeting the ever-expanding needs of our customers. With a large aftermarket sales market, our steps can be purchased from many RV Dealers and online retail outlets. We also manufacture Ladders, RV Stairs, and their accessories to make entry to and exit from your RV, easy and efficient. Most of our manual RV steps require only 12-inch depth for installation. They can be bolted to the floor or welded to a frame. The features include perforated tread with anti-slip safety strips for added traction. It can be 7. 25 inches when folded and has a 24-inch tread width. You will love our finishing in black e-coat. Examples of our RV steps include the Double Folding Trailer Steps and Single Folding Trailer Steps.

Elkhart Tool Hinges

Our hinges are available in any desired length, up to 15 feet, and can be ordered with embossed or plain-pierced mounting holes. Stainless Steel Hinges and aluminum hinges can be powder-coated in brown, black, or white finishes. Steel hinges can also be zinc plated up to 10 feet and Leafs can be bent to your desired specifications. Stainless steel pinning for corrosion resistance and added durability are also available when you order from our preferred partners such as RV Part Shop. We say this because, with our preferred suppliers, many sizes of steel and aluminum hinges are kept in stock for your convenience. And if you want stocked sizes or custom specifications, we are happy to guide you through the whole process - from procurement to delivery and installation. Our selection of hinges includes Blum Hinges, Cabinet Door Hinges, Cabinet Hinges, regular Door Hinges, Gate Hinges, Glass Door Hinges, and Heavy Duty Hinges like our Heavy Duty Gate Hinges. We also produce Hidden Hinges, Metal Hinges, Soft Close Cabinet Hinges, Spring Loaded Hinges, and the Hinge Door Stop.


Of course, while many of the reasons to add steps are practical, there’s no denying the aesthetic appeal of a well-designed RV step. It is always worthwhile to blend style with functionality, and this is exactly what we do. We are big on safety too and this is why we interrogate our processes, obey the industry-regulated standards, and test-run each product for durability, stability, and a strong threshold for withstanding wear and tear.

You will find the vast majority of our parts at RV Part Shop. We partner with the best retailers, dealers, and wholesalers in North America to give you an amazing Elkhart Tool & Die experience. We have a global distribution and dealer network in place to serve the aftermarket and end-users like you because our brand is always on the move to a more sustainable tomorrow. 

In maintaining its global footprint, Elkhart Tool & Die has three main go-to-market channels: OEM - OEM manufacturers (RV); Distribution -  distribution channels (physical and digital wholesalers and retailers); and the Aftermarket consumer services.

List Of Elkhart Tool Die Products For Online Sales

Blum Hinges

Cabinet Door Hinges

Cabinet Hinges

Door Hinges

Double Folding Trailer Steps

Elkhart Die

Elkhart Tool

Gate Hinges

Glass Door Hinges

Heavy Duty Gate Hinges

Heavy Duty Hinges

Hidden Hinges

High-Quality RV Steps

Hinge Door Stop


Metal Hinges

RV Stairs

RV Steps

Single Folding Trailer Steps

Soft Close Cabinet Hinges

Spring Loaded Hinges

Stainless Steel Hinges

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