Common malfunctions of the LG Refrigerator

Posted on 09/20/2022 by RV Travel and Destinations 2168
Common malfunctions of the LG Refrigerator

You may never have thought about it before, but an RV refrigerator is a complex device with many different components and parts, each responsible for a different front of operation and function. They are all interconnected, when we turn on the refrigerator, they work together or alternately to achieve the common goal of cooling in the refrigerator and freezing in the freezer compartment.

Accordingly, if one unit breaks down for any reason, the normal operation of the refrigerator as a whole stops, and we experience a certain discomfort. Failure of the most important nodes, such as a compressor or a starting relay, can completely stop the work of the refrigerator. At such a moment, it is very important to carry out high-quality and timely diagnostics in order to localize the breakdown and eliminate it. Often, LG fridge repair in Barrie requires an understanding of its device and the availability of specialized tools.

Basic problems

As we have already found out, different brands use different technologies and innovations, which implies that the breakdowns of refrigerators of different brands can differ. In other words, each brand has its own most common faults. LG brand refrigerators are no exception; they have a number of malfunctions and are the ones most often referred to as service centers. Of course, it is also possible to repair LG refrigerators in Barrie at home.

Start relay broken

The starting relay is located on the compressor and is a kind of intermediary between the electrical network and the compressor itself. So, the first purpose of the starting relay is to start the unit. In other words, as soon as the start command comes from the control panel or the thermostat contacts close, the compressor must start, but the starting relay is responsible for starting it.

The second equally important function of the starting relay is to protect the compressor from possible malfunctions in the electrical system from the outside. Thus, the relay protects the compressor against damage caused by power surges or short circuits. If the starter relay is faulty or burned out, the compressor will not start even if it is in full working order.

The main causes of starting relay failure are burned contacts or terminals, most often due to unstable electrical networks (voltage spikes, short circuits). Failure can also occur due to moisture on the relay, e.g., due to misalignment of the condensate collecting tray. Also detrimental to the trigger relay are internal short circuits, which often occur due to improper wiring.

Sometimes the trigger relay can be repaired. As a rule, burning the contacts and their oxidation under the influence of moisture is a matter of burning the contacts. In this case, cleaning up the burned areas and removing the oxidation is necessary. In other cases, repair of the relay is inexpedient; a new one must replace it.

Ice in the refrigerator

Thanks to their properties, refrigerators with the No Frost freezing system are becoming the most popular. They are interesting because a lot of ice, snow and other things do not accumulate inside; such refrigerators do not need to be defrosted. However, under certain circumstances, frost may also appear in a refrigerator with the No Frost system.

As a rule, such behavior of LG refrigerator with No Frost system indicates the malfunction of the automatic defrosting system. Such a system consists of a low-power heating element, a timer, a defrost sensor, and a fuse. Failure of at least one of these nodes leads to malfunction of defrosting and the appearance of ice not only in the freezer but even in the refrigerator.

Breakdown, as a rule, occurs due to natural wear and tear of the parts or, in case of voltage fluctuations in the network, short circuits are especially destructive. Large amounts of ice can cause additional breakdowns. For example, ice can block the operation of the fan, which subsequently burns out.

The refrigerator won't turn on

At various malfunctions, the refrigerator, as a rule, continues to turn on and work only incorrectly. But there is a separate category of failures which can completely make an LG refrigerator inoperable; it simply stops from starting. We have considered one of such breakdowns; it occurs most often, and a faulty starting relay is to blame.

One of the possible reasons why the LG refrigerator does not turn on is the thermostat malfunction. Its breakdown does not detect the temperature increase inside the refrigerator properly, and the contacts on the compressor do not close; respectively, the compressor does not turn on. In this case, it is necessary to replace the thermostat with a new one, usually located near the temperature regulator knob, and the refrigerator will work properly again.

In addition, LG refrigerators with an electronic control system may not turn on due to a faulty control board. The board often receives damage incomparable to regular operation and functioning due to voltage fluctuations and short circuits. In the case of a faulty board, an LG refrigerator repair technician in Barrie should determine the burned-out elements on it, clean up the burned-out places and remove the oxidation if there is one.

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