RV Starter Kits: Not Only For Beginners

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RV  Starter Kits: Not Only For Beginners

Starter kits: not only for beginners

Here’s an insider tip that will benefit any RV owner, whether they are regular campers or if they’re just starting up. You can get packs loaded with RV essentials you’d probably have to buy on a regular basis anyway, neatly packed and ready for your journey. Apart from the advantage of neat packaging, you end up saving on the individual items in the pack. It’s just a matter of checking out the various combinations and choosing the one that sounds most useful to you. Here are a couple of examples:

Camco Starter Kit Bucket

This starter kit gives you a good deal on sewer hose and you even get the fitting already attached. But Camco wants to make absolutely sure you’ve got everything you need for your sewer system, so you get drop-in waste water treatment chemicals to make sure your waste water won’t stink. Just in case you wind up in a pinch there’s two-ply (who says you have to rough it?) toilet paper.

You can see how the starter pack’s designer’s mind works. He’s sorted your waste water needs – what else should he give you? A PowerGrip electrical adapter, that’s what! Since that’s all you need on the electrical front for now, our camper expert’s mind moves on to fresh water hose and the pressure regulator that goes with it. Oh yes, and you’ll want to wash your camper, so he throws in a useful sponge and some RV wash and wax.

Jokes aside, you’ll get all these product together for much less than you’d pay if you bought them one at a time.

The Valterra Deluxe / Premium Starter Kit

What’s in this lucky dip starter kit to earn it a name that includes both the words ‘deluxe’ and ‘premium’? Well, there are definitely a few nice little extras that would make it a cool gift as well as something you’d like for yourself. Valterra gets right in there with the dump hose, but someone’s been thinking that you might like a few good pairs of disposable gloves for the task. Of course, since it’s ‘deluxe’ the toilet paper is definitely 2-ply and of course, you get a good drinking water hose and water regulator.

Now for the really cool part. Anyone who is serious about their fifth wheel lives, eats, sleeps and dreams about it. Now you can read all about it too with the RV101 Literature Book. Keep it in your RV and get tips as you go. But this starter kit has one surprise that will make it a definite winner with keen travel trailer and camper owners: the ‘Bill’s Hints Coupon Booklet’. If you collect on all those discounts, you’ll have saved a hefty chunk on your holidays!

Find the right starter kit and save

There are quite a few variants on the starter kit theme and each has its own special touches. It’s definitely worth browsing your options and buying a ‘starter kit’ even if you’re an old Rv-er. If you’re completely new to the RV lifestyle, you should get one last, very compact RV starter item: a RV orientation DVD. You’ll be camping like a pro in no time!

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