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Faria Beede Instruments

Faria Beede Instruments, Pressure Gauge, Presser Transducers, Multifunction Gauges, Gauge Accessories


 Whether you are in need of a simple analog instrument or a sophisticated Digital Pressure Gauge Tire, Faria Canada has the solution that is right for you. We offer a wide range of products that are built rugged enough to survive on a military HMMWV (Humvee) or heavy construction equipment at the edge of the earth. Our maritime and commercial industry Pressure Gauges have been going strong for over 60 years and provide innovative dashboard application and styling solutions for RVs to boats to buses. Faria Gauges has been manufacturing “World Class” Instrumentation in Uncasville, Cincinnati USA since 1956 (first named the Thomas G. Faria Corporation) and has grown from a company that primarily produced tachometers for the marine and auto industries into a company that today offers a multitude of analog instrumentation and Digital Pressure Gauges to a wide range of global markets.

In the early 1960s, Beede Gauges started producing tachometers with the Ford Motor Company. The first application was for the Comet Rally Pack and the Falcon Sprint. Faria Beede later designed and developed tachometers for the famed Mustang and Shelby Cobra. During this time the company was supplying tachometers for manufacturers like Volkswagen of America, Chrysler Corp and is proud to have received the Ford Q1 Award from the Ford Motor Company. The Ford Q1 Award designates the recipient as having achieved excellence in ongoing performance and customer satisfaction. By the late 1970s Faria’s customer base expanded to include such equipment manufacturers as Caterpillar, Allis Chalmers, International Harvester, Bobcat, and other stationary power equipment and Gen-set manufacturers, all of whom found Faria Multifunction Gauges to be rugged enough for most harsh environments.

Our suite of applications provides real-time visibility into the location and status of remote assets — such as individual workers, drilling/fracking equipment, supply boats, fishing vessels, mining equipment, trains, and mobile homes anywhere in the world. Today we have made the transition from an electric and mechanical gauge manufacturer to an electronics hardware and software design company with in-house pick and place assembly lines for Surface Mount Technology (SMT) circuitry.


Faria Beede Instruments, Inc. has the right products to meet present and future needs for rugged and reliable instrumentation. We work for over 40 manufacturers and the service list keeps getting longer. We also run gauge repair services online and offline, so you can talk to our customer support team when in need of a Faria Instruments expert. 

Faria Beede products include:

  • Commercial/industrial instruments (such as Transducers which come in the following varieties: Pressure Transducer, Velocity Transducer, Sector Transducer, Watt Transducer, and the Strain Gauge Pressure Transducer).

  • Telematics products (which comprise sensors like the Gauge Pressure Sensor, Hall Effect Sensor, Rotational Sensor, and Vibration Sensor.

  • Aftermarket style gauges (These are the Faria Fuel Gauge, Gauge Accessories, and Gauge Plugs like the Ear Gauge Plugs).

  • Military instruments

  • Marine instruments

  • Senders & Fittings.


We design and manufacture our own range of ultra-rugged hardware that has been field-proven in some of the harshest environments on earth — from the North Slopes of Alaska to the Antarctic Ocean. We have some of the most sophisticated vehicle information and instrumentation systems in the industry, and a range of products that are rugged enough to survive on a military Humvee. We produce heavy construction equipment with innovative styling for your boat or RV. In essence, Faria Beede Instruments, Inc. has the right products to meet future global needs for rugged, reliable, and innovative instrumentation. RV Part Shop trusts us to deliver on our commitment to end-users, hence we live out this promise every day.

List Of Faria Beede Products For Online Sales

Beede Gauges

Digital Pressure Gauge Tire

Digital Pressure Gauges

Ear Gauge Plugs

Faria Beede Instruments

Faria Canada

Faria Fuel Gauge

Faria Gauges

Faria Instruments

Faria Multifunction Gauges

Gauge Accessories

Gauge Plugs

Gauge Pressure Sensor

Hall Effect Sensor

Pressure Gauges

Pressure Transducer

Rotational Sensor

Sector Transducer

Strain Gauge Pressure Transducer

Tire Pressure Gauge


Velocity Transducer

Vibration Sensor

Watt Transducer

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