Popular Space Saving Ideas & Tips For RV Motorhomes

Posted on 06/21/2021 RV Industry News 1062
Popular Space Saving Ideas & Tips For RV Motorhomes

Importance Of Free Space In Your RV Motorhomes

After living a normal life at home the most challenging part of living in an RV is the limited available space in your Motorhome. Most RVs are between 20-45 feet long, 8.5 feet wide, and 14 feet tall. On average, that’s 275 sq feet of space, which is quite smaller than most small studio apartments or a normal-sized home.

Due to limited space, every part of your camper must be organized in the most efficient possible way. Failure to organize your RV space means you won’t be able to fit what you need inside. Making the best use of the space you have will also create a more comfortable trip and help everyone be happier along the way.

But before you start organizing, there are a few important steps you must complete. How can you start organizing if you don’t know what you have? Create a list of all of your items that’s easy for you to frequently change or list of essential RV Furniture items you want in your Motorhome. Listing all of your items will allow you to see what unnecessary things might be taking up space.

Find A Place for Everything

If you can’t find a place to store that cozy dish you don’t want to get rid of, chances are good you don’t need it. Finding a spot to put everything will make it much easier to keep your small living space clean and organized. There are also several practical reasons why you should find this.

Before you start getting organized, you need to take stock of everything you have in your camper.

The easiest way to do this is with a list. This can be digital or handwritten—the choice is yours.

There are many psychological benefits to list-making. Writing lists can help to lower anxiety, provide purpose, and encourage action.

Get Rid Of Things You Don’t Need

Living in an RV does not mix well with having 20 plates, 40 pairs of shoes, and eight computers. You must pair your possessions down to necessities. Unless your camper is already perfectly organized, you will likely want to get rid of some things. Check each item on your list and determine if it’s absolutely necessary to keep it in your camper. 

Other items in this category include toiletries, towels, and kitchen appliances. Keep in mind that, even if something is necessary, you might be able to reduce the quantity or size. 

RV Space Tip- If your camper is for family or group vacations, implement rules everyone should follow. There should be a limit to how many things each person can bring into the camper.

Optimizing Each Area Of Your RV For Better Storage

Kitchen |Bathroom |Bedroom | Living Room |Basement and Storage

Space Saving Ideas For RV Kitchen

Cookware easily sucks up a ton of space in your RV. You’ll want to find collapsible gadgets as often as possible, so they take very little space in your limited storage options. Pegboard is a great way to store pots, pans, and other items that don’t come in collapsible options on the wall. Suction cup hooks are also a great way to hang things without putting holes in your RV walls.

Storing spices can be one of the most frustrating aspects of keeping an RV Kitchen.

Counter space is limited so you can’t keep them there, but putting them in a storage container takes a lot of time to sort through them. Instead, consider installing a spice rack right under one of your cabinets to save storage and counter space.

Space Saving Ideas For RV Bathroom

Hygiene products take up a lot of space, and the bathroom is probably one of the smaller parts of your camper. You’ll want to find ways to store your towels, shampoo, toothbrush, and more in some kind of hanging container. Pick one up from the store, or check out hundreds of ideas on creating storage for your RV bathroom on Pinterest or Youtube.

Space Saving Ideas For RV Bedroom

Using the space under your bed is one of the best tricks you can apply for bedroom storage space.

You can also make a storage headboard to store books and other forms of entertainment over your head. There’s no room for a nightstand in an RV. Instead of trying to cram everything under your bed, or worse yet sleeping with it, you can create a caddy that attaches to the side of your bed.

Learning how to fold your clothes to take up the least amount of space possible will open up more storage space, and help you create a place to keep everything. One trick many people who live in a small space use is sleeping in a fold-out bed. You can also install a hammock for yourself, or use collapsible bunk beds for your kids.

RV Living Room Space Saving Ideas

Many RVs have a bedroom that doubles as a living room. Reducing your number of rooms is a great way to open up space for larger important items you can’t seem to fit in your trailer. You can do this by having a sofa bed that folds out and converting the space for sleeping at night.

