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Dinghy Towing

RV Dinghy Towing Accessories

There are 1049 Dinghy Towing Products in this category


  • Tow Bars

    Tow Bars

    Tow bars are mainly used by recreational vehicles for their durability, stamina, and strong performance. With these types of bars, you can attach vehicles easily with its right base plate. These are designed to provide an unrivaled pull and strength. And these consist of quick disconnect and self-aligning hook-up pins.

    Consider buying these as a product that is proudly advanced using many durable and powerful components. Trust that these components can bring a subtle transformation in terms of engaging and positioning of the locks. And thus, things can be kept running smoothly.

    If you want to be satisfied with your best choice of a tow bar that is considerably strong and expensive, we suggest the following tow bar products below.

    Aluminum Tow Bars

    When you need aluminum type of tow bars, the Ascent BX4370 by Blue Ox is under the Class III tow bar that is manufactured from an aircraft-grade aluminum material. This is a tow bar that aligns in itself for an easy and quick hook-up. As per its legs, these are measured two-inch longer. You can, therefore, expect them to maneuver around tight corners. Rest assured that there will only be a smooth towing process.

    Prior to the non-binding latches and off-set triple legs, these can bring out an easy and smooth process of unhooking. This is also even if the RV is packed on an unleveled surface.

    Trust that these are easy to use and highly functional. The safety cables and rubber boots will prevent debris and dirt from coming in the legs. Its excellent features include safety cables, diamond Vogel metallic powder coat, rubber boots, no centering pin, and more.

    Steel Tow Bars

    Steel tow bars are another type of tow bars that you might want to consider. There are two available choices in store for a buyer like you on the site. The first one is the Blue Ox Aventa LX Tow Bar 2.5” Receiver that is remarkable in its features. Its excellent features include slides into the trailer hitch receiver on the tow vehicle, bolts onto the tow bar, durable steel material, and more.

    The second choice you could have is the Blue Ox Adventurer Tow Bar. This is basically constructed of a steel material. This weighs at exactly 23 lb and this tow up to almost 5,000 lb.  This features a folding A-frame tow bar along with adjustable arms. This will allow a custom-fit for many of those base plates.

    Just loosen up the hex bolts right through the coupler. Slide the arms wide apart or even closer together. Also, tighten the bolts to securely hold them in place. This also comes with clips and pins that can be attached and detached from the plats. The purpose is to easily disconnect and hook it up.

    Tow Bars

    For other choices of tow bars, the site has many of them presented for you. There is the Tracker Tow Bar, Dominator Tow Bar, Adjustable Tow Bar, and Commander Tow Bar. These are practical to ever consider in mind when you go in your RV. Tow your vehicle and bring it along.

    Now, you have learned more about the available tow bars to ever consider for your RV!

  • Base Plates

    Base Plates

    Base plates are essential to use when it comes to hauling smaller loads of about 5,000 to 10,000 pounds with your RV. They are designed for towing other vehicle or car behind your RV. They are also relatively inexpensive and good option when towing a car.

    What more, they are needed as they serve as an attachment point for tow bars. Baseplates by Roadmaster, BlueOx, and Demco can be easily attached to the front part of the car. There is somehow a need to be extra careful when you place your baseplate. This way, you are sure that it serves its purpose on your RV with the specific vehicle or car that you want to haul behind your RV. No need to worry as they are easy and convenient for you to use.

    Below are the choices of base plates that you would ever want to consider.

    Tow Bar Base Plates

    Tow a secondary vehicle but avoid the stresses put on it. The base plates you can find from the site are designed to complement well with your vehicle. The purpose of which is to ensure the safest and best towing experience possible.

    Choose only the best base plate form to protect your vehicle and the people around. Buy base plates from Demco wherein you’ll be sure when it comes to quality.

    Fixed Tab Base Plates

    When looking for fixed tab base plates, Blue Ox Baseplates are the good option to consider. They are specific brackets that provide attachment entries for your tow bar. What they best serve on purpose is to provide a durable and solid connection between your towing vehicle and dinghy towed vehicle.

    The excellent features it boasts include baseplates customized to fit well for every vehicle, no more welding required, baseplates hidden under the vehicle body, baseplates backed by a 3-year limited warranty, and confident travel.

    Other choices include the Baseplate-Fits 1993-1997 Ford, Baseplate 1999-2004 Ford, Baseplate-Fits 2001-2004 Nissan, Baseplate-Fits 1995-2001 Dodge, and Baseplate 2006-2010 Hummer, and many more.

    Removable Tab Base Plates

    Get the ultimate RVing and camping experience. Get the right removable tab base plates that can bring out a clean look. What these can assure you is the safe towing and accurate installation.

    Buy the Blue Ox Baseplates that are a specific vehicle bracket. These can provide attachment points needed for the tow bar. These also feature removable tabs that can leave a much cleaner look if the vehicle is not towed. The base plates are also found under the body of the vehicle. You’ll also like them due to a 3-year limited warranty.

