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Truck Lighting 

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    Auxiliary Lights

    Auxiliary lights in the RV are intended mainly for the use of auxiliary lighting. They are not designed to be used as headlights. They are also not certified for the purpose of headlight usage. What more, they can be used to improve visibility because of inclement weather and also when driving during the night time.

    When you need auxiliary lights for your recreational vehicle, below are the choices that wait for you to discover.

    •          Powerdecal Army
    •          Powerdecal Navy
    •          Powerdecal Universal of South Miss
    •          Powerdecal Quebec Noridqu
    •          Powerdecal Southern Illinois
    •          Powedecal Ryan Newman 39

    More Information About Auxiliary Lights

    As mentioned, auxiliary lights are used solely as auxiliary lighting. They are designed to provide long-time illumination of the vehicle. Thus, the visibility of remote objects is enhanced. The good thing about these lights is that they can be mounted above the bumper of the vehicle or right through the grill. This is the event of off-road trucks. These forms of lights are mounted on the roof of the vehicle or top of the bed-mounted roll bar.

    Auxiliary driving lights are also perfect to supplement the high-beam brought about by the headlamp system. They are not used for lone purposes or those having low-beam of the conventional headlamp system.

    These lights are divided into two different types. The standard form of auxiliary driving light comes with a moderate beamwidth. This is also particularly useful for high speeds wherein they illuminate signs and hazards. This is even before they are seen with the original high beams.

    As per the so-called “pencil beam” driving light, it has an extremely narrow beamwidth. It can be used to illuminate objects at such a maximum distance. The driving light is used ultimately for racing purposes.

    With regard to the auxiliary fog lights, they usually have a horizontal and low light cut-off that provides such a wide illumination. This is over a short distance ahead of the vehicle enhancing the visibility in rain, snow, dust, and fog. The wide illumination of the auxiliary fog light can be useful when it comes to enhancing visibility around tight corners and bends in clear weather. The lights can be mounted so low and can be used in conjunction with the conventional headlight low-beams.

    There already are traditional auxiliary fog lights with amber or clear lenses. The amber lens light is starting to lose its popularity. This is due to the reason that they are not proven to be beneficial during foul weather. The clear lens fog lights are a lot better option to ever consider. The latter is an effective choice as the weather corners the light.

    The amber form of lens units reduces the amount of light brought about by the lamp assembly onto the road. Many manufacturers now produce specialized bulbs utilizing thin glass crystal of the bulb. This produces an amber color without reduction of the light from the lamp.

    There is a need to be responsible in using any auxiliary light. Understand as well that lighting laws can vary from one state to another!


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