18 Brilliant Organization Ideas for Your Camper or RV

Posted on 05/05/2021 by RV and Camping Lifestyle 1109
18 Brilliant Organization Ideas for Your Camper or RV

RV campers offer folks the chance to experience comfort and peace with their loved ones. They are also the best motorhomes with efficient living spaces. There are many models with a large storage capacity and there are some minimalist models as well. But you can always increase the storage space with some simple yet smart chops and hacks. To maximize storage space in a motorhome or RV camper, you'll need to think outside the box for sure. You should also start practicing organizational habits to reduce clutter and mess. Organizing and using every inch will provide a more comfortable and convenient journey. With a few doable things, you can keep your motor camper clean and organized. Here are some savvy space-saving tips that will give you a lot more space in your RV.

Check Your RV's Storage

You can review the way you use your RV space. RV Kitchen cabinets cluttered with non-kitchen items like tools? Take note of it. This way you will know which areas need to be targeted to maximize space.

Discharge Your Kitchen Staples

Decant your oil, salt, pepper, and other spices into small bottles and containers, it will save you a lot of packing space and limit unnecessary waste while on the go.

Save Only What You Need

Once your list is complete, you are ready to begin the cleaning process. Unless your caravan is already perfectly organized, you will probably want to get rid of some things. Check each item on your list and determine if it is absolutely necessary to keep it in your trailer.

Using Shoe Racks is the Best Storage Option

Soft hanging shoe racks can organize a variety of camping essentials. Hang one in the kitchen area of your caravan for your bottles of wine, in your bed area for washing dirty clothes, and near your door for your shoes.

Use the One-Goes-In-One-Gets-Out Method

It's a great way to stay on top of your organization's goals. Every time you bring something new to the motor home, the old one should come out. This rule will help you update old things without keeping tons of unnecessary clutter.

Use Storage Containers

Storage containers of all kinds are a convenient way to maximize space in your caravan. Using capsules, containers or drawers will keep things organized. Use plastic storage drawers in the kitchen for small things like tea bags or condiment bags. This is a better alternative than stacking everything on the counter or placing it on the shelves.

Stackable Kitchen Utensils and Tupperware

Stackable pots, pans, and Tupperware save a lot of space, both in transit and at camp. These should be saved for camping trips just to avoid missing parts floating around in your kitchen cabinets and reduce the enormous hassle of not being able to find that particular pot when trying to cook.

Multi-Purpose Storage Components

Always look for opportunities to use multi-purpose items in your RV. This will free up space on your patio and give you fewer items to worry about tidying up and keeping clean. For example, a roll-up plate rack can be used as a plate rack, a rack for drying washed fruits and vegetables, and a surface for hotpots in the kitchen.

Opt For Vacuum Bags

Vacuum sealed bags are a godsend, especially for storing dirty clothes and cleaning up rags on a longer camping trip. Take some with you to make repacking a breeze.

Use of Vertical Spaces

Using vertical space will give you more room to move around, as well as space on the counter and table. Shelves are a great option to help you take advantage of vertical space. But again, make sure you secure everything properly. You can also use vertical outer containers.

Magnetize Your RV

Most RV enthusiasts will attest that magnets are their friends. Magnetize anything you don't want to move while you're on the go.

Roll Up Your Clothes

Rolling up your clothes, instead of folding them, saves you a lot of space in your bag! It's a quick and easy method that transforms all types of travel.

Remove All Shelves

One way to maximize space is to attach shelves and benches to the side of the trailer or to the side of the drop-down drawers.

Use Suction Hooks

They are great to use on a camping trip because they are portable which means they can be placed elsewhere if you need to move them for some reason.

Use the Space under Your Trailer

There is a sneaky storage space in play in this space under your motor home! Use shallow plastic bins and store sports equipment, entertainment essentials, or dirty shoes when you're not wearing them. You can also store your RV water heaters under the trailer.

Hang Hooks

Removable hooks are a great way to save space, especially for coats and towels. You can even put your clothes on these hanging hooks and they will not go anywhere during the ride.

Use Folding Items

Bulky items can quickly take up space in a caravan. You can use items that can fold up. There are plenty of those, such as pop-up containers, and nesting pans and pots, etc.

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