Prepare Your RV For Winter - Best RV Covers For Motorhome

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Prepare Your RV For Winter - Best RV Covers For Motorhome

Most often, we love buying new Chevy truck seat covers, Chevy silverado seat covers, or seat covers for dodge ram for our pick-up trucks. But how about the covers for your rigs?

Most RV owners are fully aware that one of the most important things to consider when owning an RV is to protect it against any elements. If you have experienced traveling during harsh conditions, then you know how critical it is to keep your RV protected at all times. You should cover it most especially when it matters most.

Aside from the rain and wind, purchasing appropriate protection for cold weather and snow might be one of the smartest investments that you should consider. For a quick and easy cover for your RV roof, you can use RV tarp.

How To Measure Your RV For A Cover

Is it necessary to measure your travel trailer RV when buying a classic accessories RV cover? Absolutely! Measuring your RV is the best way of making sure that your cover will fit properly. Even if you recognize the make and model, sometimes the specifications of the manufacturer vary from the actual one.

That is why it is always a good idea to physically measure your RV because of its ladders, extended bumpers, spare tires, etc. In measuring your RV, do not include the front hitch on trailers as well as the propane tanks.

Things You Need in Measuring Your RV

When you are measuring for an RV cover, you can do this using the old-school method. There is no need to use smartphones or computers. All you need is a pen, paper, and a tape measure.

In finding the appropriate cover for your RV, the better you take the measurement, the better it will fit. That’s it! It’s quite as simple as that!

Measure From Bumper to Bumper

To get an accurate measurement of your RV, it is important to measure it from bumper to bumper. If there is anything that sticks out beyond the bumpers, then take note of what it is and how far it goes. For instance, the spare tire on the back sticks out 18 inches long or the ladder sticks out about 8.5 inches.

Keep in mind that you should exclude the hitches in your measurements. Some covers sold at RV covers bc are designed to accommodate basic equipment such as awnings, mirrors, or AC units.

Measure The Width Of Your RV

When measuring the width of your RV, do this from side to side. Move to the front of your trailer and measure the widest part. Be sure to exclude the mirrors or awnings.

Measure The Height Of Your RV

To measure the height of your RV, you should start at the top of the outside roof then move down to the bottom of the frame. Avoid measuring down to the ground or at the top of the wheel wells. Be sure to measure the whole frame from top to the bottom.

How About The Mirror And Awnings?

A Goldline RV cover is designed to accommodate basic RV awnings. When installing the cover, mirrors should be folded in. Typically, the cover will have extra fabric for covering the mirrors. Your RV Cover should be a bit loose, making it easier to install. Once the custom fit rv covers are in place, you can use the straps in tightening and securing it.

Things To Consider Before Buying An RV Cover

If you want to protect your RV from strong winds or rainfall, then you should invest in a good RV cover rather than an rv tarp. However, knowing which one to purchase is not always easy. When buying Camco RV covers or any other covers, there are some important factors that you have to take into account.

Material Of RV Cover

These truck camper covers are usually made from different materials. The best material for rainy climates is polyethylene, while polyester can protect your RV from hot, dry climates. For humid climates, choose RV covers made from polypropylene.

If you want the best protection against the rain and sun, then choose solution-dyed acrylic covers. Choose RV trailer covers that are more suitable to the climate where you will be storing your RV. Some covers also feature additional layers for added protection.

Type of RV You Own

RVs or trailers come in various sizes and shapes. Therefore, your RV trailer covers should match the type of your RV. Before making your purchase, it is important to measure your RV accurately.

The length is obtained by measuring the front down to the back of the bumper. While the height will be measured from the top of the roof down to the mid-wheel. Finally, the width is the length of the rear bumper and the windshield

Additional Features

Trailer covers are designed to protect your RV from any potential damaging elements. But some covers offer additional features such as air vents to prevent moisture from building up within. Others also include additional weatherproofing which is very handy if you are living in a harsh environment.

While other covers provide extra protection to prevent strong winds from tearing up your cover. You can also find RV covers bc they come with zippered door panels, making it easier for you to access the interior part while being stored.

Best Class A, B, C Motorhome Cover

Best Class A Covers For Motorhome

If you are driving a Class A RV, then you will be needing a large cover. It is something that is specifically designed for your RV’s particular size and shape.

ADCO Covers

Whether you are looking for custom-fit RV covers or universal covers, ADCO manufactures them all with minimum tear resistance. They use different fabrics that can withstand the harsh conditions of the outdoors. Although all of their products are high-quality, the most recommended one is the Designer series of covers for Class A motorhomes.

Best Class B Covers For Motorhome

Even if your RV is much smaller, it does not mean that it does not require the same kind of protection that the big guys need. Camper covers Canada are selling covers fit for Class B rigs.

Cars Cover

In a lot of ways, a Class B motorhome has the resemblance of a car. Its shape and size are more similar to a street vehicle than a Class A rig. CarsCover offers covers fit for Class B motorhomes. They are weatherproof and waterproof.

Best Class C Covers For Motorhome

With Class C motorhomes, you can have luxury, space, and a lower price compared to the larger Class A rig. However, due to its unique shape, it is important that you have to choose a cover that is specially designed for a Class C RV.


If you are purchasing from camper covers Canada, then the most important factor to consider is if it fits your rig. Most especially if you want to protect your Class C RV. OOFIT covers are high quality and do not only protect your Class C heavy-duty rig from weather, water, and UV rays. It can also protect your RV from snow, bird droppings, sand, and other hazardous elements.

Best Overall RV Cover

ADCO Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed Class A

These adco RV covers can protect your precious rig from different elements while you are traveling. One of its greatest benefits is that you don’t need to wash or apply wax and roof treatments more often. As a result, your RV will have a brand new look anytime.

Best Value RV Cover

North East Harbor Waterproof RV Motorhome Cover

This affordable cover is built from fully waterproof material. It can fit RVs, motorhomes, and 5th wheel trailers that have a maximum height of 120 inches and a length between 20 and 25 feet.

Bet Budget RV Cover

Covercraft Wolf CY31042 Travel Trailer RV Cover

Covercraft Cover is dependable and affordable. It is the best option for budget-minded RVers who are looking for a balance between price and value. It features multilayered polypropylene fabrics along with excellent breathability.

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