    Undefined Tab Type

    For more of the undefined tab type to ever buy from the site, these include the Baseplate-Fits 2015-2016 Ford, Base Plate, Ford F-350 E1, Baseplate Bx2661, Baseplate, Baseplate Ford Explorer Sport, Baseplate Na General Class II, Baseplate-1998-2003 Toyota, Baseplate-Fits 2013-2014 Ford, Base Plate 2014-2015 Jeep, and more.

    Now, you have learned more about the base plates and all other essential kinds of stuffs that you might want to ever consider!

  • Supplemental Braking

    Supplemental Braking

    It is truly a necessity to use a supplemental braking system when towing your RV. After this system is installed in the vehicle by a professional, only a few minutes are required to hook up the RV to the tow car. And even if this can be portable, this still requires installation process when towing your car. The good thing is that this is easy for you to install.

    Below are among the supplemental braking systems that can be purchased on the site:

    Air Braking Systems

    If you are driving an RV, you understand that it can be impossible to generate a braking force. That is when an air braking system is needed to create braking force. And this forces the braking pads and creates a friction force between the tires and brakes to stop the RV. This is indeed an essential concept of a power brake system of an RV. So, if you need one, you may want to consider Airline Assembly RV 88In as an air braking system of your choice.

    Brake System Parts

    An RV’s braking system is an essential piece of a safe and secure driving. That is why it is a must to dig in deeper the brake system parts. If you will do some repairs, Clevis for Brake Buddy from Hopkins that can be a perfect replacement for vantage or classic select braking systems.

    Braking Systems

    RV’s have brakes operated by a hydraulic system. And the brakes are usually in the form of drum type or disc type. It is the front brakes that play an essential role in putting the RV on a stop. Braking systems such as the Patriot Braking System, Brake Rod Extension, Breakaway Switch Towed System, Breakaway Kit, Patriot Handle Manual Seat, and Patriot Protective Bag are the choices that you might want to consider.


    RV Breakaway switch is important because it functions as a safety device. The automatic stopping and slowing of your RV are just made possible by the use of it. Just properly connect and route the breakaway cable to the tow vehicle. If you need to buy one, the site has so many choices available like the Breakaway Pin and Ring, Breakaway Switch Pin and Ring, Breakaway Switch w/48” Cable and Pin Assembly, and more.

    Installation Kits

    Find the best installation kits to be used in your vehicle. As such, New Car Kit 8700 Invisible can be purchased from the site. As you install one, it ensures to you that your trip is extended and enjoy.

    Integrated Braking Units

    Make the RV towing experience hassle-free. Whether you are searching for a built-in or portable braking unit, the site has so much more in store for you. Buy for Air Pressure Stoplight Switch, Air Force One Braking System, Delta Force Portable Braking System, Brakemaster LED Light, Delta 2nd Car Kit, and more.

    Portable Braking Units

    When you have a portable braking unit, the process of moving from vehicle to vehicle is made easy. This only needs to be positioned by way of using the driver’s seat. You will need to think of the seat adjustments and the brake lights that are positioned properly. Among those you need to buy include 9700 Braking System 12- Volt Outlet Kit, Even Brake Monitor, Ready Brake Receiver Style, and Brakebuddy Digital Classic II.

    Second Vehicle Kits

    Buy Roadmaster Second Vehicle Kit 9700 that is a necessary component to adapt well to the BrakeMaster. Other choices include Second Vehicle Kit 9700, and Even Brake 2nd Vehicle Kit.

    Towed Vehicle Electrical

    Towed vehicle electrical products are designed for long-lasting dependability and easy installation. If you will need one of these for your RV, it’s a good idea to have Unified Tow Brake Pigtail Harness. This enables a simple plug-in directly to the factory wiring. This one is a good choice because it reduces cost and installation time for wiring the motor coach

    Now, you have learned more about the necessary supplemental braking systems!

  • Tow Bar Accessories

    Tow Bar Accessories

    When towing your precious cargo like your recreational vehicle, you want the peace of mind that comes from having the right tow accessories. Whether you look for a tow bar hitch, towbar tongue, and adjustable tow bar, you will find them here. We have got you covered with whatever you are looking out for high-quality and new products to add to your shopping list.

    Find tow bar accessories from our site that you won’t find it reasonable anywhere else.

    Drop Receivers

    Select a drop receiver intended for your specific vehicle. This enables you to tow as level as possible. This can be flipped over just so it becomes a rise when needed. The manufacturers would recommend towing within two-inches of a level. Buy one from any of these drop receivers: 4” Hi-Low Hitch 10K, 2” Hi-Low Hitch 10K, 4” Drop Receiver, 6 Drop Receiver, 6” Hi-Low Hitch 10K, 10” Hi-Low Hitch 10K, Dual Hitch 2” Drop 10,000, 2” Receiver Drop, Drop Hitch 6” Fit 2 ½” Receiver, Dual Hitch 2” and 10” and many more.

