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Bug Deflectors, Hood Protectors, Chrome Accessories, Light Covers, Side Window Deflectors

About Auto Ventshade

 Auto Ventshade (AVS) designs and manufactures the most functional, stylish, and affordable automotive accessories for trucks, SUVs, CUVs, vans, and passenger cars. When Asa Phillips started Auto Ventshade in 1935, there was no way he could envision that, over 80 years later, AVS would be an industry force with an international presence. His company was built around the Ventshade®, a metal device that was mounted above car windows letting fresh air in while keeping rain and bad weather out. This gave rise to the invention of Ventvisor® and the Side Window Deflectors category. As the popularity of the Ventshade® grew, Mr. Phillips’ son, Asa Phillips Jr., introduced the Ventvisor® side window deflector in plastic. In 1998, Lund International acquired AVS, taking it to new levels of success and innovation. AVS has become synonymous with Vent Visors functioning as side Window Deflectors, hood protectors, and multiple industry-leading products that help you enjoy and protect your vehicles.

 AVS specializes in quality products utilizing TS standards with on-site design and tooling resources. Known for providing style, protection, and comfort, Auto Ventshade manufactures other high-quality automotive accessories including Bugflector II® which functions as Bug Deflectors or a Bugflector if you’d prefer to call it that way. AVS also produces  Aeroskin® Hood Protectors, Light Covers, and moonroof deflectors. You can literally dash through the snow with our Aeroskin LightShield Hood Protector while choosing to live the dream with our Low Profile Ventvisor Side Window Deflectors!

Auto VentShade  Products

Did you know you can color-match your AVS products when you order from us? 

Our products and services include hood protection through products like the Acrylic Hoodprotector and window protection by Avs Window Visors and Window Rain Guards. AVS hood shields provide a tough defense against bugs, dirt, and road debris for hoods, fenders, and windshields. Our side window deflectors let fresh air in while keeping the rain out. It is the best exterior window protection globally.

 Ahead of the curve as always, AVS proudly debuts new Lighting options for your RV truck and Jeep. We manufacture lighting products such as the Light Diffuser Panel, and lighting covers like the Ceiling Fan Light Covers, Ceiling Light Covers, and Fluorescent Light Covers. AVS light covers are one of the easiest re-styling products around and this is why thousands of Americans choose the AVS style that's right for their vehicles. AVS accessories encompass Bumper Protection such as general Bumper Covers and our all-time favorite Front Bumper Cover. We also have hood scoops for hood protection and Chrome Accessories. In fact, for Rain Guards, Scissor Jacks, and Window Visors you can trust, choose AVS. Our Avs Rain Guards will never throw you under the bus.

Auto VentShade & The RV Part Shop

Today, AVS has become synonymous with Ventvisor® side window deflectors, hood protectors, and multiple industry-leading products that help you enjoy and protect your vehicles. We are so thankful to our loyal employees who allow us to bring the best products to market, and the dealers who connect the dots. RV Part Shop is a strong part of our supply chain system and we value the unique selling point that this partnership brings into AutoVentShade.

You should choose AVS every time because our products don't delaminate or get corroded by the elements. They don't have features that crack apart if you get in rough use. They're lighter and quieter than many metal products out there in the consumer market, and many of our models are designed to fit any recreational vehicle produced today. Remember always that for protection and style, we’ve got you covered. We say this because we are ahead of the curve, and we know how to help you show the elements of who's boss.

List Of Auto VentShade Products For Online Sales

Acrylic Hood Protector

Auto VentShade

Auto Ventshade

Avs Rain Guards

Avs Window Visors

Bug Deflectors


Bumper Covers

Bumper Protection

Ceiling Fan Light Covers

Ceiling Light Covers

Chrome Accessories

Fluorescent Light Covers

Front Bumper Cover

Hood Protectors

Light Covers

Light Diffuser Panel

Rain Guards

Scissor Jacks

Side Window Deflectors

Vent Visors

Window Deflectors

Window Rain Guards

Window Visors

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AVS designs and manufactures the most functional, stylish, and affordable automotive accessories. As our many satisfied customers say in their reviews, these products provide the best vehicle protection, improve driving enjoyment, enhance vehicle styling, plus they?re easy to install. And you'll get long-lasting performance from AVS accessories because each one is precision engineered and crafted from the finest materials right here in the USA.



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