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RV Essentials: A Must-Have List When Camping

RV Essentials: A Must-Have List When Camping

Just because you now have an RV for your camping trips doesn’t mean you can freely go where you please on a whim.

Your first responsibility is to ensure that you have the essential RV accessories and other equipment. What if your water line broke or you got a flat tire? What would you do if you don’t have the right tools on hand? You won’t always be parked beside or be with other trailer travelers whom you can ask for help. You either have to MacGyver it or call and wait for help to arrive. 

Common travel trailer problems like these can be solved when you have the appropriate tools or camper supplies. Everything flows smoother, and your trip becomes 100% more enjoyable when you have the right travel trailer accessories. 

To help reduce your stress when building your RV essentials checklist, we’ve gathered a list of travel trailer accessories and essentials that should serve you well on every trip.

RV camping essentials infographic

Must-Have RV Essentials When Camping

  1. General Essentials

These are the things you’ll need to get your RV running (and parked) safely. Whether you just got a new trailer or have owned one for quite a while now, make sure to include these things on your checklist for a smooth camping trip.

  • Portable Solar Panels

If you often camp on remote areas where power from the grid may be limited or unavailable, getting a portable solar panel can power your trailer when you need it most. These panels convert the energy it receives from the sun to electricity, powering your devices, and other trailer appliances. 

You can install it on the roof to absorb direct sunlight or place the portable panels where the sun hits, while you keep your RV in the shade to keep it cool. Solar panels serve as a reliable alternative energy solution for those on the move. 

  • Water Pressure Regulator

If your RV doesn’t have a built-in water pressure regulator, this is absolutely a must-have. You don’t want your pipes to burst due to over-pressurized water, do you? The high water pressure causes stress to your trailer’s water system, which may lead to leaks. Save yourself the time, effort, and resources in fixing leaks and attach a regulator to your water system to adjust it to a safer level. 

  • Leveling Blocks

Not all RVs have automatic brakes. Leveling blocks help keep your trailer from rolling away when it’s parked on uneven pavement or land, which you may often encounter in nature parks or remote areas. These blocks are relatively cheap, depending on the material and pieces you’ll get. Additionally, you can stack them up like Lego to get your desired height level.

  • Basic Set of Tools

When you’re first starting out and still familiarizing yourself with your RV, it’s easy to go overboard with tools. You may think that you need a separate device or that you need to buy RV parts for specific sections of your camper that aren’t necessary. 

In reality, knowing how to use basic tools can already serve you well on the road. For instance, duct tape can be used to fix almost anything, while pliers can help you grip or hold things in place.

  1. Kitchen Accessories

Apart from utensils and plates, invest in the kitchen equipment below. These should help make cooking camping food easier, safer, and more convenient. 

  • Multifunctional Cooker

Your trailer has limited space; that’s why you must purchase accessories that have a valuable purpose and are functional. Multifunctional cookers allow you to cook rice, pasta, porridge, and even sauté or steam food.

  • Coffee Maker

It’s hard to find good coffee when you’re on the road. Having a coffee maker ensures that you’ll get a warm cup of coffee every morning. You can opt for a simple and affordable French press, an electric (or stovetop) water kettle, or coffee pot to brew your coffee, which is made better with a view.

  • Water Purifier 

Water is a necessity, but you can’t be so sure if it’s safe to drink when you’re in rural areas or remote places. A water purifier enables you to travel wherever your trailer brings you and be confident that you can filter tap water for safe drinking and cooking. 

Access to clean water is necessary when going on a camping trip, so make sure to install a purifier to eliminate contaminants, bacteria, and small pollutants. 

  1. Outdoor/Camping Equipment

Once you arrive at your destination, it’s time to set up camp. Below are some of the tools you’ll need that will elevate your camping experience. 

  • Awning

Installing an awning not only keeps you under shade when it’s hot and sunny or protects you from the rain but also lets you enjoy an expansive front yard. If you plan to travel with your RV for an extended period, an awning can be a great way to create a living space or patio from the side of your trailer. Simply extend the awning arms and instantly elevate your campsite. 

  • Portable outdoor grill

One of the upsides of living the RV life is you’re always in the right setting for an outdoor BBQ. For a complete RV experience, get a portable outdoor grill you can conveniently use anywhere. Make sure to look for one with easy carrying features, such as plated steel legs and a lock for the lid.

  • Camping chairs and tables

For a more relaxing atmosphere at your campsite, get comfortable camping chairs that can stand sturdy on uneven grounds. Naturally, you’d want to get a good table, as well. Even a log that looks good enough isn’t a stable substitute, especially if you’re camping with many people.

  1. Electronics and Gadgets

These days, it’s important to stay connected wherever you are, more so when you’re on the road. Accessories like the ones below will help you stay on the grid and are useful when you need to communicate with your relatives or friends or send out a quick work email. 

  • GPS

A GPS is crucial if your trailer doesn’t have a built-in navigation system. Getting one allows you to travel more freely on open roads without the fear of getting lost. You can find GPS systems made for RV travel, where it shows RV-related restrictions (e.g., dimension, bridge heights, etc.) and detailed maps and guides. 

  • Satellite Communication Device

If you’re heading to areas where cellphone reception is bad or service is not available, it’s always safe to have a satellite communication device to stay connected, so you’re not dependent on cell signal. This is crucial if you do mountain climbing when camping. It can be a life-saving device. 

  • Wi-Fi and Cellphone Signal Booster

Sometimes, RV parks sit far away from Wi-Fi towers. Having a Wi-Fi booster or extender allows you to pick up signals even when you’re parked far from a Wi-Fi tower. This also comes in handy when you want to use a local restaurant or cafe’s connection but prefer to do some work inside your RV. 

Likewise, a cell phone signal booster is useful when you need to stay within reach via mobile. It amplifies your cellular signal for fewer faint connections and dead zones. You can get better call quality with it or use it to connect to the internet.

Equip Your Trailer with the Right Gear

With so many accessories and tools that come with having a trailer, it may get a little overwhelming, making it easy for you to forget the essentials like cooking tools and parking aids. Hopefully, the must-have list above can help you get everything you’ll need when shopping at an RV store before setting out on your camping adventure. 

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