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Plumbing Fixtures

Plumbing Fixtures 

There are 1925 Plumbing Fixtures Products in this category


  • Faucets


    Having fresh, clean, and portable water is essential to maintaining a healthy and safe lifestyle inside the RV. It is just that this can sometimes prove to be an issue among travellers. Good thing, RV campers can have clean water as part of the good deal.

    Upgrade an RV faucet, either in the bathroom or in the kitchen. This decision will not allow you to struggle with water use. Also, include updating many of the kitchen and bathroom fixtures to your own desires and expectations.

    Get the feeling of RVing into something more luxurious. Many manufacturers have a list of product lines to offer you with. Just simply choose the best of both worlds. Below are the faucets products that you might ever want to consider in mind.

    Bar Faucets

    Enjoy the perks of installing a bar faucet in the RV kitchen. Although it is small in its size, it still can give you an extra space to work with. When it comes to the best choice of bar faucet, it is not secret that American Brass 4” Bar Faucet w/ Lever Handles Oil-Rub Bronze is the best to ever have.

    Bath and Shower Accessories

    Accessorize your shower as you find new accessories from the site. Look no further as there is everything you need. Whether it is a shower caddy or a toilet paper holder, we’ve got you covered. What are made available to you are the Soap Dispenser Chrome and Soap Dispenser White.

    Dust Caps

    Dust Caps are a perfect alternative to consider when you want to provide the finish look on the trailer wheels. When you buy the Covers Trailer Hubs and Lug Nuts w/5 Lug, you’ll be impressed by its features of clips to 1 5/8” hex conical lug nuts, 2.75” logo indent, manufactured from the plastic material that is stable in its temperature.

    Electric Faucets

    Say goodbye to a drippy and troubling RV faucet. Suffer no more by replacing it with an electronic faucet that we sell. There are certainly a lot of choices to have such as the Electric Faucet w/o Switch, Electric Faucet/100 Pump/, Faucet Electric White, and Electric Faucet.

    Exterior Showers

    Let yourself enjoy a warm shower after a tiring day at the words. Get a popular type of electric shower that is suitable to be used for your RV. You may need an exterior spray dock-white, exterior shower box kit white, exterior spray box-black, exterior spray faucet white/blue, and more.

    Laundry Faucets

    Look for laundry faucets that are economical and stylish and that can outlast other camper laundry faucet brands. It will help if you choose one that is non-metal and sturdy as constructed. Buy Averen Laundry Faucet that is perfect to use for tent campers and pop-ups. This also features a four-inch faucet with two handles and square spout.

    Soap Dispensers

    Mount a soap dispenser literally anywhere you choose. This is perfect to use for any laundry room, kitchen room, or bathroom. So, choose between the two: Soap dispenser Rb and Soap dispenser Bn that can be purchased from the site.

    Other Essential Products

    Among other essential products that relate to your faucet include: exterior showers, electric faucets, faucet parts, faucets, kitchen faucets, lavatory faucets, manual pumps, outdoor showers, pet washes, parts, plumbing parts, sewer hose storage, shower faucets, shower heads, spray ports, submersible pumps, toilet parts, tub and shower components, water dispensers, wheel parts, water savers, and more!

  • Sinks


    RV sinks are essential when you need to do a lot of cooking. It is just that you need to choose big sinks and not small sinks to hold the dishes you need to cook with. Good thing, there are so many choices to consider like stainless steel RV sinks, thin plastic RV sinks, and more. Any of these choices won’t leave you worried about cracking the RV sink. You won’t also worry about it being overfilled. Just settle with one that is made of high-quality material that can help be rust and scratch resistant.

    Below are a few of the sinks and accessories that you must go shop from the site.


    Prevent leaks or improve drain life by the purchase of drains from the site. Understand that the build-up of chemical deposits won’t help all along. These will only result for the pipes to corrode. In the event that drains need to be replaced with new ones, Lavatory Drain w/ Overflow Chrome, Sink Pop Up No Overflow Bisque, Sink Pop-up No Overflow, and many more.

