How To Make Your RV Feel More Like Home

How To Make Your RV Feel More Like Home

It is a universal truth that ‘home is where your heart is.’  And if your heart is dwelling in your RV, you will adopt ways to make it feel more like a natural home. Journey in an RV teaches you many compromises for the freedom to be away from civilization and adore nature. 

Yet sometimes, you might think of making your RV a little more comfortable to give a homely feeling. There are many ways to provide extra touches and features to enjoy your home away from home life. 

#1 Upgrade your RV Kitchenware and Accessories

Makeover Your RV Kitchen

You might enjoy big plates and lots of silverware at home. Yet kitchen RV appliances & RV kitchen accessories supplies designed for an RV are much easier to organize, use and clean up—RV kitchen makeover with medium size beautiful bowls and serving spoons instead of heavy and oversized items.

Collapsible colanders and storage bowls, lightweight melamine utensils, and popup trash cans are helpful during travel. You can think of plastic or paper material, but it won’t give the home effect. It will seem to be a temporary solution. 

Electrical Appliances For Your RV 

Small RV refrigerators and appliances like a tiny microwave and a small kitchen oven make your life and joy bliss. Preparing an everyday meal or for special occasions with organized equipment in your RV kitchen is fun and homely. 

#2 Replace Your RV furnishing

In general, RV furniture includes a bed, table, sofa, and of course, a driver seat. However, to make it feel more like home, you can add some RV furnishings like bolted-down or free-standing recliners, an ottoman, and even a customized computer workstation. 

Functional Furniture for your RV

Some sofas with white cabinets are foldable in RV, keeping the shortage of space in mind & light control. The dining area furniture is usually multi-purpose, yet some RV owners use traditional tables and free-standing chairs to enjoy the homeliness. You can also add booth style dinette with plush or benches with an under-storage facility. Finally, having some decorative and functional pillows with comfy throws on your furniture will give an exclusive home feeling. 

#3 Space Saving Decorating Ideas for RV Walls

Decorate the RV wall colors and wallpapers 

Your RV might have the typical RV wallpapers or paints. Although there is nothing wrong with it, it might not suit your taste. A wallpaper of maps can be such a good choice for a traveling RV family. Choose wall colors and furniture colors as per your choice, which will instantly make a huge difference.

Pick as many accent colors you want for your RV walls just like you would do for your home. A simple coat of your favorite paint color or a fabulous wallpaper can change it from a standard RV to an RV, just like your home. 

Enhance the walls with functional maintenance-free accessories

The RV ceiling lights in the wall or roof look great and serve the purpose of not occupying the small space with standing lamps. You can put some artwork on the wall, textured, and use velcro to reduce any damage. Just like Velcro strips, command hooks are also handy to keep your motorhome organized. 

#4 Decorating Tips for RV Motorhomes

Decorate RV Windows

Many small touches & window treatments can makeover your regular RV into a special one, just like home. Replace the valances with cozy curtains. You can use lightweight curtain rods, which you will not need to change or replace window coverings.

An RV has many windows, so choose RV curtains wisely before ordering. If you are not a particular person, you can never go wrong with RV shades and blinds with electric or roller shades.

Other RV Decorative Ideas

A small, powerful RV air conditioner that takes less space can be helpful during summer travels. Lights are excellent ways to decorate and change the ambiance of your RV life. You can use different RV lights for other purposes instead of the common types you get. For example, you can use small table lamps beside your bed or on the dining table to use the space to read books or relax.

Halogen puck lights, wall sconces, fluorescent lights can change your motorhome into a natural home. You can also choose RV ceiling fans that provide enough comfort if you are resting or driving with an open window. Finally, use a diffuser or candles with essential oil to give a positive feeling to yourself in your motorhome. Some fantastic additions like these will make your RV more inviting.

#5 Makeover RV Bathroom with small changes

To make RV look more like home, you might need to focus on some details. Your bathroom is one of those focal points where some simple changes can make you feel cozier at home. RV plumbing is one of the significant issues the owners face. Portable camping toilets, RV sewer hoses, and plumbing pipes should be oriented strategically. 

Tips to make RV Bathroom more homely

Instead of going for ultra-cheap towels, make sure to buy decent bath towels, preferably in different colors, if you are living with your family. Accessories that are durable and unbreakable will give security and last longer while traveling. You can also keep some air freshener for a fresh and pleasant awakening warmth. Suitable-looking accessories can provide an excellent feeling of being at home.

#5 Load Camping Essentials for your RV

Just imagine your usual camping trips from home. You used to go by your car once in a while. But now you can go camping in an RV motorhome anytime you want! But like at home, you cannot keep everything in your RV for camping.

You have to make a list of the essential items so that you can enjoy your camping days and nights with pleasure but with more minor camping accessories

Most important check-list for RV Camping days

Things like RV mosquito killer lamp and repellent, first aid kit, and blankets should be there on your list. Keep a skillet with a lid, microwavable bowls, spatulas, and spoons in the utensil section for making food. In addition, small utensils like a potato peeler, bottle openers, corkscrew, chopping knife, and measuring spoons are always helpful. 

Essential RV Camping items you should not forget

Keep essential cleaning supplies, disposable bags, and disinfectant spray in the camping section. In an RV, Led flashlights are always necessary while camping, and don’t forget to keep the first-aid kit at a convenient place. You can also keep solar lanterns which is essential even if you are not camping and do not have electricity. 

Small essential items for RV Camping

The other essential items for camping like sunscreen, bungee cords with hooks, jumper cables, mosquito killer lamps, solar lanterns, and all-purpose cleaners are always functional. You can also carry an RV portable ice maker for your RV motorcar, which will give you the feeling of camping from home.  

#6 Ultimate RV Packing Items

As you are traveling with very few items in a small motorhome, you must reason about the items you need. There are tons of things that you cannot forget, and they are beneficial while traveling in an RV motorhome. If your pet, RV pet accessories like a good laundry detergent that can clean the pet stain and remove odor will be bliss. 

RV essential gears to check

An RV propane regulator is an essential thing to measure and regulate the propane pressure of your motorhome. You can keep a spare regulator in case anything goes wrong in the middle of nowhere. RV fasteners are another essential aspect of which you need to be constantly aware. 

RV Safety and security tips

When your RV is your home, it is vital to keep in mind RV safety and security. Keep good locks, and do not leave expensive items inside the RV without locking. Keep everything digital.

Use less cash and more credit or debit cards. Use a security camera with motion direction so that it can alert you as soon as any unknown person arrives near your motorhome.

You can use door and windows motion sensors which will notify you remotely through the app on your phone about any unwanted problems. Be completely wireless and always use doors and windows alarm systems. An intelligent wireless security system is the most desirable option for RV travelers. Finally, do not forget to keep an RV Battery that lasts longer and saves time and money to replace every year. 


The most important thing to maintain in an RV, just like home, is to keep it clutter-free. As the space is minimal, it can soon be full of clutter, which will ruin your relaxation. So make sure to deep clean the RV often to continue with the homely feeling. By following all the above tips, you can make your RV a ‘sweet home’ in no time.

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