7 RV Bathroom Renovation Ideas For Your Motorhome Shower

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7 RV Bathroom Renovation Ideas For Your Motorhome Shower

It is hard to deny that having a Camper Shower while traveling is truly amazing. You can get the chance to shower anytime you want. This means that you will never feel dirty again after walking on the beach or in the woods.

But RV Showers are not flawless. Most often, they are too small. Also, the factory-installed Shower Heads may not be of good quality. Finding an area for your toiletries can be a great challenge since the washing area is too small. Ultimately, you have to deal with the issues of your RV Square Shower Pans getting cracked or turning to yellow over time.

Because of these drawbacks, some RV owners decide that they won’t use their showers anymore. But those who did get the opportunity to shower in their rig feel that they are not satisfied at all.

The good news is, renovating an RV bathroom is not as difficult as you might think. With just a few small changes, you can create a huge difference. It can help you feel satisfied when showering and consequently, improve your entire camping experience.

The following are some simple upgrades that you can implement in your RV bathroom:

1. RV Shower Heads Replacement

When purchasing a rig, the first thing that you have to replace is the shower head. Upgrading it with the right RV shower head and Shower Hoses can provide you with better water pressure with less water being used. In other words, you can preserve more water in your tank. No matter how long you take your shower, you will never run out of hot water.

So, what are the best replacement RV showerheads for Portable Showers? Choose something that can decrease gallons of water consumption while increasing its pressure.

2. Make Camp Showers More Spacious

Aside from the handheld shower head, another common complaint of the RVers is the limited space in RV showers. It’s obvious that making your shower bigger is something impossible to do. However, there are some things that you can do so you can make your shower space feel less crowded.

If you do not have enough shelf space, then you can use wall-mounted soap dispensers. It does not require too much space to install. They are also very easy to set up, you can even do it yourself.

Replace RV Shower Curtains or RV Shower Doors with curved curtain rods. Hang a nice curtain on the rod and you can have more shower space.

Sometimes no matter what you do, you just can’t make your indoor shower bigger. If this is the case, then the best option is to go for RV Outdoor Showers. With Outdoor Showers, you can make your shower stall as big as you want and use outdoor space.

3. Adding RV Bathtubs

After you have upgraded your shower head and made your shower stall bigger, you are probably happy and satisfied with your current RV shower. However, there are still some upgrades that you could apply and see how it fits. One of these upgrades is adding a bathtub.

If you only have a shower in your camper, then you won’t be able to bathe your children. The best solution is to put a large plastic container or small, inflatable pool in the bottom of the hot shower. This will act like a bathtub for your kids. Or you could purchase Wash Tubs.

4. Replace RV Shower Faucets

Sometimes doing simple things such as replacing your old shower faucet with a new, trendy one can already create a big difference in the appearance of your shower. With a shower filter by RV Part Shop you can assure that you have a healthier, cleaner shower each day.

5. Install an Additional Towel Rod

In your shower, you can install an additional towel rod by using a tension rod. This allows you to hang your swimsuits and wet towels.

6. Use RV Shower Upgrade Kits

If your trailer is already quite old, then simple upgrades may not be sufficient enough. You will require major renovations which require RV shower kits.

If your Shower Pans have cracked, turned yellowish, or have been damaged then an RV shower insert kit is the best solution. This is also an excellent solution for those who want to add Shower Surrounds. A shower door kit is very useful if you would like to replace your door.

With these kits, RVers can get the chance to do the project by themselves. Be sure to take accurate measurements to make sure that you are getting the proper size and style that fits your bathroom.

RV manufacturers always want to make sure that they can save space in their units. But at the same time, they also want to provide their clients with total comfort. The best solution is to use an RV Shower Toilet Kit. It is a combination of a shower stall and a cassette toilet which is quite unique. Although it is a bit crowded, it does not discourage the campers from enjoying all of their bathroom needs.

7. Create a Homemade RV Shower

Also known as a do-it-yourself RV shower, this is the time that you can show your creativity. There are great options out there such as corrugated metal shower, all-glass RV bathroom, wooden barrel RV shower, etc..

Installing a new shower hose is one of the best ways to spruce up your steam shower. Be sure to choose the one that is made of high-quality and very durable. Fortunately, replacing a shower hose is very simple. It is one of the cost-effective ways of improving the look of your shower as well as its functionality. Even with this simple upgrade, you can already enjoy the numerous benefits of steam.

As we have mentioned here, there are a lot of things that you can do to upgrade your shower trailer. So, what are you waiting for, get started with your renovation now so you can completely enjoy taking a shower in your rig while traveling?

Why Do You Need RV Shower Pans?

RV Rectangular Shower Pans are essential if you want the water of your shower to remain inside your shower. It can ensure that you won’t slip as you stand. Shower pans can make your bathroom look stunning. It can create a boundary for your shower, providing you with a clean environment. It can separate the amount of water away from the rest of the bathroom.

There are different styles to choose from, so be sure to choose the one that fits your needs. Shower pans can make your bathroom look attractive, comfortable, and clean.

Tips in Upgrading Your RV Bathroom

Regardless of what type of RV you have, the bathroom is one of its essential spaces. You will be using it most of the time, most especially if you have just come back from a walk outside. Whether you want to add some storage space or enhance the design of your bathroom, there is always a solution.

Before anything else, you have to spend some time making a plan. Learn what materials that you should avoid. When it comes to RV bathrooms, there are some materials that can last longer. Obviously, you should avoid using fragile accessories or bulky items. If you are using adhesives, then choose the one that is very powerful. Be sure that it can withstand exposure to moisture.

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