7 Tips To Keep Your RV Awnings In Excellent Shape

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7 Tips To Keep Your RV Awnings In Excellent Shape

Nothing is more thrilling than hitting the road on your very own RV motorcar. You make lists, pack up things, and give thought to every minute detail. However, the last thing that might come to your mind is about an awning neatly rolled up on the side of your camper. 

RV awning is an excellent tool as it helps to create a shady area outside of your motorcar to hang out for you and your family. Although, keeping it in good shape for a long time is a big challenge. If you want to keep your RV awnings in excellent condition, then you need to follow some essential steps around the year. 

Understand the type of your RV awning fabric before you buy 

There are several types of RV awnings available on the market. We can separate them into two main categories - Vinyl and Acrylic or Sunbrella, and some other kinds of awnings. 

Acrylic Awnings:

Awning fabric comes in various shades of colors and designs, from solid to strips. Acrylic awnings are the most common types of materials, and they have some distinct advantages. They have a great air circulation process and are breathable. 

In addition, they are durable and hold water on the surface. The main drawback of acrylic awnings is that they are not waterproof, and rain can soak through the fabric. They also stretch at times which results in wind flapping and water pooling. Yet, they dry quickly and can bear natural calamities like rain, snow, ice, wind, sun, dirt, dust, or even bugs. 

Vinyl Awnings:

If you are looking for waterproof alternatives to acrylic awnings, vinyl awnings will be the best choice. They are the most common material used for RV awnings with many benefits. They repel dirt, grime, sun, and scratches. The material does not allow pollution or UV rays to penetrate through them. If cleaned often, mold and mildews do not accumulate on this material. 

There are also long-term benefits of it to keep your awning safe and last longer. RV Awning Replacement Fabrics saves money without replacing the total awning. In addition, RV Carefree Awning protects it from sun and exposure when the awning is rolled up.

Wash and dry your Awnings periodically

Try to wash your awnings at least twice a year, as the dirt stains, rain spots, and fallen leaves can give your awnings a dirty and worn look. In addition, mold, mildew, and unpleasant odor can build up quickly if the awning is not clean enough. Use a long-handled brush and mild soap to clean up the dirt. However, if you are a regular RV traveler, you might need to clean more frequently. 

Keep in mind that improper drying techniques can also prove to be highly damaging for your awning. It can reduce longevity and increase problems during travel. It can also create fabric dry rot along with rust in the mechanical component of your awnings. If you use your awning less frequently, it can stay damp inside for an extended period. It would be best if you let it dry for at least a couple of days before rolling it up to prevent unnecessary issues.

Sunshades for decks are another option to keep your awning and RV in good shape as they maintain privacy and greater comfort too. They come with high-strength polyester fabric, which can withstand wind, sun, and other damaging elements. 

Keep your awning rolled up when not in use

If you are a full-time RV traveler, you might often use your awning now and then during summertime. Though an awning provides shade and keeps the UV rays away from you, constant use can damage it quickly. The way to manage this problem is to roll it up whenever you are not using it to minimize the sun damage. 

Similarly, when using your awning during heavy rain, adjust the position so that rainwater can pass down instead of pooling in the center. Heavy rainwater can make it weak and damage quickly. Also, during heavy winds, put the awning rolled up and did not use it. Again, a strong wind can hurt, and the strongest wind can entirely rip it off.  

It's essential to keep you and your family cool in the summertime without paying a lot for damaged awnings. The easy solution is to use an RV Dometic awning to beat the heat without spending a lot. In comparison, RV Camper awnings are the first choice for camping accessories that provide shade and extend space outside the RV. 

Use a stabilizer kit for your awning

You can secure your awning economically by using Camco Awnings - RV Stabilizer Kit. The spiral stake works excellent in all kinds of soil you can imagine, especially in sandy soil. They can fit in any awning size and secure well in the sand-based ground. You can often camp in places with high wind speed. It is valuable for your awning, keeping your awning from flapping when the wind blows in speed. Hence, it helps to reduce the damage to the fabric and the mechanical part of the RV.

Tips to know different awnings and their features

There are various kinds of RV awnings available, and all have some same and some different features. Therefore, you need to know about them and inspect them from time to time. 

Most of the RV Slideout awnings are manual, which you can roll out when you desire to enjoy a shady place. However, some are mechanical, which makes it easier to pull out when you need it. These are made of canvas and are considered one of the most affordable and easy to take care options. Another similar kind of awning is the Trailer Awning, an inseparable part of a camper RV user. Maintaining these kinds of awnings is simple, but you have to check their condition often to keep them working for a longer time.

RV Fixed Awnings are the permanently installed shades for your RV's windows and doors. They protect against sun and rain and are very useful as a continual covering. The problem is that they can fall off while driving which can be hazardous and less flexible if you want to change the position of the awnings.

Automatic RV Awnings are the mechanical solution that deploys with a single touch button. RV retractable awnings and RV retractable patio awnings are the easiest, convenient, and most expensive options. These awnings will require some special care to maintain and keep it working. If you want an easy-care Rv awning, Lasalle Bristol Awning is worth trying.

Deck Awning or Trailer Awning is somehow similar as they cover much space outside your RV motorcar. These can be free-standing and removable options for your RV, from large RV canopies to RV patio awnings. They are easy to care for, and they are tear and sag-resistant. 

Use professional products to keep your RV awning magnificent.

When budgeting for an awning, you must think of whether it is suitable to use professional brands. As good products can keep going for years without giving any trouble now and then.

RV awning parts are the most important thing to take care of if you want to keep your awning in better shape for years. The AP Product awning is a brand that you can consider for buying different parts of your awning. For example, it allows you to attach a patio slide-out or window awning to the sidewall of your motorcar. 

Lippert component awning protects your RV room. It is a durable, cost-effective alternative to the slide-out awning, easy to install and care for. In addition, Valterra awning has a remarkable product that stops awning noise and flutter of wind, and it is a more stable brand than many local brands. 

Take expert help when you need it for RV awnings

No matter what the season is, RV camping offers incredible adventure to everyone. Whether you are a long-time owner of your RV or have newly purchased the vehicle, a few add-ons can make you happier and enrich your experience. Changing proper RV awning accessories from a proper shop under expert guidance is essential. For example, an RV awning is an excellent addition to your RV. But when you cannot change a part or replace something big like the whole awning yourself as you need, you must seek professional help to avoid unwanted circumstances. 


Keep your RV awning safe and increase its longevity by checking in proper intervals. Never let your RV and its accessories unattended for a long time. Enjoy the travel and camping as comfortably as your home. 

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