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RV Travel & Camping: Do I Need an Air Mattress?

RV Travel & Camping: Do I Need an Air Mattress?

One of the most important considerations when going on a camping trip is where you and your family or guests are going to sleep. If you own an RV it is likely a bed that is either built-in or a pullout feature of your RV or trailer. However, if you are going camping in a tent or you have too many people and too few beds, then you may have to opt for an air mattress to make sure everyone is properly accommodated. 

Considerations when selecting an air mattress 

A great thing about air mattresses for camping or air beds is that you can use them inside your RV, car, camping tent, or even in your home when you are not out exploring the outdoors for your guests. Now there are a few types of options when it comes to air mattresses that you should consider when purchasing. Specifically, if you want an inflatable mattress, blow-up mattress, or self-inflating mattress. Some of the major things to consider are the material that the mattress is made of and if said material is durable and appropriate for your needs. Specifically, if you intend to use the mattress outside in a tent, although most tents have covers or material at the bottom to separate you from the ground if you are camping on an uneven surface with rocks it could potentially puncture your mattress. So, in addition to picking a mattress made of durable and strong material, you should also make sure your campsite is relatively flat and smooth to make sure you get the best sleeping experience. Sometimes, a mattress may be advertised as an outdoor mattress which could be indicative of having stronger material to be better equipped for outdoor surfaces compared to those you would use in your home when guests come over.

Also, the size of the mattress as perhaps you want a single air mattress to accommodate several people. But, when considering size you also have to make sure your air mattress fits in the space you intend to use it in, for instance, if you want to be able to use your air mattress in the car it may have to be narrow enough to fit properly. Also, different mattresses can be available and differ in their shape, so there are lots of options to customize your mattress. 

Your air mattress should stay inflated for usually a couple of days but it can depend on how many people are sleeping on the mattress and how rough said people are being on the mattress. Specifically, if your kids find it fun to jump up and down on the mattress then you might have to add some extra air to the mattress a little more often. 

The great thing about air mattresses is that they are portable and can provide a comfortable sleeping spot when you don’t have a bed or a more comfortable option. They come in handy not only when camping but also in everyday life if you have a few extra guests than you expected. Therefore, getting an air mattress is a great investment and option for emergencies when you don't have enough space to accommodate everyone. Another great positive about air mattresses is that it is easy to find air mattresses for cheap as they are typically inexpensive items that can easily make your camping experience substantially more comfortable. 

If you are looking for some information on top brands for camping and outdoor products then look no further than a previous blog on this very topic! Hopefully, you can use all of this information to select a great quality air mattress to accommodate all of your camping needs! 

Alternative to an Air Mattress

If you prefer to opt for something that is more compact, you could also consider a sleeping pad which tends to be popular among backpackers who like to camp with substantially fewer resources and simply like to carry everything they need on their back. In these circumstances, it can be very convenient to have a small compact sleeping pad which will be better than sleeping on the ground but also not take up much space in your backpack. 

Also, if you are still set on getting an air mattress but need it for a backpacking trip, there are different sizes of air mattresses and some even are easier to compact so they can fit in a backpack you may just have to go to a specialty camping store to find these types of mattresses. 

Also, if you are looking into regular mattresses we have a blog outlining the best RV mattresses available online you may want to check out! 

What Else Do You Need for Your Air Mattress or Sleeping Experience?

In addition to getting an air mattress, there are also accessories that you may consider including bedding, sleeping bags, pillows, and an air mattress pump. You may want to get a set of sheets and covers for your air mattress or in some cases a simple blanket and pillow will suffice, especially if you are camping in the summer months when it is hot you may not even need that. Lots of people opt to use sleeping bags on top of their air mattress as it is a convenient sake that you can crawl into and gives you a nice separation from the air mattress itself to prevent sweating all over it or perhaps keep you warm if you chose to camp in colder months of the year. Lastly, you need a way to blow up your air mattress. Some air mattresses allow you to blow them up simply like you would a balloon which does require a substantial amount of effort on your part and could potentially not be the most sanitary option if you require multiple people to get the air mattress firm enough to sleep on. However, most air mattresses today allow you to either use a hand pump or an electronic air mattress to blow up your mattress. In this case, you can purchase an air pump separately or it may come with your air mattress. Oftentimes, you can use power from your car to charge or run your air mattress pump which is mighty convenient when you are camping. Also, there are even air mattresses with a built-in pump which makes the setup process substantially easier. 

To find the best air mattress for camping or the best camping bed, please feel free to search on our website or use some of the above advice to select an air mattress that will accommodate your lifestyle and make your camping life more comfortable! Also, consider a previous blog where we provided details on how to buy a camping tent! 

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