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RV Plumbing Parts & Fixtures

There are 2711 Plumbing Products in this category


  • Plumbing Fixtures

    RV Plumbing Fixtures


    Choosing the parts and install fantastic RV fixtures don’t spend a whole heap of time in a small space to it’s critical comfort of the passengers and the success of road trip. So in putting together everything should need to know about RV different fixtures and how to tackle in performing an installation for RV. Replacing broken fixtures or just upgrading on RV has a lot of variety of options to be found like faucet for plumbing fixtures of architectural design styles that suits for the RV. Showcasing kitchen and bath pieces are design for users to tell the unique design collections of elegance and simplicity the innovative technologies for RV’s faucet designs are anticipated all the products reflects the motto design and made right to a world-class functionality for practical luxury that suits in any style.


    RV Toilet

    Toilet are one most important in the RV when it comes to road trips when having fun without worrying much about leaving the normal life behind and the recreational vehicles with featured a conventional home that comes with equipped with almost everything. The amenities in the RV if nature is calling it doesn’t matter how far you are from home and answering it is not the problem. Toilet is one of the most important facilities in an RV with size, comfort and style are all important factors when choosing RV toilets.


    RV Shower Heads

    There are many different types of showerheads on the market today and others comes with multiple heads from where the shower water sprouts through with powerful models to shoot water even upwards at a high pressure in RV like homelody handheld RV shower-head that eliminates the need to close the valve to readjust water temperature along with 5 different shower settings. Like homelody shower-heads the camco RV marine shower head kit comes with a 60-inch flexible hose, including a wall-mount and all the hardware necessary for installation.


    RV Tubs

    Tubs are the first things to consider on RV and available space is needed when installing a tub RV tubs are made with 24-inch X 36-inch to 24-inch X 40-inch specifications to have everything well fitted in the RV that makes the traveling worth the while. It’s important to ensure that the tub of your choice fits well into the designated space to fit in comfortably that something will allow to take a comfortable bath and several types of RV tubs available in the market are clawfoot, freestanding, corner and drop-ins.


    RV Sinks

    Updating your fixtures with a new sink can be a great way to improve functionality of RV that are relatively small that don’t spend too much time but an important to keep it as functional and comfortable sink which is an integral part of any RV. Giving the motorhome an uplift with some new sinks to pick the best options and some important things to consider when choosing RV bathroom sinks for personal hygiene tasks such as brushing and washing hands which is a functional sink is vital. There are types of sinks that range from countertop sinks to pedestal, stand-alone, wall-mount, under-counter and corner sinks which preference for RV bathroom space functionality like lasalle bristol ivory oval sink and 9-inch round lavatory stainless steel RV sink.

  • Plumbing Parts

    Plumbing Parts

     As an RV owner, you need to have at least some rudimentary knowledge on how your RV plumbing system and how it works. This includes the plumbing parts that are important. In your RV, we can forget the city water connection and focus on how RV plumbing works.

    Water enters the system through the freshwater inlet valve to fill up the freshwater holding tank.

    A 12-volt RV water pump carries water from the tank into the system. This pump gives the RV system pressure, so that when you turn on a faucet or the shower, you get running water.

    These little pumps are the lifeline of the RV plumbing system.

    An on-demand water pump is an excellent feature used by most modern motorhomes. You can keep the water pump turned on, but it will only run when it senses that the water system needs pressure (which happens when you run water through a faucet, etc.)

    Plumbing fixtures

    Once your water system has been pressurized by the RV water pump, you now have access to running water through the many RV plumbing fixtures that are available to you. You can turn on your faucet to wash your hands or to do your dishes.

    Your RV has a shower faucet that brings you running water to wash yourself. Many RV’s also have outdoor showers to wash equipments or maybe your dog. (Some even have their RV’s equipped with ice- making machines that utilize water from the freshwater tank).

    Lastly, your RV has a toilet that uses water to flush your waste into the black water tank.

    Water tanks

    Your RV has three different water tanks -- the freshwater tank (with clean water), the black water tank (filled with waster from your toilet), all of them having their own set of piping system within your RV working independently.

    The grey water tank is filled with water that runs down your drain when you shower, wash your hands or do the dishes. Both the gray and black water tanks have RV plumbing vents, a pipe that runs upward to vent out the roof of your RV.

    State of the system

    As you can see, your RV plumbing system play an important role in delivering you a comfortable camping experience. Because of this, it is important to get to know how it operates and what important pieces it entails.


    You need to know what type of tubing, fittings, fixtures, pump and water heater you have and how to maintain them. With this, you are well equipped to handle any issues that arise with you and your RV plumbing system.


     From RVPartShop, here are some small parts (which are important) that you may need for your system maintenance or repair.

     Zurn Pex Cone For 1/2 Tubing NT10-3293 - Plumbing Parts Quick view

    Cone For 1/2 Tubing    

    Watts Sea Tech Union Elbow 1/2 Casting NT10-8170 - Plumbing Parts Quick view

    Union Elbow 1/2 Casting

     Vitrifrigo 2043 ME

    Watts Sea Tech Union Connector 1/2 Casting NT10-8172 - Plumbing Parts Quick view

    Union Connector 1/2 Casting    


    Watts Sea Tech Stackable Elbow 1/2 CTS NT10-8178 - Plumbing Parts Quick view

     Stackable Elbow 1/2 CTS

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