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Products offered by Bulldog/Fulton


Trailer Couplers, Jacks and Locks, Winches


Bulldog Fulton is a registered brand of Horizon Global Corporation. Horizon Global Corporation is a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of a range of custom-engineered towing, trailering, cargo management products, and other related accessories. Horizon Global is home to some of the world’s most recognized brands in the towing and trailering industry, including Bargman, Draw-Tite, Fulton, Reese, Tekonsha, and Westfalia. We have approximately 3,530 employees in 25 facilities across 17 countries of the world. The Bulldog values include being socially responsible, maintaining a respectful and open team, championing integrity and accountability, and ensuring that we are data and results-driven with all our processes. The work that we do is enabled by our global reach, product development expertise, best-in-class manufacturing and sourcing capabilities, and our very talented and experienced management board.

Since 1920, the BULLDOG brand has been the choice of military and manufacturers everywhere because, for all heavy-duty towing needs, Bulldog is sure to deliver. Gooseneck hitches, Gooseneck Couplers, Trailer Couplers, and Wedge-Latch™ elements feature a high-strength, heavy-duty design that makes them the toughest trailer components available today. Bulldog jacks in particular are built with uncompromising strength and materials engineered to hold up under rigorous working conditions. The Bulldog line is characterized by unmatched strength, reliability, safety, and value. For your heavy-duty towing needs, count on us to be tough and tested.


From our award-winning Mounting Brackets and innovative Hitch Accessories to a full line of Manual Jacks and weight distributing hitches, towing doesn’t have to be a drag. For instance, we have built trailer jacks that are the first jacks in their class to offer a ball screw for low rolling friction, compared to the sliding friction of standard power jacks with ACME screws. We have equipped them with high-capacity ball nuts for a higher-rated load, and greater assurance for you on the road.

Bulldog Locks

Our Locks are subdivided into the hitch lock and coupler lock categories. You are at liberty to choose your pin diameter, receiver size, and lockable.

Bulldog Couplers

This product category is spread out to our A-Frame Couplers, straight couplers, adjustable couplers, Bulldog Trailer Couplers, and Bulldog Gooseneck Couplers. You can customize the capacity, ball diameter, and mounting hole diameter.

Trailer Jacks

We produce Bulldog Jacks such as round jacks, powered jacks, square jacks, HD square jacks, 2-speed square jacks, fifth wheel jacks, rack/gear jacks, Bulldog Jack Parts, and Bulldog Jack Accessories. We also have Manual Tongue Jacks, Jacks and Dollies,  specialized  Tongue Jacks, Jack Accessories, and Jack Parts. You can customize your trailer jacks by choosing the following - the capacity, drop leg travel, gears included, travel type, retraction, extension, clearance, foot length, foot width, cylinder diameter, attached wheels, and wheel diameter.

Bulldog Winches

Our vehicle and utility Winches include -

Trailer Winches

Winch Straps

Winches Accessories.

Tow Cables,

Adjustable Brackets

Boat Trailer Accessories

Fenders, King Pins

Safety Chains



We are part of a strong family of performing brands and more acquisitions are being made to further broaden our product range. Today, Bulldog is not only a provider of solutions for towing needs. Our company has become synonymous with an outdoor lifestyle that spans from your motorhome to your camper traveler, to the adventurous wilderness.  

Our service and aftermarket pledge is executed through a network of independent service dealers and service providers just like RV Part Shop. Rugged is the standard equipment in today’s RV industry and this is why RV Part Shop stocks Bulldog Adjustable Brackets, Bulldog Fenders, Bulldog Hitch Accessories, and Bulldog Boat Trailer Accessories.

List Of Bulldog Fulton Products For Online Sales

Adjustable Brackets

Boat Trailer Accessories

Bulldog Adjustable Brackets

Bulldog Boat Trailer Accessories

Bulldog Couplers

Bulldog Fenders

Bulldog Gooseneck Couplers

Bulldog Hitch Accessories

Bulldog Jack Accessories

Bulldog Jack Parts

Bulldog Jacks

Bulldog Locks

Bulldog Trailer Couplers

Bulldog Winches




Gooseneck Couplers

Hitch Accessories

Jack Accessories

Jack Parts


Jacks and Dollies

King Pins


Manual Jacks

Manual Tongue Jacks

Mounting Brackets

Safety Chains


Tongue Jacks

Trailer Couplers

Trailer Winches

Winch Straps


Winches Accessories

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