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Space-Saving RV Furniture

Space-Saving RV Furniture

It’s no secret that space is at a premium in an RV or travel trailer. Everyone from casual campers to full-timers are always looking for ways to save space and meet weight requirements, without sacrificing comfort or style. Luckily, RV manufacturers know this and many have developed furniture lines with this in mind. Let’s take a look at space-saving furniture for inside your RV.

RV Sofas

Whether for sitting or sleeping or kicking back to watch a movie, your RV sofa will see a lot of use. You will want to find something comfortable that matches your decor while fitting in a limited space that won’t tip the scales on your weight limits. Luckily, RV Part Shop can help you meet all of those requirements with our selection of Lippert Components RV sofas

Trifold RV Sofas

Trifold RV sofas easily convert from a sofa to a bed in just a few simple steps. Lippert Components uses supportive high-density foam on all their sleep surfaces with no support bars to poke through and disrupt your sleep.

Jackknife RV Sofas

Jackknife RV sofas are lightweight and versatile to conserve space. With one easy motion, the Lippert Components steel-framed jackknife RV sofa converts to a bed of high-density foam, and its steel spring seating supports promote comfortable and restful sleep.

RV Chairs

When it comes to buying a new recliner or Captain chair for your rig, size definitely matters. You will need to take exact measurements of your space, including the wall clearance needed for recliners. 

It is also very important to choose RV seats that are built for your specific model or make, as your insurance company may be able to deny coverage if the seats are not approved for your right.

RV Recliners

RV Recliners come in all different shapes, sizes and materials to fit your needs.

Two-position recliners are generally best for larger RVs as they require the most clearance for both the reclining and footrest position. The footrest is released with a lever and the chair will recline with the weight of your body. 

Rocker recliners, also known as wall-saver recliners, are better for smaller spaces as they occupy much less space. 

Pushback or flex-back recliners offer the most style and function but they do lack a footrest. This is easily solved with the addition of an ottoman. 

Euro recliners have all the typical features of their traditional counterparts minus the extra padding. Their sleeker, more streamlined design makes them more practical without sacrificing any of the comforts of regular recliners. 

When space constraints force you to place your recliner against an existing wall, you will want to choose a left arm, right arm or armless recliner. These models feature a straight edge on one or both sides to allow for a flush fit against the wall. 

RV Captain Chairs

Having a comfortable Captain chair can make a world of difference for both the driver and the co-pilot on those long trips. Equipped with seatbelts and comfort features for safe driving, Captain chairs can also swivel towards the cabin and be used for everyday seating. Captain chairs also come with a variety of comforts like built-in heat, lumbar adjustments or massage functions. 

RV Tables and Dinettes

Just like the kitchen table is the heart of the home, the RV table or dinette is often the main hub of the travel trailer. Eating, playing games, chatting with friends or even getting some work done … your RV table or dinette needs to be ready to deliver both comfort and versatility.

While standard in most RV designs, the traditional booth-style RV dinette is not a very efficient use of already limited space. One popular replacement option is a half booth with a bench seat that can slide underneath when not in use. This provides more floor space, as well as storage space within the bench. A more stylish option is a high-top table or bar area, with either chairs or stools as seating. A classic table and chairs are also a strong option, with so many configurations and storage solutions available to choose from. Folding brackets and hinges can give you the ability to store your table flat to the wall when not in use, creating even more floor space. 

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