Step Above Entry Steps 4-Step 27"W 39"-42"H

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Mor/Ryde STP-4-27-05H

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Remember the days of swimming in the pool and using the diving board?  That kind of bounce is fun,  but not so much on your RV’s steps, where the common bounce associated with entry steps can be dangerous. MORryde has developed a new generation of RV steps. No more bounce, instability or wobbling. The Step Above by MORryde is the solution to all of these deficiencies.  This innovative design stores and locks your steps easily into the entrance of your unit - keeping them out of sight and out of mind.  Step sets come with adjustable feet so you can always maintain an even and stable entrance, even on uneven terrain.  A classic MORryde durable look with all USA made parts, allowing you to have confidence in a product that is dependable and stands the test of time.



  • Lightweight
  • Stable entry to and exit from your RV
  • Stores securely right inside the door
  • Twist handle to release the Step Above steps
  • Adjustable feet to level the steps on uneven terrain
  • 500 LB weight capacity



Our No.MorRyde No.Height:Door WidthSteps
NT04-0342STP-3-30-03H30" to 34"30 in.3
NT04-0350STP-4-27-05H39" to 42"27 in.4
NT04-0251STP-3-27-02H30" to 34"27 in.3
NT41-0095STP-3-27-05H35" to 38"27 in.3
NT72-0722STP-2-27-01H25" to 29"27 in.2
NT04-0252STP-4-30-03H39" to 42"30 in.4
NT04-0363STP-4-32-04H39" to 42"32 in.4
NT72-0723STP-3-30-04H34" to 36"30 in.3




We know you are as excited about this as we are, but first we need to make sure everything checks out. Before you order, download the Qualifier form below to make sure that a set of Step Above steps will fit your RV and what size you will need.


Step Above Tip:

Do not try to lift the steps while the door is closed. This may cause damage to the step and door!



  • Get added stability with a Step Above optional handrail, available in 3 or 4 step version.
  • Put the space where your old steps were housed to good use with our Step Above storage box.



  • Step Above
  • Installation instructions
  • Attaching hardware
Step Rise 8 in.
On Sale No
Part Type Steps
Product Type Steps
Color Black/Aluminum
Material Aluminum
Watts (Maximum) No

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Entry steps
Ross B. on 07/14/2018 I gave you my door measurements. I received the wrong steps , I have been waiting for 4 days for a R m a. I'm not impressed with your return policy ?
Answer: We take every precaution to ensure customers are receiving the correct part and size. We have to depend, however, on the measurements provided by the customer based on the manufactuer's specifications for the product.;


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