    Kitchen Sinks

    Make the best choice of kitchen sinks from the site. The availability of Stainless Steel bowl, Single Bowl Square, Parchment 25x17, Sink Stainless Steel Self Rim 125-7, Parchment 15x15 Sink w/2 Holes, Sink Stainless Steel Double will mean to say that you can have your choice.

    Lavatory Sinks

    When choosing Lavatory sinks, Molded Lavatory Sink White can be your best choice. This includes six-inch long tail flange having four-inch rubber sink stopper, ABS glue, screws, and mounting clips. This is something that you will really love to have for your RV’s lavatory sink.

    Sink Accessories

    Make the right choice of sink accessories for your needs. Finish off the sink with something that is extraordinary. Sink Saver Twin 322 White is an ideal choice for it protects the sinks and the dishes. It also has a durable protector along with thick coating and heavy gage. It includes a large center opening for drain. Moreover, it has cushion-coated steel construction washable material.

    Sink Covers

    Protect the countertop edges from the water by the use of sink covers. These can benefit your countertops from being damaged. That is why you need not to hesitate buy these 25x19 Sink Cover Parchment Large, 25x19 Sink Cover Stainless Steel Small, Sink Cover Bamboo, 25x19 Sink Cover White Large, 25x19 Sink Cover White Small.

    Sink Parts

    Never leave your sink unattended. If possible, complete all the essential sink parts needed. This will assure you of the sink to be working in its good condition. There are so many available parts to consider like the Tail Piece Only, Flexible Camper Drain, Sink Contnuous Waste Assembly, Duo Fit Fubber Stopper, Drain Connection, and a whole lot more.


    Stop the overflow of water on the sink. Empty the flow into the drain pipe with the use of sink stopper. The collection of stopper products from the site offer quality engineering and great looks. If you want, you can buy Flip-lt Jr Lavatory Stopper Chrome. This needs to be included in the things to be completed for your sink.


    Strain food particles, solid debris, waste, and hairs with the strainers. These will also allow water to pass through the sink and prevent waste materials from clogging the pipes. Large sink strainer, mini strainer, strainer for 13M1186, and Push-in Basket Plastic make a perfect choice for strainer.

    Utility Sinks

    An awesome selection of utility sinks can be found from the site. This includes utility sink parchment and utility sink white. Whatever you purchase, either of the two will seem beneficial as it already includes stopper and tailpiece.

    Now, you have learned more about the sinks and accessory types to ever consider!

  • Toilets

    RV Toilets


    The selection comfort factors when having RV toilet cannot compromise on the modern technological advancements ; with a wide range of RV toilets to choose from, and with each convenient and numerous options can be confusing which is the best RV toilet should be comfortable when natures call is in need. A RV Toilet seat should be spacious enough to accommodate the average size person without straining; RV toilet type has an unusual layout for the smaller RVs with limited space that may affect the type when decided on buying. RV toilet is positioned over a large waste holding receptacle and uses a sewer hose to empty the tanks at a dump station or removable waste tank.


    When the waste tank is full and an exterior service door open and empties it into a standard toilet. The various types of RV toilets available in the market are the macerating flush with motor-powered blades that allows the waste to be discharged easily, others have the type of toilet was designed for the camp vans and the caravans that flushed the waste directly into a waste tank that sits directly above and dumped into a waste disposal; these cassette type is ideal for smaller RVs.


    The traditional gravity flushed type of RV toilet uses the simplest flushing technique that flushes direct into a holding tank which sits directly under the bowl. Meanwhile the vacuum type is used to pull the contents on this type of RV toilet in which the holding receptacle is separately positioned and can be located anywhere in the RV. The portable type is ideal for small RV because when the tank is full the small waste tank can easily be detached and empty its content and reattach it to the bowl. It is important to take into consideration the type of flushing system of the RV toilet use ; to ensure that the toilet has a powerful flushing system that is capable of cleaning the waste. Most RV toilets are easy to install, by securing to the RV with not more than two bolts thus, making it easy to repair and maintain; hygiene is one important thing to consider when buying a toilet for RV.


