RV Vent Fans And Covers For 2021: 9 Best Picks

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RV Vent Fans And Covers For 2021: 9 Best Picks

Every RVer knows how important it is to have roof vents in their rig. It is important that you are well ventilated while you are inside your motorhome, you can enjoy the cool and fresh air. However, you can’t always keep your Side Vents open. That is why you will need the Best RV Vent Fan that can maintain air circulation regardless of the weather outside.

Some Camper Roof Vents do not include an RV Fan. If yours comes with a cheap RV Bathroom Fan, then you should replace it with a more powerful RV Bathroom Vent & a wall switch for RV Vent fans. A Round RV Roof Vent is necessary most especially during warm weather when the air inside gets smelly. However, vent fans are also important during cold weather since they can help in minimizing moisture buildup and condensation.

If you want to block any unwanted light, then you can purchase Vent Visors. They are lightweight and can be easily installed. Here, we are going to help you find the best RV vent fans and RV vent covers to make you feel comfortable all the time.

Best RV Vent Fans and RV Vent Covers of 2021

Maxxair 00-04000K 12V Plus Vent

This Campervan Roof Fan is highly recommended by its users due to its varied features. Even if it works quietly, this RV Interior Ventilation can still bring in lots of fresh air and eliminates stale air from the inside. With its 10 different speed settings, you can freely adjust the air circulation inside your rig.

Maxxair 0004500K Maxxfan

There are a lot of positive reviews for this Maxxair model. With its reversible flow, fresh air will be absorbed and stuffy air will be exhausted. There are 10-speed choices to choose from so you can choose the one that suits your specific needs. It can be operated manually or by using the remote control. The motor in this fan runs quietly so it won’t bother you.

Maxxair White Vent Cover

maxxair vent

Maxxair Vent Covers are very easy to install, durable, offer warmth, and have good value for your money. It is durable since it is made of high-density polyethylene. With its sleek aerodynamic design, it can minimize wind resistance and block harmful UV rays.

Fan-Tastic Vent 801200 3-Speed RV Roof Vent

This Camper Trailer Fan by Fantastic Vent can keep you cool while relaxing inside your rig. With its ten blades, it can efficiently bring in fresh air from the outside while removing the stuffy air inside. There are 3 different speeds that you can choose from. It only requires 3 amps even if it is running at high speed, making it power-efficient.

Vetromile RV Roof Vent Cover

This Camper Vent Cover is one of the most highly recommended products. It is durable and lightweight since it is made of galvanized iron and ABS plastic. It is effective in blocking rainwater and the heat of the sun from getting inside.

Fan-Tastic Ultra Breeze Vent Cover

This vent cover can help in preventing the rain from getting inside. According to its manufacturers, it provides 75% more air. It has a three-year limited warranty, making it a great value for your money. These vent covers are a great match for your Fan-Tastic vent fans.

Fan-Tastic 801250 RV Roof Vent

A Campervan Roof Vent fan that has received several positive feedbacks from its users. Aside from being easy to install, it is also very effective in bringing in some fresh air while removing smelly air. It has ten clear plastic blades which can let you enjoy the natural light.

Camco RV Vent Cover

The durable construction of this device makes it highly recommended by users. It can block the harmful rays of the sun since it is made of UV stabilized resin. Assure continuous airflow and natural light inside your rig.

Livpow RV Roof Vent 3 Speed Reversible Fan

This reversible Trailer Vent fan can effectively bring in fresh air while pushing out stuffy air, smoke, and other odors out of the camper. Although it has a quiet motor, it is very powerful. It has ten clear fan blades and 3-speed settings. The harmful UV rays can be filtered by their polyethylene dome.

Aside from the ones listed above, there are still a lot of choices that you can find at Vent Covers Canada. Choose your preferred brand, type, specs, and features that suit your needs.

Factors to Consider When Buying RV Vent Fan & Cover

An RV vent cover is one of the most relevant RV accessories that you can have in your camper. Although you might have an air conditioner in your RV, yet you do not always use it. With an RV vent cover, you can still feel comfortable without the cost of air conditioning.

When shopping for a new RV vent cover, your options are overwhelming. There are fans with few speeds or many speeds. There are also covers that do not include any fans. Do you want to use the remote control or do you prefer the manual operation? You can customize your RV vent fan and cover based on your needs.

If you are looking to buy a new or an RV Vent Replacement, then here are some of the things to consider:

RV Vent Rain Covers

If you don’t want to constantly monitor the weather and your vent, then you can choose rain sensor-based products. Or you could consider using a rain cover to protect it.

RV Vent Noise Factor

Will you be running your vent mostly at night? Are you going to open your vent cover most of the time? If so, then you need to choose a quiet RV vent fan.

Size of Roof Vent

There are various options that fit any standard roof opening. However, the size of the exterior component may vary. Using a compact dryer or electric dryer with 12v DC is also recommended. Be aware that additional height can potentially cause clearance issues in garages, bridges, etc.

Alternative To RV Vent Fans Or Camper Vent Fans

If you cannot find anything you want at Trailer Vents For Sale, then there are other alternatives. You can avoid sweating all day and night inside your camper by installing RV Ceiling Fans. Setting up 12volt Fans can effectively control the temperature inside your RV without using up too much power. It can help you relax and sleep soundly at night.

If you are not camping in arctic climates, then having an RV air conditioner is a must. This can provide you and your family the comfort that you need even during those hottest outdoor climates. Although most units now include a rooftop air conditioning unit, if yours does not have any, then you can easily install it. Air filters of your RV air conditioning unit play an important role in removing allergens, dust, and other debris. That is why it is important that you keep it clean always.

Other Important RV Or Camper Appliances

If you are living in an RV with limited space and you don’t have time for laundry, then you should get a ventless washer dryer. By simply using a single, compact tub, you can do your washing and drying at once, saving you more time. Ventless Dryer Canada stores offer many options so you can find the one that fits your camper. Check if the Power Ports of your camper can power up all your appliances.

Having a fridge in your camper is also essential for keeping all your foods and refreshments. If you want to prevent your foods from getting spoiled, then your fridge should be cool enough. Installing RV Fridge Roof Vents is necessary for blowing out the exhaust. Try looking for RV air filters too for RV inside fresh air.

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