How To Pick The Right RV Water Heater Online - Ultimate Guide

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How To Pick The Right RV Water Heater Online - Ultimate Guide

When you are traveling on the road in your RV, it is important that you have access to hot water for doing things such as taking showers, doing the laundry, and washing the dishes. If you require access to convenient and instant hot water in your motorhome, then you should invest in a high-quality RV On Demand Water Heater. Every time you need hot water, just turn on your Jayco Water Tank Switch.

For most RV enthusiasts, a good Truck Camper Heater is essential for any camping trip. Here, we are going to give you some tips on how to choose the right RV water heater for you.

What to Look For in an RV Water Heater

There are a lot of water heaters that are available on the market right now and choosing the best Camper Water Heater can be a great challenge. The good news is, there are some things that you need to keep in mind when choosing the right RV water heater.

RV Water Heater -  Fuel Source

Basically, there are three main fuel sources for water heaters. Choosing the best one for you will greatly depend on several factors. For instance, your hot water needs, the construction of your RV, or your targeted energy consumption.

Liquid Propane

Most older models and entry-level RVs are using liquid propane RV water heaters in supplying hot water throughout the camper. Aside from being one of the oldest methods, it is also the most time-tested heating method that is available. Although liquid propane is the most reliable, nevertheless, it is not a cost-effective option or the most energy-efficient one. It also has more potential risks compared to other heating systems.

There are two different varieties of liquid propane heaters, the ones with direct spark ignition and the ones with a manual pilot light. A direct spark ignition system will instantly detect and employ an igniter. On the other hand, a manual pilot light must be reignited manually when it goes out. An Electronic Thermocouple Water Heater can monitor the flow of the liquid in water heaters.


One of the most popular ways of powering Winnipeg Supply Water Heaters is electricity. Electric Hot Water Tanks For Sale are safe and energy-efficient as well. Electric RV water heaters are also versatile since you can either run them using an RV park connection or on generator power. However, these electric RV water heaters tend to be more costly to operate and will warm water gradually. 

Nowadays, most RV water heaters can function both on liquid propane or electricity when necessary. In this way, RVers don’t have to worry if they run out of power, even if they cannot access onboard energy or the grid.


Using a Motoraid water heater is one of the most energy-efficient and sophisticated ways of heating water in your rig. Rather than draining the power source, what the Motoraid heater will do is it will use the fluid coming from your engine’s cooling system in heating water. Aside from being cost-effective and environmentally friendly, the method of heating water in an Engine Hot Water Heater also permits your Best On-Demand Hot Water Heater For RV to function while driving.

RV Water Heater - Tankless Vs. Tank Heaters 

Most older water heaters that are used in RVs are tank heaters. This means that there is a limited amount of hot water stored in the Camper Hot Water Tank that will be dispensed when required. On the other hand, tankless water heaters are the latest invention. Rather than storing water, the water will be actively heated once it gets through. 

Although tankless water heaters and RV Tankless Water Heater Repair are a more expensive option compared to tank water heaters, they can provide you with an infinite supply of hot water. This means that you can enjoy an Endless Hot Water Heater For Camper. They are also more compact compared to tank heaters, can properly distribute water throughout your RV, and are energy-efficient as well. Although some brands may require Water Heater Battery Replacement. The RV Hot Water Tank Valves should be shut off when it’s time to winterize the water system.

The Size of the Camper Water Heater

Hot Water Tank Sizes Canada may vary. Generally, water heaters with tanks can hold between 6 and 10 gallons. When choosing the size of your heater, you should not only consider the space constraint but also the number of people who will be traveling with you in your RV. You will need a bigger tank if there are a lot of people in your RV to make sure that you will never run out of hot water.

You can find RV water heaters that have 16-gallon tanks, however, this is not completely accurate. Although you might think that these heaters can provide you with more hot water, the truth is, the tank has only about 10 gallons. The water will be heated in high temperatures, then combined with cold water so it can last longer.

When choosing the size of a Car Plug-In Water Heater, it is also important to consider its recovery rate. It measures the quantity of water that can be provided by the tank heater in an hour of being drained. Most likely, larger heaters have slower recovery rates since it will take more time to heat a large amount of water inside. A Small Hot Water Tank in Canada will require less time to heat the water. 

RV Hot Water Heater Installation

Whether you choose a tankless or tank heater, it is not difficult to install. The best thing to do is to read the manufacturer’s installation instructions of your Dometic Water Heater Parts carefully. You could also read customer reviews to learn if you are comfortable installing Diesel Hot Water Heater Camping by yourself. Look for RV water heaters that are relatively easy to install. An RV Water Heater Cleaning Wand is also necessary for maintaining your water heater.

Camper Water Heater Heating Capacity and Output

Heaters with tanks are bigger compared to tankless heaters and have a limited capacity for providing RV Hot Water.

Tankless heaters are much smaller compared to heaters with tanks. This is because they don’t have any limited capacity. Rather, the way they are measured is through the water flow capacity, which refers to the quantity of hot water that can be released each minute. Most models can supply two gallons or two and a half gallons per minute, which is sufficient enough for a typical family.

Water Heater Energy Consumption

For most RV owners, one of their primary concerns is energy efficiency, especially when it comes to using appliances such as water heaters. Except if you will be able to access a power hookup. Most likely, you will have to be cautious with your energy consumption.

Tankless heaters are considered the most energy-efficient water heaters since the heating element will only be used when necessary. Although it may appear counterintuitive, propane heaters tend to be more energy-efficient compared to electric heaters. However, the most efficient of them all is the motoraid models.

Furthermore, the heating capacity of water heaters can also create a huge impact on energy efficiency. British Thermal Units or BTUs are used in measuring the rating. The most efficient units are the ones with the highest heating capacity rating. Nowadays, most RV water heaters can provide between 30,000 and 50,000 BTU.

If you are using an old water heater, regardless of its type, the best thing that you can do to minimize your energy consumption is Replacing Hot Water Heater In Motorhome with a new one. RV Water Heater Tank Replacement can save you more money. Nowadays, technology is getting more advanced and the new models of RV water heaters have lower power consumption compared to those that were built years ago. Having the best water heater for your camper can make your trip more enjoyable and comfortable.

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