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Dexter Axle

Trailer Axles, Hubs, Bearings and Brake Assemblies

DEXTER - Heavy Duty Axle Solution

Dexter Axle is a leading manufacturer of trailer axle hardware and Dexter trailer brake parts. It was founded in Elkhart, Indiana by Leonard Dexter. With over 60 years in the utility trailer, recreation vehicle, heavy-duty, manufactured housing, agricultural, marine, and specialty trailer markets; Dexter Axle Canada develops trailer components that are safe and reliable for our consumer segments.

Dexter® is owned by DexKo Global, formed in 2015 through an amalgamation of Dexter and AL-KO VT. This combination spearheads highly engineered trailer running axle parts, bearings, and wheel parts, with a 130-year inheritance of trailer and caravan componentry experience. Dexter currently produces quality products in our manufacturing facilities across the US and Canada which employs state-of-the-art robotics, precision welding equipment, and automated machining processes.

When seeking high-quality, time-tested, and durable axle components and Dexter Axle parts you should leverage specialty terms for finding the best Dexter parts online. For example, type Dexter dealer near me or Dexter Axle distributors near me. If you are sourcing bearings and parts within the Dexter Canada region, our regional support team ensures nationwide availability through our distribution network for - trailer axles Edmonton, trailer axles Ontario, Dexter axle parts Edmonton, Torsion axle Canada, trailer axles Canada, and Dexter brakes Canada. Dexter Zapatillas is another terminology used to search for trailer parts and accessories that keep your trailer rolling in optimal condition.


Dexter is the premier supplier of axles, doors, venting products, and related components for the utility trailer, RV, heavy-duty, recreational boating, and manufactured housing markets. The commitment to principles of safety, quality, and customer service has resulted in over 50 million Dexter axles installed by OEMs in six decades. Our range of products include: 

  • Sprung axles - Dexter camper axles, Dexter 5200 Lb trailer axles, Dexter 6k axle, Dexter 8k oil bath axles, Dexter 9k axle, Dexter 10 axles,15k Dexter axle, and a selection of Dexter 15k axle parts.

  • Torsion axles - These include the Dexter Torsion axle, Dexter 9 Torflex axle, and Torflex axle parts.

  • Heavy-duty products - Some of them are our Dexter 7000 Lb axle seals, Dexter 12k axle parts, and Dexter 12k axle seals.

  • Brakes & accessories - We’ve got the popular Canadian tire cotter pin, an intelligent array of Dexter brake parts, the must-have Dexter 3500 Lb axle brake kit. In addition, our Dexter trailer hitch is most suitable for towing your vehicles. 

  • Rotors, hubs & drums - Dexter Axle hub cap, Dexter 10k Axle lug nut torque, Dexter 3500 Lb axle lug nut torque, and the Dexter 8 lug axles; are part of our non-exhaustive list of rotors, hubs, and drums for your RV trailer.

  • Suspensions and relevant components include the Dexter 3500 Axle Bearings, Dexter Axle Official 2 Lithium Axle Bearing Grease, and the Dexter Never Lube Bearings

We’ve also got actuation for optimal machine operations, and a rich list of door products and vent products for your vehicles.


With an enhanced business scale, operating leverage, capital efficiencies, and team diversity; Dexter Axle delivers market leadership in product development and innovation. At RV Part Shop, we admire the exceptional customer service, increased manufacturing flexibility, and great efficiency that Dexter Axle brings into our business. We do not take this level of professionalism lightly.

As a global manufacturer of trailer axles and trailer brakes for over 60 years, Dexter offers us the ultimate solution for providing stability to your vehicle and trailer. Asides, Dexter’s safe RV towing possibilities, there’s a variety of suspensions, parts, and accessories to fit light-duty and heavy-duty applications. These ensure secure connections for wheel bearings tailored to any vehicle-trailer setup you want.

A world leader in developing and producing safe, reliable trailer components, a large portion of Dexter Axle’s products are vehicle-specific to our customers at RV Part Shop. This conveniently helps to eliminate the need for complicated cutting and splicing, thus offering components that are plug-and-play, and built to last.



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