    Fuse Bypass Switches

    When looking for fuse bypass switches, 13” Fusemaster is the best product to ever have. This does not longer require you of pulling fuses just so you can tow. This eliminates the process of still removing a fuse for towing. Once it is completely installed, you can flip a switch to accomplish the task.

    This longer version of Fuse Bypass Switch is 31692-13-inch in length. This is perfect to use for vehicles having fuse panels that are difficult to reach. The switch can be mounted in the compartment of the passenger. This best fits Honda CR-V, Saturn Aura, and Chevy Malibu.

    For more choices to find from the site, these include the 20Amp Double Fusemaster, Fusemaster Double 20A ATO/ATC, and Fuse Master 50 Amp.

    Hitch Accessories

    Prepare your RV for the coming adventure with our RV towing hitch accessories. Purchase the Ball 2 5/16 1 ¼ Shank 2 ¼ Large from Blue Ox. This features a chrome plate and this is made from quality materials. Like it more because it resists wear and tear process and it delivers exceptional durability. Trust that it will meet your highest quality standards. Prior to its specifications, these include the ball diameter of 2- 5/16”, shank diameter of 1-1/4”, shank length of 2-1/4”, rise size of 1”, and weight of 25000 lb.

    Lube Pumps

    Protect your recreational vehicle while it is being towed with lube pumps. These are just exactly needed when it comes to towing many automatics. If the pump does not operate as the car is towed, it mainly requires a form of lubrication. This is also because it is brought by the engine not running. Buy from the site Proflo Lube Pump from Remco.

    Rock Guards

    Looking for another excellent option that can protect your towed car? The rock guard is the solution you need. This is basically attached to the frame or the RV. This also best utilizes a two-inch receiver in the rear. This also hangs right through the ground and the full width of the coach. Choose from the options of Ultra Guard Motor Home 16” LX94”W, Ultra Guard Motor Home 20” LX94”W, Ultra Plate Faceplate for Ultra Guard, and Mounting Angle Bar 94” for Ultra Guard.

    Other Tow Bar Accessories

    Buy all other tow bar accessories from the site like the seat bracket adapters, tow bar accessories, tow bar adapters, tow bar cleaners, tow bar parts, tow bar repair kits, towed vehicle electrical, towed vehicle windshield, towing electrical, and towing lights.

  • Tow Dollies

    Tow Dollies

    Tow dollies are a small and two-wheeler trailer that carries the front wheels of the car while the rear wheels stay on the road surface. They can bring to you a lot of advantages other than bringing a car with you.

    For instance, the means of loading and unloading is made relatively straightforward and simple. Since tow dollies are just so small, they take up only less space than the trailer. What more, there are no certain modifications made considering your car. At times, tow dollies have a braking system for it to be safe and secure.

    Below are the available selections of tow dollies to find from the site.

    Tow Dolly Uses

    If you have a vehicle that cannot be towed, a tow dolly will prove to be essential. This is also good to use if your new car is still under the warranty period. Its setup can also be made just so easy and quick. The disconnection during unexpected situations is also easy on your part. The alignment of the towed vehicle with RV is also not difficult to do.

    The site has so many choices of tow dollies for you to ever consider. These include the Kar Kaddy 3 Tow Dolly (Unassembled), Kar Kaddy Stainless Steel Tow Dolly,  Kar Kaddy 3 Tow Dolly (Assembled), Tow-It 2 Tow Dolly (Assembled), 3-Point Tie Down Strap, Tow-It 2 Tow Dolly (Unassembled), and Kar Kaddy Stainless Steel Tow Dolly. That is why if you still need more space, just fold any of this tow dollies and consider it a perfect solution. This is great to use for RV parks which cannot be deep enough when accommodating your RV vehicle.

    Tow Dolly Accessories

    A variety of affordable and high-quality tow dolly accessories can be found from the site. These can make the process of hauling your car easy and safe. These accessories come in all sizes and shapes to do all sorts of job. These also specifically have features that you exactly need. And these will give you the peace of mind you need while on the road.

    You’ll be more confident by towing a vehicle combination at highway speeds. Each of these is easily detachable and adjustable. You can, therefore, transport your car no matter what. All of the tow dolly accessories are constructed of heavy-duty steel material.

    Manufacturer of Tow Dollies

    Demco is the leading manufacturer of tow dollies that the latter can be described as a versatile piece of equipment. They are respected in the RV industry for the quality products they produced. What you can expect from them is a safe, effective, and durable way of transporting your vehicle behind an RV home.

    One thing you need to know about Demco is that they offer a galvanized finish to the so-called Kar Kaddy SS. This can help prevent paint and rust chips. The loading ramps and galvanized tongue stow away for the purpose of storage. These features set it different from all other products. You won’t also need to worry about the storage problem and finish issues.

    The “steerable axle” is also mainly introduced by Demco in the year of 1982. This is still being used these days on the Kar Kaddy SS. This is one feature that provides binding and less sliding of the tires.

    So, if there is one company to ever trust when it comes to tow dollies, it’s none other than the Demco!

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