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BAL Leveling and Stabilizing Jacks, Tongue Jacks, Wheel Chocks, Roof Bows, Slideouts


Producing innovative products for 30 years, Bal RV Products Group is privately owned and is situated on a, 540,000 square-foot manufacturing facility located in Elkhart, Indiana, USA. We are one of the seven unique brands at the Elkhart facility which has experienced continual growth since it was founded in 1991. Our capabilities at BAL RV Products include engineering and design, testing, stamping, welding, tube bending and cutting, tooling and machining, laser blanking, assembly, painting, and warehousing.

Owned by Michael Tallman, BAL RV Products Group is a division of Norco Industries hence our values are at the core of everything we do. Our mission is to develop BAL RV Products into the most respected and admired company in the industry we serve by establishing profound expertise in our systems, exceeding our customers’ expectations at every opportunity, and consistently meeting the demands of an ever-changing RV industry. 

We have built a world-class workforce through respect, integrity, and responsibility, and our continued growth is a byproduct of an environment where everyone is important, including you! Norco Industries’ BAL RV Products brand has supplied the RV industry with the most durable Trailer Frames available this century. Developed and tested in the early 90's BAL has cornered the market with its lightweight and high-strength design.


We produce high-quality products for the RV industry such as Slideouts, Trailer Frames, Roof Bows, Leveling Jacks & Stabilizing Jacks, Tongue Jacks, Leveling & Stabilizing Scissor Jacks, King Pin Stabilizer Jacks, Wheel Chocks, and other Chassis Components & aftermarket services. In detail, our products are the: 

  • Accu-Slide

  • Exact-Slide

  • Big Bad Foot Pad

  • BAL Single 22" "C" JAC

  • Powered C-Type Jacks

  • X-Chocks

  • Single Axle Chock

  • Standard Chock

  • Deluxe Chock like the BAL  Wheel Chocks or the BAL X-Chock Trailer Stabilizers

  • Circular surface level

  • Crank Handles or BAL Jack Crank Handles

  • Deluxe base pads

  • DumpCaddy

  • Hide-A-Space

  • BAL  Stabilizing Jacks such as the BAL King Pin Stabilizer Jacks, King Pin Tripod Fastjack, Fastjack Full-timer, and the Fastjack Weekender series.

  • Classic King Pin Tripod, King Pin Bipod, King Pin Gooseneck, King Pin Extension leg, and King Pin lock series

  • BAL  Leveling Jacks (electric)

  • LT trailer tire leveler

  • LT trailer stab

  • Roof Bows 

  • Lock-Arm Stabilizing Bar

  • NXG Frame and NXG Slide

  • Power Pak (C-Jack) and Power Pak (Scissor)

  • ¾” Ratchet Wrench

  • Retract-A-Spare

  • BAL Classic Scissor Jacks

  • SJ leveling system

  • Telescopic Stabilizer

  • BAL  Tongue Jacks and tongue jack accessories

  • Tongue twister

  • Ultra-frame.

We get our steel straight from the American Heartland, where it is forged in mills we know and trust. We do this because we know the best labor doesn't come from the lowest overseas bidder. For instance, our BAL  Tongue Jacks feature intricately-built yet simple-to-use, adjustable components. We believe this is the last jack you'll ever need. The fact is, this sturdy product has a 3-piece interlocking design, 6-point frame mount, and 2" receiver tube reinforced with steel gussets. It includes an electrical bracket and built-in safety chain loops for maximum safety - all shipped in one box. We know you’ll love it because we do too.


One of the challenges many truck owners face when picking RV products is the difficulty in finding one that meets their needs. Our service technicians are trained, certified, and there when you need them and we know the best ones. At RV Part Shop, we work with Bal RV products to ease this process and provide the right guidance for the right products. Our partnership has just one goal - to enhance the overall appearance and functionality of your vehicle and we trust ourselves to deliver on this promise.  

List Of BAL Products For Online Sales


Trailer Frames

Chassis Components

Roof Bows

Leveling Jacks

Stabilizing Jacks

Tongue Jacks

Wheel Chocks

King Pin Stabilizer Jacks

Scissor Jacks


C-Type Jacks

Crank Handles

BAL  Leveling Jacks

BAL  Stabilizing Jacks

BAL  Tongue Jacks

BAL  Wheel Chocks

BAL Classic Scissor Jacks

BAK Jack Crank Handles

BAL King Pin Stabilizer Jacks

BAL X-Chock Trailer Stabilizers

BAL Single 22" "C" JAC

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