    Good quality RV toilets do not leak easily. Choosing a good RV toilet becomes a breeze and the pricing is also a factor to consider. When purchasing RV toilets, one must choose a good store and be meticulous. It follows that an expensive one always means good-quality, meaning it is durable and will last for some time. You can find some of the finest RV toilets aqua-magic V RV toilet with its classic style and taller seating height, suited for all recreational vehicles with its functionality. This kind of toilet has a single-pedal system that presses it halfway to add water to the bowl and all the way to flush. The other is the dometic 320 series with full-size style wood seat and ceramic bowl which is efficient with water at a pint per flush and the rim design prevents spills, the easily ergonomic foot pedal has to press partial to add water.

  • Tubs and Showers

    Tubs and Showers

    RV tubs and showers are not considered as a luxury item. They are a basic necessity as they are used at any time you want. They bring to you comfort of avoiding the unpleasant communal experience. There is a chance to relax under warm water. One only needs to fill up the tank and turn on the heater.

    Enhance your RV lifestyle by having tubs and showers. These will allow you to freshen up and wash up after a tiring day. So far, there are a lot of tub and shower options from the site that you can choose from. All sizes and shapes will make it a lot easier for you to have the best solution for your space.

    Below are the tubs and showers products that are available on the site.


    What good it feels when you make your RV bathroom like a home. There are a handful of ways to get clean. But, it will always be using a bathtub that can purify you more. So far, there are choices to consider like the white 24x38 Center Drain Bathtub by Lippert, Step Tub 24x36 Left Hand White by Specialty Recreation, 27x52 Standard White Left-Hand Drain Apron, and more. Just choose whatever you like best in these choices.

    Shower Curtains

    Get some privacy while showering and travelling with family in an RV. Get all the benefits from a new shower curtain such as the Ext-A-Shower 35”-42”W Oil Rubbed Bronze and Shower Curtain from the Stromberg-Carlson and Hardware Express. Just ditch the plastic and cheap shower curtain. Buy a water-resistant and nice fabric one.

    Shower Doors

    Give life to your RV shower by a new line of shower doors from the site. These vary in colors, styles, and sizes. These will definitely keep your RV shower looking nice and clean. What more, these can prevent water from coming out of the shower area. No water will also leak on to the floor which is one benefit to obtain from them.

    Take the time to choose one from among the pleated shower door-white, Pleated Shower Door-Ivory, Folding Shower Door Ivory 36x67 from Irvine Shade.

    Shower Pans

    Equip your RV with all the essential modern amenities. That ultimately includes having RV shower pans. These are floors of shower cubical that come with drain assembly. Their purpose is to enable the water from flowing in the drain. You will find them made from synthetic materials such as toughened waterproof, fiberglass, and acrylic materials. Some of the most known RV shower pans are Whiter 24x36 Left-Hand Shower Pan, Parchment 24x36 Right-Hand Shower Pan, Shower Pan 24x24 Parch, and Shwrpan24x32Centerdrain.

    Tub/Shower Components

    Shop tub/shower components from the site. There is a huge selection of styles and sizes for added protection and easy installation. There is the 32x32 Neo Angle Sewer Pan Left Hand White that you can buy from the Lippert Manufacturer.

    Shower/Tub Parts

    Get the revitalizing benefits of showering inside the RV bathroom. A shower will give you a more satisfying and fuller spray. Obtain several shower and tub parts like the 4.5In shower strainer, pop stop tub drain, tub strainer, shower strainer, RV tub stopper Chrome, Strainer 3-1/2” metal, and plastic shower strain chrome.

    Now, you have learned more about the tubs and showers components and parts that you need to buy for your RV bathroom!

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