NaviTech Power Steer Assembly


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NaviTech™ Power Steer Assembly

Now you can get the same technology used to drive the most powerful and best handling cars for your boat. 

Taking the latest technology from the automotive industry, Ultraflex has combined Electronic Power Steering (EPS) used in the most popular cars in the world with the latest mechanical steering helms and Mach 90 high efficiency steering cable to deliver unprecedented performance. 

Perfectly silent, the system draws minimal power and furtheremore is very easy to install. 

The NaviTechTM also has Integrated System Monitoring (ISM) which detects certain operating conditions including the number of cycles and notifies the end user with a vibration signal in the steering wheel if the cable needs to be changed. Never before has a steering system monitored it’s own operating conditions and given the driver diagnostic feedback. 

For specific applications Ultraflex can use programmable software to dial in the hand wheel effort and steering output to meet specific performance objectives of boat builders.

A Complete Steering System Consists of:

  • Power assisted steering helm:  T91NAV - 43207S - single cable steering helm
  • Tilt mechanism: X66 - 40613M - Tilt mechanism for NaviTechTM tilt mount helms. Tilt range of 48° and five locking positions
  • Steering cable: M90 Nav (patented) 
  • ATTENTION: M90 Nav steering cable is suitable for use also with T71FC, T72FC, T73NRFC, T81FC, T82FC, T83NRFC, T91, T93ZT, T101, T103ZT. Ultraflex steering helms. M66 will not fit the following Uflex helms: T91, T93ZT, T101, T103ZT.
  • Optional steering wheel

 Features and Technical Specifications:

  • Automotive steering effort and response
  • 100% Balanced steering - Port to Starboard / Starboard to Port
  • Silent Operation
  • Monitoring software with integrated cycle counter, for a correct cable replacement. 
  • By haptic feedback on the wheel, the system is able to signal anomalies, such as: 
  • Excessive cable load 
  • Stuck cable alarm
  • Field tested for over 3 years
  • 16 Nm of assist torque capability
  • Able to tune on center and end of travel torque effort
  • Consistent steering assist through all vessel speed ranges
  • Applied in leading automotive application since 2011. Nowadays automotive production is over 1 million units per year
  • 10 - 15 VDC
  • 8 - 15 A nominal current during steering maneuvers
  • Supplied with 10 ft electrical harness. It needs a 40 A fuse (to be ordered separately).
  • Validation for Marine application is per CE, ABYC P17, P27, and ISO 25197
  • NMMA Type Acceptance Completed

Limit of Applications:

  • Outboard engines:
  • Up to 150 hp, maximum 50 mph, no jackplates
Product Type Steering Systems

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