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Roofing Installation, Roof Repair, Quick Roof, and Roof Repair Products Online


Cofair Products is a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of unique waterproofing self-adhesive membranes and flashing tapes for installing and repairing roofs, windows, RV's, mobile homes, skylights, decks, gutters, and driveways. Cofair Roofing Solutions is a privately-held corporation operating in Skokie, Illinois; and we continue to show healthy growth year after year. Our expansive family of membranes and flashings is the result of over 25 years of developing products that protect buildings and vehicles from moisture intrusion and damage. Basically, Cofair Products WRQR616 is an expert in sealing out the elements. Our newest family of Roof Maintenance Products and flashing tapes with Steel-Loc adhesive incorporates "next generation" synthetic co-polymer adhesive technology, and adheres to all building materials, instantly stopping leaks. 


Our products comprise Roofing Installation and RV Roofing Repair Products for:

Roof Repair Products Online

Quick Roof Ultrabond

Quick Roof Ultrabond is guaranteed not to crack, harden or shrink. In addition to instantly stopping leaks and permanently repairing most roofing materials, Quickroof ultra bond will repair skylights, gutters, flashings, RVs & mobile homes, trucks & trailers, garden sheds, pond liners, tarps and will even stick to brick and concrete.

Quick Roof Pro Aluminium

Quick Roof Pro Aluminium is the original aluminum-faced self-adhesive roll roofing and Camper Roofing Repair material. Its patented formula consists of a polymer reinforced aluminum surface and an aggressive rubberized asphalt adhesive. Its UV stable seals out the elements and has a ten-year limited warranty.

Roof Deck Seam Tape

The Roof Deck Seam Tape forms a moisture and vapor barrier, thus self-sealing around screws and nails. Our Tite Seal All Purpose Flashing is composed of a self-adhesive, waterproof, slip-resistant material with an aggressive rubberized asphalt adhesive to provide a barrier against water infiltration in areas prone to leaks. It is designed for use on valleys, drip edges, chimneys, skylights, ridges, dormers, windows, doors, roofs, and wall transitions.

Quick Roof Shingle Starter Edge

Quick Roof Shingle Starter Edge is a self-adhesive roofing material that eliminates the need to cut shingle tabs. It saves time and labor through a fast peel and sticks application, and its adhesive seal strip prevents wind uplift at the roof’s edge. It is also waterproof, and self-seals around nails. 

Cover ‘N Coat is a 35 mil membrane composed of a polyester fabric top surface and an aggressive rubberized asphalt adhesive layer. It is an ideal repair and reinforcing material for cracks, seams, and stress areas in both metal and asphalt roofs. It can also be applied to joints in wood, gypsum board, metal, and polyethylene and styrene surfaces to form an air and moisture barrier in stucco and EIFS construction. 

Quick Roof EPDM Rubber Roofing and the Gutter seal are also part of our roofing repair solutions at Cofair Products Inc.

Windows & Doors: This comprises the Tite seal original window flashing, Tite seal butyl, Tite seal flex, Tite seal ultra, Tite seal foam, and the Threshold sealer.

Decks & Driveways: They include products like the Deck flash barrier, Driveway medic, and the Butyl deck flash.

RV Instant Waterproof Repairs: These are our Quick Roof Extreme for RVs, White Quickroof for Rubber Roof Repair, Quick Roof pro aluminum white, Quick Roof extreme patch kit, and Quick Roof Rubber roof patch kit.

Pond Liners Tape: An example of this product is our Tite seal EPDM Pond liner.


Cofair Products manufactures the best Roof Sealing Tapes and Trailer Roofing Repair, Aluminum Waterproof Roof, and Quick Roof Products in North America. In partnership with RV Part Shop, we are proud to be leading the market in roofing products supplied globally since 1989. Under Robert Kaplan’s leadership, our business strategy and the team of committed stakeholders have helped us earn $4.99 million in revenue. We honor the employees, distributors, dealers, and end-users who have contributed to our success.

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Cofair Products

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