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Top Brand Camping & Outdoor Products Online In Canada

Top Brand Camping & Outdoor Products Online In Canada

Camping has exploded in popularity over the past 5 years in Canada. This popularity became even more intense during the COVID-19 pandemic when all people could do was gather outside. This exponential growth of camping has led to new love and a whole bunch of questions for campers. Camping is an amazingly welcoming experience for all to partake in and something everyone must try at least once in their lifetimes.

But when trying something like camping you need a lot of resources to go into it. You need things like tents, cooking tools, tarps, possibly RV extensions, and many more. There are so many options available nowadays for those looking to camp. Let’s look at some of the top brands in different camping areas!

Camping Cookware

Food is a large part of the camping experience. I mean come on, what can beat the thrill and taste of cooking something off a toasty campfire or portable grill? Well-known and recommended brands in this field are Camp Chef and Coghlans. Both of these brands bring something different to the field of camp cooking depending on your preference.

Coghlans is known for having a more rustic and intimate camping feel to its products. They are well known for their green background on products. Most of their products are things that can be attached to the fire pit or utilized in the firepit like cooking prongs. Not to mention Coghlans offers a variety of basics like vinyl table cloths and clamps. Truly they are a staple in the camping field that is well loved.

Camp Chef on the other hand is more well known for their more industrial applications and portable grills/firepits. They are perfect for those who want more control over how they cook than a firepit or for sites that don’t have an on-site firepit for use. Camp Chef’s products do run on the slightly pricier side but the quality and user-friendliness outshine all others in the field.

Overall, camping cookware is highly subjective to the user and these are just two of the best brands available for you guys to shop from!

Tents, Tents, and more Tents

Clearly one of the most important things you can pack for your trip if not taking an RV is tents! Often for a camping trip, you will want to have a minimum of two tents depending on what you need. Typically, one or more for sleeping and then another for cooking or to have an enclosed seating area in case of rain.

On the market today there are so many different types of tents available for users making it different to figure out which is the best. Some of the best brands to look out for are Coleman, MEC, and Big Agnes. All of these brands are highly rated and for good reason. They all have good warranties, high-quality materials, and withstand weather and time. These tents are worth investing in and will make sure you don’t have to buy a new tent each year. These companies offer both sleeping tents and kitchen/sitting area tents for the ability to choose from. Overall, this is definitely one of the things you will want to make sure you get the best brand possible in where you are not sleeping exposed to the weather!

Air Beds

We have all heard of or experienced a leaky air mattress. I mean who likes waking up in the morning and experiencing sleeping on a deflated air mattress and feeling everything on the ground? I assume not many people. Therefore you need to make sure you investigate getting a good quality air mattress and frequently check for rips or tears that could cause leaks.

Some of the best brands for buying air mattresses online are Airbedz, Intex, and Coleman. Many brand names you might see on this list will repeat because they are one of the best in many areas within camping resources. These brands of air mattresses have high-quality materials and are resistant to ripping and getting tears that will cause leakages. Customers rave about the comfort and quality of these mattresses, and it is no wonder they keep coming back to buy them.

Extras (Lanterns, Flashlights, Coolers, Blankets, and more)

For all of your extras, there are many reputable brands out there and this category is mainly up to personal preference. I will provide you with some good brands to look into though. For lighting and lanterns brands like Coleman, Performance Tool, Camco and more are beneficial and highly recommended. Their prices vary but they offer both propane and battery lanterns for your convenience. Their brands also have a variety of sizes and colors for the aesthetic lover. Overall, I can't recommend them any more!

When looking for blankets some good brands are harder to describe but make sure you are looking for ones that can keep you warm in colder climates if you are not planning to heat your tent. Coolers are much the same, good brands depend on the size you are looking for and I recommend you do personal research on the topic to get the one perfect for your needs.


As you can see even in this article many camping equipment brands are the best. It just depends on the field of product you are looking for at the time. The brands listed in this article are suggestions to get you thinking about brands you would like to purchase from. Everything comes down to what you as the user will prefer so it is better to have variety and sites like RV Part Shop can provide you with that when looking for camping gear.

Overall, just remember some key things when trying to shop for camping gear: reliability, reviews, and research. This will be sure to make your experience buying gear a pleasant and easy one!

Have fun getting set to go camping!

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