RV Induction Cooktops Online: What To Look For?

RV Induction Cooktops Online: What To Look For?

It is said that nothing brings people closer than food”. That’s why RV traveling is more fun for cooking lovers. These RVer’s can cook delicious meals every day as they have their mini kitchen all set in the vehicle.

Cooking during RV trips is also a good idea because this not only saves money but helps you stay healthy and avoid food-borne illnesses.

For cooking at their best, RVer’s make sure that they have their RV refrigerator well-packed with all the essential ingredients. They also look at different recipes, gadgets, and tools that can facilitate them in coming up with something super delicious and easy.

You can choose the right type of tools, and appliances for your RV cooking by considering a few factors such as:

  • How much fuel does it consume?
  • Weight and space requirements
  • How safe is the appliance or cooking?
  • The ease of cleaning?
  • Affordability
  • Durability

When it comes to RV stoves and ranges, there are several options such as a propane or RV gas-based stove, alcohol stove, diesel stove, and electric stove. Every single type of RV cooktop has its pros and cons and your selection depends on what serves your need the best.

For example, the Dometic oven cooktop is a 3 burner camper stove powered by propane that comes with a Dometic RV oven. Also, it’s easy to find Dometic RV stove parts online. But if you want to save on propane, you may want to go for another type of camper cooktop.

Nowadays, a kind of RV electric stovetop called “ Induction cooktops'' is also becoming increasingly popular due to the range of benefits that they offer. That’s why many RVer’s consider induction cooktops when they think of an RV stove top replacement.

Let’s have a look at how these induction cooktops work and what are some of the most quality induction cooktop brands.

How Does an RV Induction Cooktop Work?

RV induction cooktops use electricity and don't consume RV gas or any other fuel to heat up. In these propane cooktops, an electric current passes through a coiled copper wire under the cooking area; creating a magnetic field to heat the pot. During this procedure, the best thing is that only the utensil is heated up instantly and it doesn’t heat the surface.

What Is the Amp Requirement for an RV Induction Cooktop?

RV induction cooktops require at least 15 amps, however, most come in the range of 20-42 amps. You need a reliable power source such as shore power at your campsite, generator, solar panels, or a high-capacity RV battery. So, if you have 50-amp hookups at your campsite, you can easily use your induction cooktop without losing your battery. But, if you have a good amp-hours of battery capacity ( say 800 amp-hours of battery), you can cook on your induction cooktop conveniently. Remember that you have to use magnetic/ induction cookware to use the induction cooktop.

The Advantages of Induction Cooktops

Gas or electric cooktops for RV Kitchen are commonly used at homes and in Rv’s. However, nowadays many RVer’s prefer to use RV induction cooktop due to many advantages that it offers for example:

1. Fast Meal Preparation During Your RV Camping

RV Induction cooktops are famous because they heat up fast and your meal is prepared quickly. This reduces the meal preparation time and you can enjoy the rest of many things than just being stuck at getting your meal ready. If you want to make multiple dishes, you can even go for an induction cooktop that is a glass top single burner, 4 Burner RV Range. For example; true Induction TI4B 4 Burner Cooktop, Black.

2. RV Induction Cooktops are Easy to Clean

The RV induction cooktops are made up of glass-ceramic which makes them easier to clean after cooking. Also, because the liquid or any kind of cooked meal or food that spills onto the RV Gas cooktop drop in surface won’t probably bake onto but the surface may be susceptible to scratches. Therefore, you must handle it gently and regularly clean it by following simple cleaning procedures. You can also use liquid dish soap, a rug, and a towel or soft cleaning pad to clean up your stainless steel utensils or light food stains and spills. Some people also make use of an RV range cover for any type of stovetop to prevent any damage and dirt to their RV stovetops. You can also find an RV induction cooktop cover when you are not using it.

However, the high quality latest drop-in RV gas cooktop also comes with glass covers that make it aesthetically appealing and are easy to clean.

3. RV Induction Cooktops have Consistent Results

Consistency is the key to success and this is also true when it comes to cooking. If you can control the temperature more accurately, it delivers a consistent output. There is less chance that you undercook or overcook your food in the case of RV induction cooktops because you can better control the temperature as compared to other types of electric or gas-based cooktops.

4. RV Induction Cooktops are Safe

RV induction cooktops are safer than other traditional gas or electric stoves. This is because:

  • It doesn’t emit gas in the air.
  • It doesn’t catch other objects and there are fewer chances of catching fire by burning dishcloths or other objects.
  • It also gets automatically turned off as soon as the cookware is removed. There is no chance of leaving it on when you are done with all your cooking thing
  • It cools down immediately after you turn it off so the risk of any sort of accidental burn is rare.

5. Induction Cooktops Do Not Rise Temperature Inside Your RV

With traditional gas cooktops, flames of heat and long cooking may heat your RV and if it’s summer, this means you will have to lose more RV power in using your air conditioner. RV induction cooktops only heat the pan and the time it takes in cooking is also comparatively less, so heating your RV is no longer an issue.

The Best RV Induction Cooktop

If you are thinking of taking your RV cooking experience to the next level and find a quality induction cooktop for you, we are here to assist. Your next replacement camper stove can be:

Depending on the number of single or double burners you want and the budget you have, you can choose what kind of induction cooktop will work for you.

RV Induction Cooktops Conclusion

The type of RV stove you need depends on what power source you want to use. Most RVer’s keep both the RV gas stove tops, RV propane stoves and the RV induction cooktops. When you want to save on propane, based RV stove stone you can use the induction cooktop and vice versa. The good news is that it is very easy to find RV electric range, RV gas stoves with RV gas stove parts, an RV gas range oven, and inductions stoves online. Just search for “camper stoves sale online” or “suburban stove parts” and you can choose any kind of stove or stove part that serves your needs the best. You can easily compare the price, specification, and power requirements and choose the best RV stove replacement.

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