If you don’t want to go without TV, mounting a small flat screen onto the wall is a great way to make sure you don’t miss your shows when you’re at an RV park. Keep your remotes at hand by affixing them to the wall with Velcro. You can also make the most of your shelving space by adding hooks at the ends. This gives you more places to hang important items you need to hang onto such as jackets, glasses, and keys.

RV Basement And Storage Space Saving Ideas

Outside storage is a great way to store things you don’t need to keep inside. Consider adding a tow cargo carrier to the rear of your RV to stash a couple of bins. You can also install roof mounts on both your camper and your towing vehicle to store outdoor gear like bikes and canoes. Keep your RV hoses secure by handing them up with nylon velcro strips.

Living in an RV doesn’t have to be crowded or cramped. When you have a good organizational system in place, you’ll be able to store all of your essentials in a neat and orderly way. Make sure you only keep what you need, and enjoy yours on-the-road lifestyle!

RV Storage Containers Space Saving Ideas

Storage containers of all types are a handy way to maximize camper space. Using pods, bins, or drawers will keep things organized. Use plastic organizer drawers in the kitchen for little things like tea bags or packets of condiments. This is a better alternative than piling everything up on the counter or stuffing them onto shelves. An added bonus is that you can stack most storage containers on top of one another. 

Storage containers also keep everything in place, which is important in a camper. For example, you can get cloth bins for clothing, sheets, and bedding. You don’t have to worry about folded clothes or sheets getting rumpled over bumpy terrain. Storage pods are handy space-savers for little items, like cosmetics or toiletries. There are products available that stick to the wall, to hold your toothbrush, cosmetics, and more. Airtight containers will keep your dry goods fresh and easy to access, as well as bug-free. 

Add Shelves Inside Your RV

You can double the space in existing cupboards, cabinets, and closets by adding more shelves.

In this way, storage containers for fragile items can be kept separate instead of stacked atop each other. Empty wall space can also be utilized, by putting up a few shelves for extra storage, from the bedroom to the bathroom, or even the inside of doors. You can even set up freestanding shelves on counters or tables.

Use Hooks Inside Your RV Furniture

Hooks are extremely affordable items that can be used throughout your RV. They can be useful for many things, beyond simply hanging clothes in your camper. Hooks are discrete and can be screwed in or stuck on almost anywhere in your camper. A hook with powerful suction can be used to hang towels as well as cosmetic racks. You can also get creative. Use multiple hooks on your camper door for things you need whenever you head out, like your sunglasses and keys.

Using suction hooks means that you will not have to repair any holes if you decide to sell your camper. You can apply them inside closets and behind doors without worrying about causing any damage. Over-the-door hooks are great, portable, options and will allow hanging of several heavy items, such as wet jackets or umbrellas. The bonus of these is they are easily relocated or removed. Put them on the outside of the door to hang rain-drenched clothing, then indoors once everything is dry.

4 Key Things To Consider Before Buying RV Furniture

Total Available Space In Your RV

Ensure you’ve measured everything carefully and accounted for space you take up while sitting or laying on the furniture. Do not be theoretical here, a good fit is crucial! Think about the size of the RV’s door. Whatever furniture you bring in must fit through. Most RV furniture manufacturers have already considered this detail.

Design & Style | Comfort & Durability | Material & Fabrics For RV Furniture

Carefully choose color schemes and a design style for your motorhome furniture. Plush seating, leather upholstery, and a uniform aesthetic can transform your RV interior and add a touch of luxury. Think twice before any final decision replacing any interior will need time & extra cost.

Storage and Versatility Inside Your RV

RVs and travel trailers come with limited space, so consider RV furniture that has built-in storage space or items that serve multiple purposes. Futons are a great way to save space, for example.

Cost For RV Furniture

RV furniture can be expensive, so plan your budget ahead of time. Factor in things like delivery, installation, and service costs. Heavy items also cost you more in gas in the long term.

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